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Gale/Heat berserker-smut: There is metal, between his back and the wall, that must be Agni's claws.

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There is metal, between his back and the wall, that must be Agni's claws. It is an extraneous stimulus, yet Heat remains the most desirable. It is in his nature: not at all since the encounter began has he removed his mouth from Gale's neck, and only once has he required direction away from the carotid and back up, closer to the thyroid, and then exactly at the muscles upon which the experiment was designed. There's energy there, that upon stimulation grows stronger, clearly increases bloodflow but something else that can't be attributed -- the same physical awareness that he first noticed during a particularly intense solar cycle, a certain congestion in his chest --

Quickly as if he were ambushed, Vayu is a heady presence, encouraging the use of his legs, calf muscles swelling and tightening, burning as they do but that is acceptable, as is the pull of the metal, more painful than before yet whether it's due to their depth or even the blood loss, he can't be sure. It is all less important, now that he must control Vayu's instincts -- difficult against Heat's unguarded expression, the pressure of his hips against Gale's thigh.

It isn't clear when he moves, pins Heat with a leg between his, or when he begins to prey, or even when Agni feels threatened enough to attempt the same himself. It is a successful experiment. There is no threat.
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