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Harmless Games Of Truth Or Dare

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Rachel tells Scarlet how she feels about how people react to her and her relationship with Gerard.

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Hello again, tis I!! Ok, so I finally decided to NOT put my planned twist in there. But I have decided that, when this is finished I hope to write another one with the whole story based upon my twist. Thank you for all the reviews, you made me feel better as I had a shitty week and was felling down :`(
So here's the forth chapter, hope you all like it...


Chapter 4-

I slept till about 12:15 the next day. I usually slept in on Saturdays, but not this late.

I threw my legs off the side of my bed. Slowly, I pushed myself up with my arms. I huffed and sighed as I made my way to the door, scuffing up my hair even more than it already was. When my door opened, both my Mum and my Dad's head turned towards me at the exact same time.

"Oh, well isn't it Sleeping Beauty?! Finally awake from her rest!" My Dad said sarcastically and probably a bit too loud then he actually planned.

I smiled as I took a seat on the couch next to my brother.

"Yes. But to wake Sleeping Beauty, she has to be kissed by her one true love... So who is he?!" my Dad asked while grinning.

"I got 10 bucks on Gerard!!" Matt screamed out while sharing a glance with my Dad.

"Hey Matt!.... Shut up!" I screamed while slapping him across the back of the head.

"RACHEL!!" my Mum yelled at me giving me a disapproving look.

"Sorry." I apologized.

I poked my tongue out at Matt before getting up and heading for the kitchen.
I made my breakfast of a bowl of Co-Co Pops and went to sit back down next to Matt.

"You still going to Scarlet's tonight?" Mum asked as she walked into the room.

"Yeah? Why wouldn't I be?" I questioned.

"No reason." She sighed.

"Can you even go at least a day without seeing or talking to your friends?" Mum giggled.

"Ah, probably not." I smiled.

"At least not a day without Gerard..." Matt said as he got up.
Which I think he planned so I wouldn't be able to hit him. As he got to his bedroom door, he stopped and looked back at me and made kissy faces.

"Mum." I moaned. "Make him stop."

"Matt. That's enough." She said while folding towels.

He groaned and shut the door.

"We're leaving at about 2:30 to go to the hardware store. So be ready by then ok?" Dad said as he sat on the other couch with his cup of tea.

I groaned. "Do I have to go to the hardware store with you?"

"Either that or you walk to Scarlet's, cause Mum isn't gonna take you." Dad said.

I sighed. "Fine."

"Better start getting ready now. Since you slept in so much, you don't really have much time left." Mum said as she walked into her bedroom again.

I sat there eating the remainder of my breakfast and got up to have a shower.

After my shower I went into my room to pack my things. I heard a knock at the door and knew it was my Dad, because he was the only one that actually knocked in this house.

"You ready to go?" He asked, knowing that, knowing me, I wasn't.

"What do you think?" I asked sarcastically.

He turned and went to close the door "I thought not..."

"JUST GIVE ME A FEW MORE MINUTES!!" I yelled out to him.


"I'M NOT HERE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!! YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO MESS WITH ME TONIGHT!!" Scarlet and I screamed as we danced around and sang.

We then started spinning around together to see who would fall first. Like majority of times, I fell first.

"HA! SUCK ON THAT BITCH! I WIN AGAIN!" She screamed while she pointed her finger at me and then started dancing again.

I laughed while watching her attempt to dance.
It was pretty safe to say we had had a drink. But we weren't drunk, we had eaten a lot of sugar, but we weren't hyper. We were just acting like we act when we're together. Crazy and loud. When we were together, there was no way of tearing us apart. We were inseparable.

Another song started to play and it was much slower. Scarlet gave me her hand and asked if she could have this dance. I smiled and I took it and we did a waltz. She jokingly slid her hand onto my butt, but I slapped it away and placed it back on my hip. Telling her that she was rather frisky tonight. We giggled like little schoolgirls like we had just heard our crush tell us a joke that wasn't really that funny. I broke away from Scarlet's grip and jumped on the couch and tried to do an imitation of Beyonce. But failed miserably. We continued to dance and sing for about another hour until Scarlet somersaulted off her bed the wrong way and pulled a muscle in her neck.

We laid on the couch together talking about random things. We had the TV on, but we weren't really watching it. We got onto the topic about how I can't say "enemy" properly.

