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Goodbye Sleep, Good Morning Coffee.

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One plane. A tired Gerard. An aggravated Bob. An amused Mikey...and one hyper Frank Iero that's had just a little too much coffee...

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Disclaimer: I don't know MCR...or anyone related to them...
Written by Gallia, and edited by Jinxeh.

Gerard rolled his eyes and groaned as Frank began to shift in his seat again. The reason was actually quite simple for all of them, but he had never seen Frank this excited about going home. They were all tired and the delay of their flight in the first place wasn't exactly being helpful to them.

Mikey's eyes twitched in his sleep as Frank let out a heavy sigh.

"Frank, could you just sit still for a few minutes?"

Frank looked at Gerard, a big grin plastered on his lips as the singer just sighed and shook his head. 'Maybe we shouldn't have given him so much coffee before the flight.' Gerard looked around the plane. Various people were sleeping, including the rest of the band.

"Are we there yet?" Franks whispered, pulling Gerard's attention back to him as the band frontan briefly closed his hazel eyes.

"Not yet Frank," he said, annoyed, trying to catch some sleep. He heard Ray shift in his sleep as Frank kept moving around, estatic to be on his way home.


The poking in his side woke him up from the short sleep. Gerard blinked a few times, adjusting to the dim light of the airplane.

"Way to go, Frank, you woke him up!" Ray's voice complained.

"But I want him to see the pretty lights! Look, Gee! Pretty lights!" Frank pointed at the window, smiling like a five-year-old.

"Frank, can you calm down? Can't you see he's tired?" Bob's voice interrupted Frank before he could wake Gerard up even more.

"I'm already awake, anyway," Gerard mumbled softly, rubbing his tired eyes and stiffling a yawn.

"Look at the lights, Gee!"

Gerard looked briefly through the small window and nodded, sitting back down. He rested his eyes on Mikey as the younger Way smiled sympathically at his older brother.

"You should get more sleep, dude, you look pretty dead right now."

The singer shook his head and placed it backwards, looking at the white, blinding ceiling of the plane.

"Oh Mikey, I always look pretty, and you know it." Another yawn. "Are we there yet?"

"No," Ray answered. Frank groaned and started to bounce up and down, as if he couldn't possibly force himself to sit still again. Gerard looked at Frank with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you doing?"

Frank turned his face to Gerard and smiled brightly for a moment before he raised an eyebrow himself, to copy Gerard.

"What does it looks like?"

"Like you're trying to keep me from sleeping."

Bob, who had been watching this, rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the Playstation portable in a matter of seconds.

Mikey bit his lip to keep himself from smiling as Frank started to slam his back against the back of the seat continuously. Gerard let out a breath as he closed his eyes again, trying to catch some more sleep this time, while ignoring the sound.



"Frank, sit down!"

Gerard groaned as Frank ran towards the other end of the plane, waving his arms around like he was flying.

"Look at me ! I can fly!"

"Sit /down/, Frank!"

The youngest member of the band, and the most awake one, smiled brightly and ran towards the other end again as Mikey shot up from his short sleep, looking shocked as he turned to face a wide awake Frank.

"How can he still be awake?"

"We shouldn't have given him the coffee," Gerard groaned, throwing his head back as Mikey looked at his older brother incredulously.

"You know, I think I might agree with you, for once."


"Look at the birdies, Gee! They're so small!"

Gerard rolled his eyes once more and took a deep breath before he tried to doze off again. Frank continued to point out the small window and the passing birds as his face looked from Gerard, to the window, and back again swiftly.

"Oh make my heart /buuuurrrn/!" Frank began to sing throughout the whole plane. Mikey glanced at Gerard for a moment before the two brothers both faced Frank with open mouths.

Bob hit Frank in the head as he passed, before he could start singing again.

"That's my solo project, Iero!"

"You didn't had to hit me for that you know," Frank complained, rubbing his head. Gerard fought against the urge to laugh a little at Bob's annoyed expression, but his mind kept him ignorant to the rest of the conversation as he silently drifted back to sleep.


"Are you sure he's sleeping?" Frank poked him again as he looked at Mikey and Ray.

"Let him sleep, Frank." Ray rolled his eyes

"You sure he ain't dead? He doesn't look that much alive." Frank frowned, looking at a deeply sleeping Gerard. Mikey shook his head and closed his own eyes, concentrating on the music of his iPod instead of the crazy talk coming from Frank.

