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Feeding Time

by lost_in_the_shuffle 3 reviews

A young woman is alone, when the lights go out.

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The young girl was all alone in the house, her parents had gone out for the evening. She was sitting in the living room when the lights flickered, once, twice, than went off completely. She got up off the couch, and looked out the window, all the neighbors' lights were on.
"It must be the circuit breaker," she thought, fumbling around until she found a flashlight and switched it on.
She started toward the basement door, when she heard a noise behind her, squeak, she turned around quickly. There was nothing there, she turned around again and realized that the basement door was open. The sound came again this time closer, squeak, she whirled around, pressing her back to the wall, her heart pounding. There was someone or something in the house with her, she could hear it's rasping breath. She swept the flashlight around the room, and something darted out of the light, whatever it was it was between her and the way out.
She inched her way down the wall, hoping that she could find a way to run around it, but she could hear it matching her footsteps. It was playing with her, it knew she wanted out, it wasn't going to let her.
As it neared her, she could smell the stench of its breath. She held up the flashlight and saw it, the most hideous creature she had ever seen, slowly shuffling toward her. It smiled, showing yellow jagged fangs, "Helen," it hissed to her horror.
She cried out, throwing the flashlight at it, running as fast as she could. She heard it hiss with anger, than it began to chase her. She ran almost making it to the door, when she felt its claws catch her, she cried out and struggled, but was no match for its strength.
It began to drag her toward the basement door. She kicked out her leg, almost wrenching herself free. It grabbed both her legs, causing her to cry out in agony as its claws bit into her flesh. The thing opened the basement door, than dragged her down the steps.
Helen cried out as her head, hit the concrete bottom, she felt the thing let go of her. But she was too dazed from hitting her head to escape, she laid there on the basement floor. Than she heard it, the sound of shuffling feet, she looked up, crying out as the thing came toward her.
It grasped her hair jerking her up, than dragged her to the back of the basement. It threw her down again, than Helen felt something crawling up her back, she screamed in agony as something bit into her neck. Than she felt more and more of them swarming over her, she tried to get up and run, but they overpowered her, sharp claws and teeth ripping into her flesh. She raised her head, as the life slowly left her body and saw the thing watching in maternal pride, she knew than that the thing had brought her here to feed it's young. As she died, she heard a door slam above,her mother's voice saying "Helen we're home," than the shuffling of the creature's feet as it started for the basement stairs.
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