"Say it!" Scarlet threatened and shook her fist as me.

"Damn it Scarz! You know I can't say it right!" I cried.

She giggled. "I know, that's why I want you to say it. Its funny hearing you try and attempt so hard, but you can't do it."

"Well, thank you very much for your encouragement, and I have said it right a few times!" I defended.

We then stared blankly at each other.

I sighed. "Emeny." I said, and Scarlet let out a loud squeal like laugh.

"You're a bitch!" I squealed as I shoved her off the couch.

I laughed as she fell on her head and flipped to a sitting position. The conversation died down to a silence that hadn't been heard since we were in the same room as one another.

"A little birdie told me you snuck out to the lake with Gerard last night..." Scarlet started.

"And...Your point is?......WAIT, WHO TOLD YOU?!" I screamed.

I sat up and looked at her.

"It was Gerard. Who else? And no, I'm just saying, cause, you know, you having that dream the night before, then you sneaking out with Gerard to the lake. Alone. Was I the only one you told about that dream?" she said.

"Yes you were, and thank you very much slut, I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it! And what are you saying? Me and Gerard sneak out to places all the time... Nothing different about last night." I said as I turned my head away from her.

I then decided to keep "my reaction to Gerard's touch" to myself just for a little while.

"No, I was just saying! No need to get all defensive, geez." Scarlet sarcastically said.

"I'm not getting defensive!" I snapped.

"I'm just sick of everyone teasing me about my relationship with Gerard." I sighed.

"Aww... Rachel, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" She comfortingly said.

"Yeah, I know." I breathed loudly.

"So what do you mean by "your sick of people teasing about your relationship with Gerard?"" Scarlet questioned.

"Nah, it's just, random people at school, Matt, occasionally Mum and Dad. I don't really mind that much when you guys do it cause I can joke back about it and don't have to worry about you's taking it too seriously. I mean, when me and Gerard started being really, really good friends, I was about 13? 14? I mean, we were good friends to start off with, but at that time we were hanging out a lot more and at that age it's were, you can, ah, have certain, urges? I guess, and Mum and Dad were worried about me doing things, like... you know, just things lots parents would be worried about their teenage daughter doing. I understood that, but now, everyone's all like "so you and Gerard aye?" it's just like "fuck off! We're just friends ok?! Nothing more, nothing less."....... I don't know, it just gets annoying sometimes. It's like a girl and a guy can't be friends without them screwing each other." I explained.

I chuckled.

"Sounds pretty stupid that I'm getting upset about all of this!" I giggled.

"No! No, no, it's not Rach. I understand you. I really do." She said, putting her hand on mine and smiled.

She got up and offered me a hot chocolate. I gladly excepted while I set up my bed in Scarlet's room.

We sat up in bed while talking about various things and drinking our hot chocolates. After we finished them, Scarlet's parents came home and we talked to them for a while, before going to sleep.


I was sleeping happily at 11:30 at night in my warm, comfortable queen sized bed. When my phone started vibrating, I jumped slightly as it had scared me. I grabbed it from my bedside table, still having my head buried in my pillow. I flipped it open.

"Gerard, what the fuck are you doing calling me at this hour?! Do you even fucking sleep?!" I snapped.

"Aww, how did you know it was me?!" He said pouted, sounding disappointed.

"Cause there's no other spastic bastard that calls me at all hours of the night just to piss me off! Now what do you want?!" I hissed, my voice was still slightly muffled to the fact that my head was still in my pillow.

"I just wanted to see what you were doing..." Gerard started.

"Fuck you Gerard! You knew what I would be doing! Sleeping! Because it is night time, and normal people sleep at night. And you know what else?! Tomorrow is Monday, we go to school, and if I don't get up tomorrow morning, my mother is going to kill me!!....... Are you the only one up? Why am I even asking, of course you are. The rest of your family are sane. Not like you!" I quietly yelled.

"My god, you really woke up in the shits this time didn't you?!" Gerard whispered sarcastically.

"Have you got anything good and worthy to tell me before I hang up?" I huffed.

"No...Not r-" Gerard started before I cut him off.

"Good! Goodnight!" I hissed.

I slammed the phone shut and turned it off, because I knew that he would try and call me back again just to piss me off. I threw my phone on the ground, sighed, and rolled over. Sleep taking over me once again...