"Well this is boring," Frank pouted, sitting back in his chair and crossing his arms in front of his chest. Mikey glanced at him for a moment, trying not to laugh. The youngest member of the band began to shift in his seat, not able to sit still.

His eyes darted from Gerard to Ray, and then eventually to the window. Gerard shifted in his sleep, waking up again slowly. His hazel eyes blinked a couple of times before he looked up. Mikey shot a small smile at his older brother. Gerard's eyes widened as he suddenly saw Frank's bright smile in front of him.

"Gee...are we there yet?" Frank whined. "Gee? Gerard?" Frank waved his hand in front of Gerard's eyes, as Gerard didn't respond for a few moments. The lead singer shook his head out of his fuzzy thoughts and looked back at Frank.

"Are we there yet?" he asked again, in a whining voice.

"Not yet," Gerard softly whispered before he fell back asleep. Frank looked at the singer with a dissapointed expression, and his hand reached out to touch his shoulder. The guitarist bit his lip as his finger poked Gerard's shoulder.

He looked amazed for a moment when Gerard didn't wake up, before he shot a mischievous glance at Mikey. The bright smile on his face turned even brighter as he poked Gerard again. When he didn't budge, Frank bit his bottom lip to stop himself from giggling.

"Really Frank, you should let him sleep. He needs it more than we probably know."

Frank raised his eyebrows at Mikey for a moment, looking at him as if he was crazy. Mikey sighed deeply and shook his head, muttering something under his breath. Frank smirked and poked Gerard again.


Gerard groaned, "What's wrong Frank?"

"Are we there yet?"

"No!" Gerard opened his eyes and took Frank's arms, forcing him to sit down in his seat. Frank looked at him questionabley, and frowned.

"Look, Gee! Birds!" Frank managed to get one of his arms free as he pointed to the window, where several birds flew next to the plane. Gerard looked at the birds with a frown on his lips, and then turned his gaze back to Frank.

"Can't you calm down for a few moments?" Gerard whispered as quietly as he could. His dark eyes locked in with Frank's as he mentally tried to force the slightly younger man to calm down. If only he really had mental powers like that; Frank would be sleeping right now, if Gerard had anything to say about it.

"Why?" Frank smiled brightly, whispering back.

"'ll wake up the others."

"Why are we whispering?" Frank asked.

Gerard rolled his eyes, releasing Frank from his grip on his arms. The lead singer of the band sat back down in his own chair and let out a deep breath.


"Oh Gerard?" Frank asked in a sing-song voice that always annoyed the hell out of Mikey. That was probably why he used it. The youngest Way sighed again and shook his head, looking at Frank as he sat in front of Gerard's face with a big grin on his lips.

"Are you sleeping /again/?"

"I was until you woke me up /again/," Gerard complained. He yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, knowing that he wouldn't get much sleep for the rest of the trip anyway, and so there wasn't much use in even trying. He looked at the watch on his wrist, reading the time.

Mikey looked up from the comic book in his hands and turned his eyes to his brother. Gerard managed a small, tired smile towards his brother before he took out his notebook to start on a new drawing.

"What are you drawing?" Frank's voice interrupted him after a few minutes. Gerard frowned and looked at his drawing, not exactly knowing what he was sketching out, exactly. He shrugged and continued to draw some more lines.

"It looks strange." Frank tilted his head to one side to see the drawing from a different angle. Gerard didn't look up; he just concentrated on the paper in front of him instead of Frank's strange faces.

"Are we there yet?" he asked again, looking at Mikey. The youngest Way brother looked up from the comic.


"Really?" Frank lit up, smiling even brighter than before.

"No." Mikey smirked, seeing the grin fall from Franks face in a matter of seconds. The guitarist sat down in his chair, pouting.

"You guys are no fun."

Gerard bit his lip to keep himself from laughing. His black hair fell in front of his eyes as he looked at his drawing. Mikey looked at his brother, who was concentrating on his notebook and smiled, knowing that his brother was tired enough without Frank keeping him up.

"You never answered my question, Gee!" Frank's voice shot him right out of his daydream. Mikey's eyes darted upward just like Gerard's as he heard Frank's loud, and awake voice in his ear.

"Frank, why don't you calm down a little?" Mikey asked, glancing at Ray and Bob, who still seemed fast asleep. Bob's head was leaning against the window of the plane while Ray's head was resting on his friend's shoulder.

