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Stupid little ToC oneshot inspired by Bert's little speech at Give It A Name in Birmingham. [The Used and 30 Seconds To Mars] Just a random thing...

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A/N: Just an idea really, a filler if you will. Dunno what people'll think but as I've been away for a while thought I may as well post something, as crap as it probably is. Yeah, only warning is for bad language but apart from that enjoy.

Thank You

The strobe lights flood your soul, shining like beacons through your glowing eyes. The power that radiates from you as you stand for milliseconds and drink it all in is the kind that millions long for but will never achieve. The wood boarding below your trainer clad feet is flimsy and useless compared to the control that you hold with just a wave of your hands or a grin flashed out into the waves before you. If you step out, over the barrier you can walk on water, until the sea throws you back onto dry land.
A kind of hushed awe descends as you stand there, unmoving and alone with one single beam of bright light focused on your skinny figure. You're not tall, not even standing up straight but you know that everyone in that huge mass before you can see you. Everyone wants to see you and the electricity from the tension that echoes around that cavernous room fills you to core. You drink it in and smile, the grin spreading across your face. To them it looks almost devilish, as if you were planning this all along and you know exactly how to shock them most.
In actual fact you were doing something that you haven't been able to do for such a long time. Stand, out in the darkness and look out into the sea of faces in front of you. Your band mates are still struggling with equipment and set times but you threw them all aside with a childish laugh and bounded out onto the stage. The roar of the crowd dashed your ears for a second until you put on finger to your lips and hushed them all.
Now you stand in silence, the occasional whisper floating around the space until it disappears into nothingness. You smile, and hold your hands high above your head, forming a heart. You don't have to say anything, nearly everyone copies you.
"Free from the torment of sin, all this I'm giving up..." You sing softly, you don't need a mic, the sound dances and crashes through the silence of the crowd as if it were glass. "Much as the sun would decide to give in." Your grin widens as a couple of people start singing along, and still with your hands in a heart, but this time pressed against your chest you sit down and cross you legs on the stage floor. You shouldn't really be out here, and techies in the darkness behind you whisper angrily as they try their best to finish setting up.
You beam harder as the lights dazzle and skip around you. "Fucking sway Detroit!" You yell happily, laughing slightly before you pick the song up again. "Explode into orange and hear all the voices sing praises with hymns."
You stop singing and listen, cocking your head to one side. "Mark the birth of a change, free from the torment of sin..." The crowd roars, dashing the silence into tiny pieces and making you laugh joining them again. "All this I'm giving up!"
"It's not me!" You yell at them, clamouring to your feet, your grin almost splitting your face in two. You stop, catching them out "What's it not!" You scream at them. "Me!" They scream back, hundreds of faces glowing up at you in adoration. "Uh-huh motherfuckers!" You agree before carrying on with the song. "Buried wreckage my soul. It's not me so who am I now?" You break off into what to most people would be hysterical giggles. They're all used to it, to them you're probably drunk off your mind anyway but they don't care. The fact that you're there, out early and standing in front of them to break up the long and tedious wait is enough.
For once though, you're not drunk. Not even tipsy and throwing your long blonde hair off your face and completing your giggles you stop. Stop and straighten up, standing there in your blue three quarter lengths and an orange t-shirt ripped beyond recognition. The crowd quietens, and the evil glow re-emerges in your blue eyes.
"Who's come here with their best fucking friend?" You blast out into the crowd. You get a volley of screams back. "Shit I love you guys." You beam "Right okay, we're gonna do this with one of my best fucking friends to say thanks okay?" You laugh and the crowd shrieks back at you. "Oh yeah," You nod "So who enjoyed Thirty Seconds To Mars tonight yeah?" You ask, grinning at the time. The crowd roars again, and amidst the rock-ons you catch sight of a couple of black bands, the band's glyphics spaced around them.
"Swell," You giggle "In two I want you to scream Jared right out from fucking backstage okay?" Rewarded by screams you hold your two middle fingers up "Two," You count "One!"
The crowd blasts the other frontman's name down the corridors and through all the rooms. But no footsteps emerge.
You sigh and shake your head "Shit guys," You mutter sadly "I thought you guys loved me but ya know..." You mumble, sounding heartbroken "You obviously can't be bothered to yell for me."
The crowd screams its disapproval so you lift your head and brush some blonde hair back, chewing your bottom lip miserably "You guys gonna try it again?" You ask quietly, in the kind of voice that suggested that you wouldn't be sticking around for much longer if they didn't. You are rewarded by yet more shrieks. "Yeah?" You mutter, as if you don't believe them. "I said yeah?" You challenge. The screams you get back are enough to break and shatter your ear drums but nothing compared to the roar of Jared Leto's name as you finish counting a second time.
This time footsteps echo seconds later on the side of the stage and the frontman, dressed in white, neck tie and all emerges from the darkness. You beam childishly at him, as he looks at you quizzically, his long hair swishing around his shoulders.
"Thank you guys!" You scream at them "Love ya!" Then you put one arm around Jared "This bastard's been touring with us for months!" You yell "And I haven't had chance to thank him." You sigh, shaking your head again. "So if you guys have brought your best fucking friend I want you to thank them for being with you for months cos you motherfuckers need to." You preach out at them. Then you grin at Jared who looks, you notice pretty tired and still dazed. "So..." You start "Turn to them and flick them in their fucking faces!" You cackle with flourish as you turn to the other frontman and flick him hard on his cheek. Jared seems to stop for a minute and then cracks up laughing, a grin spreading across his own pastel features.
"And you know what guys?" He yells out at them as you tip your head to one side, almost mockingly accusing him for stealing your lime light. "This motherfucker has been stuck with us for months so I want to thank him." He grins devilishly as he turns from the crowd and flicks you back.
The crowd laughs and some of them scream, some of them even following his example to flick their neighbour once more. You giggle and then look up to the guys in the balcony and nod your head. The lights go down and the huge hall is plunged into darkness. Both of you leave the stage and the crowd goes back to morbidly waiting albeit slightly more hyped.

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