We all sat at in our usual room talking and laughing like every lunch and recess. It was lunch time the next day, we all sat in our regular room laughing at random things and each other. Scarlet came over to me and whispered something in my ear. We then got up and headed out of the room.

"And were are you two going?!" Ray shouted at us in a worried motherly tone.

"We're going to the toilets." I said leaping over to Ray and cupping his face in my hands.

"Don't worry, we'll be back soon and we won't talk to any strangers..." I said in a babyish tone.
I kissed his forehead and walked off. Giggling at how weird I was.
Scarlet and I were starting to walk down the corridor when these two year 9 girls came out of nowhere and asked me if I was going out with Ray.

"Hell no! Why would you think that?!" I screamed.

I didn't even know this kid and she was asking me this. I could tell they were some of the popular ones.

"Umm.. you kinda just kissed him before?..." The middle one said, trying her best to be Paris Hilton.

"No! We're just friends." I screamed.

"Oh, ok then." The one on the right whispered.

They giggled and walked off, strutting off with their hands on their hips like a couple of prostitutes. Scarlet looked at me.

"Shut up! I know what you're going to say! Don't say it or I'll have to kill you!" I threatened and pushed her away from me as we continued to walk.


It was the weekend, a Saturday night. Frank, Ray, Scarlet, Lily, Tegan, Ashley, Gerard, Mikey and I were all sitting in the middle of Mikey and Gerard's living room. We were surrounded by food and a few empty bottles and cans. We were all laughing hysterically and taking sips from our cans and bottles. It was our "drink off". We call it that as we all get together once every two or three months for a night of fun and sensible drinking. We had only gotten drunk as couple of times, and swore to never to it again.

"Let's play a game!" Mikey shouted.

The room then filled with cheers and screams.

"What game though?" Ashley asked.

"Umm... Spin the bottle?" Mikey suggested.

"Damn it Mikey you always want to play that game! I tell you every time you suggest it! I'm not playing!" I shouted at him while having a mouth full of chips.

"Why not?!" Mikey cried.

"You know damn well why." I said in a deep voice, giving him the evil-eye.

"How about truth or dare?" Ray suggested to save a brawl from braking out between me and Mikey.

Everyone agreed to playing it, but we also decided to go with Mikey's idea as well.

"Ok, so how it goes is, whoever's up has to spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on has to ask them truth or dare. You choose and the person either dares you or asks you a question. Got it?" Ray explained.

"So who's up first?" I asked.

Everyone looked at me.

"Fine." I sighed and span the bottle.

It landed on Mikey. An evil look spread across his lips. I knew it was going to be bad.

"Truth or dare?!" Mikey asked excitedly.

"Dare." I answered.

"I dare you to..." He started.
He thought about it for a second, and he smiled again.

"To kiss Gerard." He finished.

"WHAT?!" I squealed.

I stood up from my spot on the ground.

"Na-uh!! Noo fucking way!" I screamed.

"Come on! Aren't you the one that says you never back down from a dare?!" Tegan pointed out.

"Ah! You people suck!" I screamed. Slamming myself on the floor.

"Come on Rach, just a little peck on the lips, they barely have to touch. And it's not going to be the first time anyway. You've pecked before." Mikey pleaded.

"Why am I always dragged into this?!" Gerard questioned.

The room fell reasonably quiet. They all shrugged and looked at each other. We all laughed and started talking again.

"You don't mind do you? Cause you know I don't back down from a dare...But, if you don't want to?..." I whispered to Gerard.

"Well, I guess if it's just a little peck. It's not going to do anything..." Gerard whispered back.

"Ya'll looking?! I'm ready now." I shouted while throwing my head back.

They all then looked at me with anxious expressions. I had no idea why they found this so amusing.

"Gerard, you add tongue and I'll kick you in the balls!" I screamed at him as I lowered my head to look at him.

"Ha! Too bad he hasn't got any!" Mikey screamed.

We laughed and Gerard threw a pillow at Mikey's head, but missed. He then turned to me. I took a deep breath, and I leant in. Gerard did the same. The room fell completely silent, I could feel their eyes on us, leaning in as we got closer and closer. I looked down at his lips and made a mental note to kill Mikey later. My lips were tightly pursed shut. Our lips then slowly met, and....


...And, I'm going to leave it there!
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