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Chapter 16: I Love You Too

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Very funny ending. Sorry for shortness and crappyness.

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Chapter 16: I Love You Too

I AM BACK!!! How's it been? Did you guys miss me? The beach was off the chain and was absolutely kick-ass. I saw a dolphin and a squirrel. 0_o.



... Alyssa woke up around two in the morning from Isaab's loud snoring. She groaned and climbed out of bed. She crept out of the room into the sofa in front of the TV at the front of the bus.

Hours later, she woke up again, to a face.

The face of Brendon.

"Hey" Brendon said meekly, red-faced.
"Hello" Alyssa whispered.
"I see you slept well." He said pretending to just notice her messed-up black hair, chapped lips with dried saliva attached to the corners of her lips.
Brendon had woken up early at 7. He took a quick shower and put on a white tank top/white beater and grey shorts, which seemed okay since he was just in the tour bus but he felt a pang of doubt. He felt like this every time he knew Alyssa was around. What would she think? He took twenty minutes (A/N: Wow that is long. I guess he really cares about her) before deciding that he should just be himself and try the least to impress her, for he knew that trying to impress her would just push her away, just because she was like that.
Brendon walked out of the bathroom as quiet as possible. He put on comfy flip-flops that he placed right beside his bunk and his black rimmed glasses that were laying on his pillow. He walked toward the table beside the couch where Alyssa was sleeping. He sat down on the bench and just watched her sleep, surprised that she climbed out of bed and fell asleep on the sofa. He started thinking of how she did it and why. Then he heard a very loud snort coming from their room. He then knew it was Isaab. He smiled.
Brendon just sat staring at the front of the bus, not knowing what to do, for half an hour before he saw Alyssa stir in front of him. He heard her whimper and he walked over to her side. (AN: Psycho, much?)
-End Flashback-
Alyssa quickly put the blanket over her head to cover her blushing while Brendon nervously chuckled.
"Scoot." Brendon touched her blanket covered body with both his hands and Alyssa moved her body towards the wall-end of the sofa. Brendon sat on the free space that Alyssa gave him. Alyssa's spine shivered as she felt his fingers touch her.
They stayed like this for a couple minutes. Brendon just sat awkwardly and uncomfortably and Alyssa just lied on the sofa, her body sore and numb. Both looked calm yet uncomfortable but inside, they were both panicking on what to do. After those painful four minutes, Brendon decided he should leave Alyssa alone to rest. He stood up and took a few steps when Alyssa sat up.
"Where are you going?" she said quietly as possible.
"Uhh, I thought you went to sleep again so I was going to leave you alone." He replied innocently. She smiled at his innocence.
"No, uh, I think it's time to wake up anyways." She said. Brendon nodded looking down from her gaze.
"I think I'll take a shower now." She said standing up. Brendon nodded again.
"It's great to see you, Brendon." She said. Brendon looked up to her face and smiled. Alyssa could feel her face going hot. She quickly turned her head and walked toward the bathroom.
After hearing the door shut, Brendon sighed. What am I doing?

A Few Hours Later
Isaab woke up to a very smelly (AN: He he, I love that word) piece of dried drool on the sofa she was sleeping on. She winced and held her breath. /Eww/. She got up, stretched, wiped all sleep from her eyes and walked out of the room. No one was awake, which was not very surprising, since they had slept so late and most of them had motion sickness and thought it was wise to just sleep (AN: it works... for me). She noticed it was so cold since the air-con was blasting and it was raining so hard outside. She loved the rain, and normally at this rate but never liked when the air-con was blasting so hard. She went back into the room and grabbed a red piece of fabric that was on top of her suitcase lying on the floor. She held it up and realized it was a Clandestine hoodie. She felt her spirits low at the thought of Pete and her heart sank lower when she remembered which hoodie it was. It was the first Clandestine hoodie she ever had, and she got it from Pete. Back then, it was a prototype and Pete tested it on her and it looked great on her so he let her have it. Now, she was holding on of the most famous Clandestine hoodies because Pete always wore this one. She remembered loving it at first sight and freaking out on how awesome it looked, even if it was just a big red piece of fabric with Batman's logo on it. She was so excited that it fit her and it looked amazing on her. Pete just grinned and tried to stifle laughs that threatened to come out of his mouth. She basically jumped from wall to wall when he said she could have that hoodie and hugged him so hard. It was one of the first times she felt like she really should be scared of, her feelings. She sighed and put it on; the jacket still smelled a little like Pete. She walked out of the room, feeling warm but guilty and walked toward Ryan's bunk. She slowly bent over and lied down next to him. She put the blanket on her and felt Ryan's arm go on top of her waist to pull her closer to him.
"Did I wake you?" she asked not looking at him. He groaned in response and felt his head nod from her back.
"Sorry." She apologized and he groaned again. He pulled her closer, close enough that she was on top of him. He opened his eyes to look at her and saw wet trails on her face.
"Why are you crying?" he asked her, wiping the new droplets that made their way down her face. Her face scrunched up as she tried not to sob but some sound came out. It felt totally wrong to go to her boyfriend about what was bothering her so she decided to lie instead.
"Is it wrong for me to not want my best friend here with me, having the times of our lives?" she said with guilt in her heart. Ryan groaned and she went back to lying down beside him.
"It really isn't wrong... for you, you little attention whore." Ryan laughed. Isaab's jaw dropped and started slapping him playfully.
"You don't get to call me a whore." Isaab said her head tilted up. Ryan put his hands up in defeat.
"Okay, I won't anymore. Just promise me that you won't go all Grey's Anatomy on me. It turns me on." He raised his eyebrows up and down a few times. Isaab slapped him playfully again.
"Perv." Ryan laughed and grabbed Isaab's waist with both his hands and pulled with all the strength he had and put her on top of his stomach. She shrieked a little and he shushed her. She put her index finger to her lips and put it away. Isaab looked to his eyes and smiled, they inched their heads nearer and kissed.
"I love you". Ryan said out of the blue when they had separated. Isaab's eyes widened first then smiled.
"I am so glad I met you." She said surprisingly and mentally kicked herself. Ryan looked both surprised and sad at the same time. Isaab kissed him again before he could say anything back and again and again.

On The Other Bus...

Joe woke up in fright. He sat up immediately and hit his head on the wall.
"Oww!" he screamed and mumbled curses underneath his breath, remembering that the rest were sleeping. He heard a groan coming from Andy's bunk He looked around to see if anyone else was bothered or woken up. He saw Patrick in his own bunk, typing on his Apple laptop.
"What's wrong?" he said not looking up from his laptop.
Joe wiped the sleep from his eyes. "I had a bad dream... about Isaab. She was on Ryan's bed."

LOL! Hehe I bet you guys didn't expect that! I am so sorry it's so late and very short. My patience with life is going less and less. I am starting to not make sense anymore. Hmm...

Still, that's not an excuse for a crappy chapter. I promise I'll do better next time.

Anyways, change to happy subject. HAPPY belated MOTHER'S DAY!

I watched Spiderman 3 yesterday. So awesome.

I might get a Clandestine sweatshirt! WHOO!!!

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