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It's Hard To Say "I Do", When I Don't

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whats patrick hiding?!

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Sorry it took so long for an update. I've been pretty busy with school sht lately. I hope this chapter is good enough to make up for how long it took to post a new chapter :) wow. I think I got confused writing that last sentence.....any who! r&r pplz.*

Shortly after their lunch was over, they headed over to the dock that was supposed to have the whole dolphin swim thing.

As they approached the dock, they realized something. There were no boats. There was nothing there. Just the dock and the water.

"What the hell. Did we get the time wrong?" Sarah asked.
"What time did she say to come?" Jazie asked, scratching her head.

"She said we were scheduled for the 3:30 thing. And it's approximately 3:32."
"They couldn't have left with out us, could they? I mean we were only a few minutes late..."Jazie thought out loud.

"I'm not sure. Damn them. It sounded so fun too. What are we gonna do now?" Sarah pouted.

"I don't know. You wanna go ask the lady at the front desk what's up?"

"Naw, screw them. Let's just go see if the guys are setting up for the concert yet." Sarah said, grabbing Jazies hand and pulling her along.

"How are we going to get into town AND backstage?"Jazie said. She knew that was totally unrealistic and totally Sarah.

Sarah just smiled and whipped out her cell phone.

"Who are you calling?"

"The person who can get us what we want." Sarah stated plainly. Jazie just watched her curiously as she searched her contacts for the right number.

"AHA!" She yells, pointing her finger in the air triumphantly. Jazie just mouthed "wow." to no one in particular.

She pushed a button and put the phone to her ear.

"Hey. Yah this is Sarah. Are you over with the guys? Yah. Can I ask you a huge favor considering we don't really know you that well? Could you possibly bring us over there to hang backstage until the concert? We have nothing to do over here."

Silence from Sarah. She just nodded occasionally and said "uuhuuh" allot.

Finally, after a few minutes of this, Jazie saw Sarah smile gigantically and squeal.

"You're so amazing! Thank you so much. We'll be waiting in the lobby." She flipped her phone shut and jumped up and down.

Jazie laughed. "Who was that? What did they say?"

"It was our not-so-old friend Dirty. He said he can come pick us up but to be ready soon cause he's coming now. That boy is the epitome of amazing!" Sarah said while pulling Jazie along with her back in the direction of the hotel.

"So what's the deal?"

"We're going over there and he's getting us passes so we can be back there while they set up. Than when the show starts, we can either go out in the crowd, seeing as we have tickets, or we can stay backstage. Than we can go home with the guys, if you want to wait for them after the show. They have to help pack up and shit." Sarah said.

"That sounds cool. What should we do though? Go in the crowd and have an amazing time there, or stay backstage and have an equally amazing time back there?"

Sarah thought about this as they entered the lobby. They smiled at the woman seated at the front desk and got into an elevator.

"I'm not sure. Getting in the front of a mosh is never a sure thing and if we're backstage, we're right next to them. BUT, being in the moshpit is part of the whole concert experience. It's the second funnest part, next to the actual band playing. I'm torn." Sarah sighs, leaning against a wall in the elevator.

Jazie laughs at Sarah's serious manner. "Me too. But I'm thinking that we should just stay backstage. Maybe if there are any kids outside without tickets, we could give them away or something. I don't know." Jazie shrugged.

Sarah's eyes widened. "That's an amazing idea Jazie! We need to make sure we get our passes before we do that though. What if Dirty can't hook us up? We need to be sure." Jazie nodded in agreement. "Good plan."

They walked out of the elevator and went to their suite. They went straight in, changed out of their sweaty clothes and into clean and breezy ones, and got themselves water bottles for the journey; Cancun is freakin HOT.

They left with their cell phones and tickets in hand. That's about it; they're traveling light.

When they got into the lobby, they saw Dirty waiting for them. Jaze smiled as they approached.

"Thanks SO much for picking us up Dirty. You're so sweet." He shrugs. "I didn't really plan on doing it, but when Pete heard I was talking to you guys, he told me to bring you over. So here I am." He raises his hands and waves them around for emphasis.

She nods slowly. "I see..." She feels Jazies eyes on her so she looks over to see her smirking in her direction.

