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Chapter 4

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After the flight:

"Hey Usa, you wanna go shopping?" Mina asked.

"Sure why not? Daisy you wanna go too?" Usagi replied.

"Naw, I'm good. Me and Diego are going to hang out. Maybe go catch a movie. What about the other guys?" Daisy said.

"Ahh, we're good. You girls go have fun, okay?" Yaten said.

"Yeah we're going to go and catch up with some of our old friends. We'll all meet up back at the house at 9 tonight for the party, okay?" Seiya said.

"Ok!" They all said as they went their seperate ways. Before Usagi walked away he pulled her aside and whispered to her "Hey, are you still mad at me?"

"Mad? About what? The fact that you were bad mouthing Mamoru even though he was being nice? Honestly Seiya get a grip over yourself. Jealousy is unattractive." Usagi whispered back.

With Mina and Usagi at the mall:

"Took us long enough to get a damn taxi!" Mina complained

"Oh get over it, Mina. We're here at the mall aren't we? We have credit cards, too. What's there to complain about?" Usagi said.

"Yeah you're right. Ooh Victoria's Secret! Let's go, Usa!" Mina said as she dragged Usagi into the store.

"Uhh yeah Mina I'm going to go and get something to eat. Since you're still buying out the store I'll meet up with you back here in a half hour." Usagi said before she left the store.

"Ok then Usa!" Mina yelled out of the store "Oooh this is cute!"

After walking around the mall for a while Usagi decided that she wanted to get something to eat. She didn't want to stay with Mina the whole time at Victoria's Secret cause she was getting bored so she made up an excuse that Mina wouldn't question. "Hmm, I'm in the mood for pizza!"

After finishing her pizza, Usagi realized it was time to meet back up with Mina. As she was about to turn the corner, she ran right into someone and they both fell down. "I'm so sorry, are you ok?!" She asked.

Mamoru just happened to be walking around the mall thinking about the beautiful blonde that he met on the plane when he turned a corner and someone ran into him, making him fall on the ground with the person on top of him.

"I'm so sorry, are you ok?!" He heard the person asked. He opened his eyes and realized it was Usagi. 'What luck!'

"Yeah, I'm fine, Usagi." he said.

"Wait, how-? Mamoru!" she said.

"Hey, and here I thought I'd never see you again. We need to stop meeting like this, don't you think?" He said.

"oh, right yeah. Sorry about that." She said as she tried to get up, but she couldn't.

"Uhh, Usagi, you can get off of me now" He said. 'If she stays on me any longer, she's going to meet more than I plan on showing her at the moment'

"I would if I could, but I'm stuck!" He heard her say. 'Oh no this is so embarassing' Usagi thought as she realized her belt chain was stuck in his zipper.

"What do you mean you're stuck?" he asked confused.

"Uhh Mamoru, do you think you could unzipper your pants?" Usagi asked, blushing.

"What?!" he asked. "Well Usagi, I never took you for that kinda person. Wouldn't you rather go on a date first?" he joked, all the while smirking arrogantly.

"That's not what I meant, baka! My belt chain is stuck on your zipper. So if you don't mind I'd like to get it back, without feeling you up or breaking it." she said annoyed.

"Oh, right" he said as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He tried to get the chain undone, but couldn't. "Uh, Usagi, one problem. It won't come off"

"What do you mean it won't come off?! Let me try" Usagi said. She fidgeted with the chain trying to get it undone as well, not knowing what she was doing to Mamoru.

'Ok. Mamoru. Clean thoughts, clean thoughts. Do not what so ever think about the hot blonde goddess who happens to have her hands very near your -. No! Think uh ok, Think of cars. Usagi standing in a bikini by your sports car. No! uh think football. Usagi in a sexy cheerleading outfit while you're winning the game. Shit! Beryl! think Beryl! THink of Beryl by your car in a bikini. Ok its working. THink of her as a cheerleader cheering you on, making you lose the football game cause you're that disturbed.' As he thought all of those things he felt himself calm down and eventually get disgusted enough towards the end to not realize that Usagi was done getting her chain untangled.

"Mamoru? Hello? Moon to Mamoru!" Usagi said.

"Oh, uh. You done yet?" he asked

"Yup, you can get off the floor and zip up yourself now if you want. I see a buncha security guards making their way over here. If they were all girls with pleased faces on, I wouldn't be too scared. But they're all chubby male security guards with pleased faces on. Hmm Mamoru, looks like you attract both sexes." Usagi teased.

"What?!" he said as he quickly zipped himself up and hid behind Usagi. He peered over her shoulder and heard her laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Haha, you are so full of yourself! You really thought that there were guy security guards coming over here to check you out?!" Usagi said.

"You know Usagi, your boyfriend wouldn't be exactly too happy to know that you're with me right now. Not to mention the fact that you now know what color and kind of boxers I wear." He said smugly.

"Who cares about Seiya? I'm through with him after this weekend. He's always jealous of any guy that happens to look my way, and he thinks he owns me. Plus what makes you think that I was looking at your boxers?" Usagi asked.

"What wouldn't make me think that? I mean why else would you take so long to untangle your chain? I bet it was all on purpose." he said, whispering into her ear. She felt his hot breath on her neck and shivered in pleasure. In the background she could hear the clock strike 5. 'Hmm it's 5 o' clock already. Holy crap it's 5 o'clock I was supposed to meet Mina a half hour ago, Shit!'

"Uhh, I have to go!" Usagi said as she ran towards Victoria's Secret in search for Mina.

'Slipped out of my grip, yet again. I wonder if I'll see her again. Maybe we'll have some more random encounters again. It is a small world, after all' Mamoru thought as he walked towards the parking lot to go back to his apartment. Little did he know, someone was watching his little escapade with Usagi just then, and they weren't happy about it.
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