"Why does everyone keep telling me I should calm down?" Frank asked angrily.

"Because you're making a lot of noise when it's three AM in the morning."

Frank frowned, looking at his Nightmare Before Christmas watch.

Gerard's gaze stayed on Frank for another couple of seconds before his eyes turned back to his drawing. Mikey kept his gaze on Frank for another couple of minutes, as the rhythm guitarist was suddenly more interested in his favourite watch than in other things.

The youngest Way shrugged, more to himself, and directed his eyes back to the comic book in his hand. Suddenly, Gerard and Mikey jumped slightly as they heard Frank gasp, and then looked up to see him sitting stock-still, his eyes wide.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked almost immediately, concerned.

Frank looked at Gerard and frowned. "Nothing."

"Then...why did you make that sound?"

Frank raised his eyebrows and smiled brightly. "I felt like it."

Mikey groaned and rolled his eyes before he forced himself to concentrate on the comic book once again, for probably the tenth time that hour. Gerard frowned a little, and just picked up the pencil from his lap and started a new drawing.


"What is he doing?" Ray's voice woke up Gerard, and the singer's head shot up. His dark eyes widened as he saw Frank at the entrance of the cockpit.

"Frank! Get back here!" Gerard whispered angrily, trying not to wake up the other guests on the plane, who were all still sleeping, like they never heard Frank's noises and loud questions. Frank looked questionabley at Gerard and then just shook his head with a wide grin.

His hand reached out to the doorknob of the cockpit, causing Gerard to stay alert instead of falling back to sleep.

"Bob!" Frank complained as Bob suddenly jumped up, grabbed the back of Frank's hoodie, and forcibly dragged Frank back to his seat. Clearly, the drummer had been able to get to Frank without anyone else noticing. Gerard winced as Frank began to scream loudly enough for the whole plane to hear.

Ray bit his lip as he looked towards the ceiling, hoping that no one would wake up because of all of the screaming...

"Frank, be quiet will you? We're not alone on this plane," Mikey whispered to Frank as he sat back down next to Gerard, pouting. Gerard stiffled a small laugh, and then shook his head before closing his eyes, attempting once again to drift back to sleep.


Bob looked, surprised, at Frank and asked "What?"

"Why do we need to be quiet for them?"

"Because we don't want to have any complaints, or whatever."

"From who?"

Ray raised an eyebrow at Frank, thinking the answer should be obvious.

"From the people that are in the plane with us..."

Frank frowned and finally looked around the plane, seeing various, unknown people sleeping peacefully in their seats. His eyes darted back to Ray and Bob, and an incredulous, disbelieving expression took over his face.

"Um...they're sleeping," he stated.

Ray's eyes widened, while Bob had to stifle a laugh at the interaction between the two guitarists.

"Way to go genius," Ray muttered under his breath, making himself more comfortable in his own seat, and hoping that he might get some sleep before they landed.


"Are we there yet?" Frank whined again, unable to keep still. Suddenly, Gerard's half-black nails seemed more interesting than the rest of the plane. Gerard pulled his hand away from Frank as the youngest member looked at them with a strange glint in his hazel eyes.

"What are you planning this time?" Gerard asked slowly, keeping his eyes on Frank.

Frank looked away from Gerards black nails, and straight in his dark eyes. He had an innocent smile on his lips as he nonchalantly replied, "Nothing..."

"Somehow, I don't believe it when you say that," Gerard muttered quietly enough for Frank to miss it, before he reopened his sketchpad notebook, looking for another blank page where he could start another drawing on.

"What are you going to draw this time?" Frank asked, curiously looking over Gerard's arm to see the first lines of the drawing. Gerard shrugged, not taking his eyes from the paper on his lap.

"You draw a lot, you know that?" Frank said in a matter-of-fact manner. Gerard looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and Frank smiled sweetly. Mikey sniggered slightly as Gerard kept his gaze on Frank, looking at him as he was crazy.

"Do you like black?" The next question was just as random as the first.

"Yeah...I guess so..." Gerard answered, rubbing the back of his neck unsurely.


"Because I do."


" is a nice color."


" 'Cause it's dark."


Gerard didn't answer immediately, knowing that Frank would keep asking the same question over and over again anyway; there was no use in it. The lead singer rolled his eyes for what had to have been the fifteenth time that night, and went back to his drawing.