"What?" She snaps at her. This causes Sarah to laugh out loud.

"Nothing. Nothing. Dang. Someone's a little moody today." Jazie glares. After a long incredibly awkward silence, Sarah laughs uncomfortably.

"Allllrighty than. Let's go." She averts her eyes toward the outside of the hotel and walks with Dirty out of the entrance with Jazie following closely behind, "in a mood".

After about 15 minutes of driving, they got to the venue in town. Jazie and Sarah hop out of the Tahoe and into the scorching heat.

"Ow. I think my skin just melted off." Jazie groans as she try's to shield her eyes from the sun.

"Smells like it." Sarah walks past her, waving her hand in front of her nose dramatically. Jazie laughs fakely while she passes and than runs up behind her and jumps on her back.

"You want to give me a piggyback ride? Why, how sweet of you Sarah. You're the best!" Jazie smiles at the amazing form she had while jumping onto her back.

"I gotta admit Jaze, that was a pretty perfect jump." Sarah manages to say while adjusting Jazies body on her back.

"Yah. Yah it was, wasn't it?" Jazie praised herself and Sarah just rolled her eyes.

"Sure. Whatever you say babe."

"Just walk woman." Jazie points to the building in front of them.

"Yes ma'am." Sarah salutes. Jazie laughs and jumps off; Sarah's legs were shaking after a while.

So Dirty runs in and gets them passes so they had to wait outside by the line. He runs back out after about 5 minutes with two nice laminated passes with Fall Out Boy printed in black.

Jazie and Sarah smile. "Thanks Dirty. You're awesome."

"Yah. It never gets old hearing that." He smiles back.

"Do you think we can give these away, seeing as we aren't going to need them anymore? Or are we?" Sarah pulls out the tickets.

"With the passes you're not going to need them. Who you giving them to?"
"Anyone who wants them I guess." Jazie shrugged.

"That's cool. Yah, you can do that." He shrugged as well.

"Ok, let's find two poor unfortunate ticketless people." Jazie scans the crowd around them.

There was a line and than there were a few wandering people around it.

A few feet away, there was a younger guy holding a sign that read Need Tickets! So Jazie and Sarah walked over to him.

"Hey, how many tickets yah need?"

"Two, but I'd take one if that's all you're selling."

"No, we actually have two." Jazie takes the tickets from Sarah to hand to him.

"Thank you SO much! How much for em?" He asks with a smile.

"Don't worry about it. Have fun." She waves and walks back toward Dirty with Sarah.

"Wait! Are these real?" He calls out.

"Yah. Of course. I promise." She crosses her heart. He smiles and waves. She smiles back and watches him run over to a girl that looked about his age and showed her the tickets. She squealed and pulled him into a kiss.

"Awwwwww." Sarah sighed next to her. "I know....Lezzgo." They walk with Dirty past the line and toward the entrance of the venue.

"Hey! Get in line!" Some girl yelled from the line. "We don't have to." Sarah turned and shot back.

"Sheesh Sarah. Chill" Jazie laughed.

"You have to wait like everyone else you bitch!" Another one yelled out.

Sarah laughed and took out their passes and held them in front of her. "See these? Yah, these would be BACK STAGE PASSES. Fuck you." She smiled and put it around her neck and handed Jazie the other one. Jazie laughed. "Wow. Fell better now?"

"Yah. I do. Thanks." Sarah smiled sweetly.

They walked in and followed Dirty into a dressing room to wait for the boys and just hang out.

After a while Joe walked in with Andy and Patrick.

"Hey!" Joe walked over and picked Sarah up and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey you." She smiled sweetly.

Jazie looked at Andy to see his reaction to all this. He was on the couch playing a DS, so he didn't see it. Or maybe he was playing it because he saw it. Jazie shrugged it off for now. But she'd keep an eye on him. She smiled when Patrick came over and sat next to her on the couch.

"Hey. What are you guys doin here?" He asked after placing a soft sweet kiss on her lips.

"Pete didn't tell you? He had Dirty bring us down here. We were bored as hell at the hotel all alone." He nodded.

"Oh. I wish he had told me. But this is a good surprise." She smiled and played with the zipper on his hoodie. "Where is the emo queen anyway?" Jazie asked nonchalantly. She really was interested in where he was, but she didn't want to show it.

