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Chapter 2: Remembering

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we learn a little about the girl in Mikey's life... Sorry it's so short...

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Chapter 2: Remembering

4 weeks before

Mia's P.O.V.

To put it lightly, the 1st day of school always sucks. Especially if you're the new kid. I'm really not feeling this whole let's just move to New Jersey vibe my parents are giving off. I just got settled here! Why can't my parents be normal? Instead of having a boring, low-paying job, they have to be photographers. Which basically means that we move. A lot. So every time I start to make friends, we move. And not only do we just move, we normally have to change countries. On the plus side, I know 10 languages, but I'm usually alone most of the time.
Anyway, so I'm at this new school in some hick town in New Jersey. Bellville, to be exact. Obviously no one wants to talk to the newest addition to the student population, so I was planning on a long day of silence. So I walked into homeroom first period, and the teacher just HAD to make a big scene about me being new. Mrs. Marble couldn't just let me be ignored in silence; she just HAD to make it worse by embarrassing me by making tell about Canada, which is where I'm from. Let me put it this way, I don't like speaking in public. Especially, if I don't know anybody in the room! So I'm standing up there looking as pale as a ghost, well, at least paler than I normally look, trying to form a coherent sentence, when the door opens, and this slightly geeky, slightly lanky boy who looks some what emotionally unstable comes running into the room. Right as the tardy bell rang. He slowed down enough to glance at me, but then had to speed to his table at the back of the room.
After Mrs. Marble had finished torturing me, she assigned me my seat. That just happened to be at the same table the strangely cute boy was at. Joy! On Toast!!! No really, he is kind of cute... It's just I doubt he'll care if I like him or not. He didn't even seem to notice me. I hope this day ends soon...
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