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Chapter Ten

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Gerard and Scarlet finally meet

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Chapter Ten
Gerard walked into the kitchen and immediately spied his pack of smokes and lighter on the table. He walked directly to them and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it with a shaky hand. He looked across to the fridge where the door was wide open. Smoke was rising from behind the door, the obvious cause of the small that had now engulfed Gerard's room.

"Mikey!" Gerard yelled abruptly with the intention of scaring his little brother.
Gerard was quickly met by the sound of an unfamiliar female voice screaming from behind the fridge door followed by a loud thud and then the sound of random jars, bottles and cans hitting the kitchen floor.
Gerard cautiously made his way over to the fridge to investigate, unsure of what exactly he was going to find behind the door. He pulled back the fridge door completely to find a strange girl wearing a Spider Man T-shirt and holding a joint in one hand and her head in the other. She was in a heap on the floor surrounded by jars of jam, mustard and olives amongst other things that had luckily not broken on impact. She looked up at Gerard with a sheepish look on her face and he merely stared at her unable to look away. There was just something about her soft grey eyes that made him forget where he was and what was happening. Finally she spoke up.

"I am sooooooo sorry!" She cried frantically trying to collect the jars that were scattered around her.
Gerard attempted to open his mouth but nothing would come out, not even random sounds like "uh" or "um" were able to pass through his lips. Nothing.
"Scarlet! Are you ok?" Mikey said running into the kitchen to his new companion's rescue.
"Uh, yeah. I just hit my head. Was trying to grab a can of Coke when this dude here scared the living shit out of me." She said not taking her eyes off of Gerard. She put the final items back into the fridge, dusted off her jeans and stood up closing the fridge door behind her.
"What the fuck?" Mikey said looking at his older brother, a questioning look on his face.
"So you must be Gerard? I'm Scarlet!" Scarlet asked sticking her hand out to the strange man in front of her. He quickly looked down at the floor.
An extremely quiet "Hey" was all he was able to get out. He put his hand out slightly and she took it into hers shaking it. Her grip was firm and warm, he looked up at her and she sent him a huge perfect smile that made him feel weak at the knees. She was stunning. Her long blonde hair was complemented so well by her grey eyes, they were a colour he'd never even seen before. Her lips were pink, soft and pouty and her body was unbelievable. It was obvious that she kept herself in good shape and looked after her body, unlike him. She seemed extremely friendly, but as always Gerard couldn't help but clam up and get really really shy. It made him wonder how on earth he had any friends at all.
"Yep, this is my big brother Gerard." Mikey said slipping a long slender arm around the slightly chubby man with long messy black hair and vacant bloodshot eyes that stood in front of Scarlet. He intrigued her for some reason. Maybe it was because he reminded her so much of herself when she was in high school. Unbelievably shy and quiet when in the company of strangers, but there was something in his face that made her feel like he was dying to get out, dying to be a bigger better person, but something was holding him back. She couldn't tell what it was, but she had this strange longing to find out what it was. Most people would mistake his shyness for rudeness, she could tell, but she was once in that position and she new it wasn't him being intentionally rude it was him being terrified of being judged.
"Nice to meet you. Oh, and you're almost out of Coke by the way." Scarlet laughed rubbing her head once more. Mikey laughed and Gerard was able to get out a small smile. Making him smile was a big enough victory for her.
"So what were you going to yell at Mikey for?" Scarlet finally spoke up after a few moments of awkward silence.
"Uh, um. Open the windows before you smoke weed in the house." Was all he said before grabbing his cigarettes and lighter and heading through a door to the left of the kitchen.
"Sorry bout him. He's a bit shy. Let's go watch some COPS huh?" Mikey said as he met Scarlet's gaze. He grabbed her hand and they disappear down the hallway.

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