He shrugged. "I don't really know. Last I saw, he was flirting with some merch girl."

She didn't look up; she was afraid he would see the hurt in her eyes. Patrick could always read her like a book. She never realized how transparent she was until she met him. What he said hurt, and to her surprise, she was jealous of whoever Pete was flirting with at that moment. She wanted to be her. She shook it off and looked back up at Patrick.

"So when do you guys have to leave us?" Jazie pouted.

Patrick laughed. "Not for a while. Maybe like 30 minutes or so." He was interrupted by the vibration of his cell phone going off in his pocket.

He pulled it out and his eyes widened. He just turned it off and stuck it back into his pocket.

"Who was that?" Jazie asked curiously. "Oh, no one. My mom always checks on me. I swear she still treats me like a 12 year old." He laughs dryly. She forces a smile. He believes it.

I can smell a lie a mile away. And a horrible one at that. Come on. You're mom? Wow. At least put some effort into it. Why does he have to lie to me? I thought we were ok. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously again. No. Patrick said we were starting over. I know where we stand. He needs to be honest with me. I just need to calm down. It's nothing. I'm just paranoid. I don't want to lose him again.

Pete walked in just than. "Hey man. Where yah been?" Joe says from in front of the tv with Sarah.

"No where. Hey Sarah. Hey Jazie." His gaze lingered on her. Sarah waves without looking away from the video games Joe and Andy were playing and Jazie smiles. She tries her hardest to look away from him, but strangely can't seem to look anywhere else.

Patrick clears his throat and glares at Pete, carefully so Jazie didn't see. Pete just smiles his cheesy Pete smile and takes a seat on the other side of Jazie.

Sarah watches them from the floor.

I can't believe what Jazie's getting herself into. I don't want to see her get hurt. She's a hopeless romantic, in her own way, and I don't think she realizes that she can't have them both. She needs to make a decision. And as her friend, that's my job to assist. Sarah shakes her head at Jazies situation and how oblivious to the whole thing she is. She smirks and turns her head to watch Joe and Andy duke it out on Mario Cart.

Dirty walks in and comes over to the couch. He bends over and whispers something into Patrick's ear. He nods and sighs after Dirty leaves the room.

"I gotta go handle something. I'll be back before we have to go on. Promise." He smiles sadly. She nods and smiles. She leans in and pulls him into a kiss. He smiles wider and gets up to leave.

"Be back guys." Patrick yells.

Andy waves his hand and Joe nods.

"Jazie. Can i talk to you somewhere less quiet?" Pete looks over at Andy and Joe screaming at each other for cheating.

She nods and lets Pete take her hand to lead her out of the room.

They walk down endless halls and passed numerous rooms and finally get to a door and Pete opens it. They walk out to what looks like the back of the building. Pete leans against the brick wall and sighs.

"Jazie. I didn't want to be the one to tell you thing, but it looks like he's not gonna do it any time soon."

Who? What is this about? Is it Patrick?"

"Yah Jaze. It's Patrick. This can't really wait if you want an honest relationship with him. You do, don't you?" She nods at his obvious question. "Of course. Is it really bad?" She asks quietly. She doesn't know what to expect.

"I guess it depends on who your asking. To me, yes." She nods sadly. "This was supposed to be a good spring break." She says to herself.

"Pete, are you my friend? Are we pretty good friends?" She looks up at him expectedly. "Yes, of course Jazie."

"Than please just tell me. If its bad, I'd really like to know."

"I'm really sorry about this Jaze." He sighs sadly. He hugs her and sucks in a deep breath.

I hope she doesn't get pissed at me too. This really hurts to tell her. She can't have much more heart break in her life. But I guess I don't know her as well as I could. She might react ok to this. well, as ok as one could be with this sort of news. Well, only one way to find out. Here goes. Pete rubs his forehead and looks down on Jazies sad eyes.

"Ok Jazie,um...."

CLIFFHANGER!! wow. Ok. So this is all i got for right now. I'll write more tomorrow. I'll force myself to. promise. It's late and i should probably hit the hay. Sorry if this isn't amazing. And I'm sure there are a few spelling errors. Sorry again. R&R if you have time. Thanks a big ol bushel :)
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