The shortest member of the band began to pick his nails, murmering some tune inaudibly under his breath. Gerard bit his lip to stop himself from laughing at the randomness.

"What are you doing?" Mikey asked as Frank frowned at his nails.

"What are you doing?" Frank retorted.

Mikey looked at Frank for a few moments before he sighed and went back to play on the Playstation portable that he'd stolen off of Bob after the drummer had fallen asleep.

"Are we there yet?" Frank whined.


"Really?" Frank sat up, positively beaming.

"No." Ray smirked, seeing Frank's face fall.

"Actually, we are," Gerard said softly, fighting a yawn.

"No we're not," answered Ray tiredly, looking at Gerard with his infamous 'please don't encourage him' expression.

"Please fasten your seatbelts, as we are about to land."

Gerard looked at Ray with a grin, and stuck out his tongue. "Toldja."

Ray groaned, and was soo kept occupied by his task of trying to keep Frank still as the plane began to descend. Gerard looked at Frank, who managed to actually sit still on his own for a few moments, until the plane reached the ground.

"Whatever you do Frank.../please/don't run off," Gerard sighed, unbuckling his seatbelt. Frank jumped up and down with his backpack bouncing off of one shoulder, and nodded while waiting for the rest of the band to get moving.

"Come on guys. We're home! So hurry up!" Frank whined, following after the other passengers as they made their way to the exit. Gerard rolled his eyes and shifted his own backpack bettter on his left shoulder before he followed after him.

Frank felt the rain on his face as he walked down the stairs in a matter of seconds. Realizing he was getting soaked, his eyes widened.

"I don't wanna die! I don't wanna DIE! Oh sweet sister mother of mercy... I'm melting...! I'm MEEELTIIING!"

Gerard's eyes widened at the scene that Frank was making. The guitarist sat on the wet cement floor of the airport with his arms in the air, and was screaming for all of New Jersey to hear it.

"It's just the /rain/, Frank," Gerard groaned. Frank's arms fell next to his body as he looked at Gerard with a stupid grin on his face. Gerard yawned a little, finally realizing he didn't had much sleep on the plane since Frank kept him awake for most of the trip.

Gerard was relieved to feel the soft rain on his skin as he waited for the rest of the group to join him and Frank. Surprisingly, Frank seemed much calmer now that he was on the ground, with rain soaking his clothes.

"Home sweet home," Mikey muttered, before he managed a smile at his tired brother. The youngest Way noticed how tired his brother really was, he looked about ready to fall asleep on the spot. Gerard yawned a little and rubbed his tired eyes. Bob was the last one to join them; he'd be staying with Gerard at his mother's house for a few days before he went to Chicago to visit his family.

"You tired?" Frank asked with a wide grin.

"Yeah. And I wonder why," Gerard muttered, looking away from Frank's happy face.

The band started to walk towards the airport with their bags slung over their shoulders. Between the five of them, Frank was the only one who was really awake and smiling brightly, as they were greeted by the familiar smell of dead bodies - at least, that's what they jokingly called the lovely Jersey air.

"So you finally decided to come home?" Brians voice woke Mikey, Ray and Bob up as Gerard just kept his eyes closed, sleeping deeply. Their manager was waiting for them, a coffee in his hand and a grin on his face. Frank was sipping on another cup of coffee, and sneeking up behind their manager to scare him.

"You know..."

Brian jumped slightly as Frank suddenly stood behind him. The manager smiled a little at the guitarist and then turned his gaze at a sleeping Gerard.

"You better wake him up guys, he can sleep some more at home," Brian said knowingly. Mikey nodded and nudged his brother to wake him up. Frank smiled brightly at his manager and kept staring at him.

"Gerard, wake up, bro. We're going home."

Gerard nodded sleepy and blinked to adjust to the light. He greeted Brian with a small nod before the band followed their manager to the car.

"I had such a great time on the plane." Frank chortled as he jumped up and down in his seat in the car.

"You guys didn't give him coffee, did you?"

"He got it himself actually," Gerard answered for the rest of the band, who were mostly glaring daggers at Frank.

Brian sighed. "That explains a few things."

Frank giggled as the car drove through the dark city of New Jersey. Gerard looked out of the window; the rain was everywhere. But somehow, it calmed him down.

"Home sweet home," Gerard later whispered softly to himself before he fell on his own bed in his own, quiet basement. He closed his eyes and immediately fell alseep, his notebook safely clutched in his hands.
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