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"Fetch me Frank."

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"Fetch me Frank."

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Sonny, who had fallen asleep at the desk, awoke a few minutes later to his cell-phone vibrating. The only people who knew his number were the people who lived in the abandoned movie theater with him.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Sonny." He answered, pushing some papers around on his desk and arranging different things.

"Sonny, it's Patrick." Came Patrick's nervous reply.

"Oh, hi Patrick. Whatcha need?" Sonny asked, leaving his desk and walking to the fridge and peeking in. He decided on some imitation blood. Only Gerard and Mikey were allowed to have real blood, unless stated otherwise from Gerard.

"Well, I've got Tina in my room yelling and throwing things because she wants her own room." Patrick told Sonny. "Her and Pete are fighting because she wants a kid and Pete doesn't. She doesn't like that you didn't ask her if she wanted to share a room."

"Well, she didn't tell me that she was fighting with Pete, did she? I can't read minds, Gerard and Mikey can." Sonny smiled, pouring himself a glass.

"Yeah, well I don't want to share a room with Tina when she's pissed. Do you have any more rooms?" Patrick asked, sounding like he was eager.

"Yeah, I'll be down there in a minute to show Tina her new room." Sonny said.

"Okay, thanks, Sonny." Patrick sighed in relief.

"Yeah, no problem."

"Bye." Patrick hung up and Sonny heard the dial tone.

Sonny slid his phone shut and placed it back into his pocket before walking down the hall towards Patrick's room.

Sonny glanced at the many paintings of different vampires lining the hallway walls, all-leading up to the big painting of the once-head vampire, Dracula.

Sonny looked down the hall and spotted Patrick standing outside of his room, smiling at Sonny.

"Hey," Patrick greeted.

"Hey. Tina in here?" Sonny asked, pointing to Patrick's room door.

Patrick nodded. "Yep."

"Thanks." Sonny opened the door to reveal Tina in a huff, sitting on Patrick's bed. "Tina, I have a different room for you."

Tina looked over to Sonny. "Patrick got you?" She asked.

"No, he called me. I left you and Pete cell-phones and told you that I was on speed dial. But I guess you did't get the memo." Sonny smiled.

"Whatever. Just take me to my room." Tina scoffed, getting up from Patrick's bed and walking past Sonny and into the hallway.

Sonny turned on his heel and walked out the door and into the hallway, nodding his head at Patrick.

Patrick smiled and nodded his head in Sonny's direction, showing thanks and walking into his room and shutting the door behind him.

"Sorry I didn't get you your own room in the first place." Sonny apologized, walking quite far from Fall Out Boy. And Tina noticed.

"How come so far away?" Tina asked, looking back down the hall.

"Because I only had four rooms free right next to each other. You'll have to be between Ryan and Matt." Sonny explained, opening the door.

"That's fine." Tina shrugged. "I guess."

"Ryan's on the right and Matt's on the left." Sonny told Tina, walking to the bedside table and scribbling something down on a notepad before walking back to the door and smiling before leaving.

Tina sat on the bed for a minute, before getting up and walking to the bed stand. She peered down at the piece of paper and smiled to herself.

Matt: speed-dial #8
Ryan: speed-dial #9

Tina's smile grew into a grin as she picked up the cell phone Sonny had handed her and pushed in the numbers, punching talk.


Gerard sat in the head chair, one finger on his temple with his other fingers resting aimlessly, and the other hand setting on the arm of the red plush chair-handle.

"Travis." Gerard spoke, staring intently at the band member before him.

"Yes, Gerard?" Travis answered.

"Fetch me Frank." Gerard watched as Travis nodded his head and left the room.

Travis waltzed down the hall, and up to Frank Iero's room.

He knocked on the door and waited.

Frank scrambled to get up and answer the door. "Y-yes?" Frank asked, looking down the hall both ways before fixing his eyes on Travis. "Oh... It's you."

"Jeez, you sound so happy to see me. Anyway, Gerard wants to see you." Travis notified Frank watching as Maddi scrambled for clothes in the background. A smirk grew on Travis' face before Frank punched him in the arm, closing the door behind him on his way out. "Sorry, dude." Travis grinned, holding his hands up in defense.

"Keep your eyes off my girl." Frank warned; marching the other way down the hall and to the grand ballroom where he knew Gerard would be waiting. "Yes, Gerard?" Frank asked, walking up and standing in front of Gerard in his big chair.

"That thing I told you... Did you do it?" Gerard pondered.

"Well, not yet... But I'm close." Frank winced, as he was afraid of what Gerard might do.

"Damn it Frank!" Gerard yelled. "I need it done!"

"Sorry Mr. High-and-Mighty. But I was busy. It's not easy having a fucking kid, you know." Frank hissed back.

Bad move.

With one wave of Gerard's hand, Frank was grasping his neck and gasping for air.

"Frank, just do as I say or Maddi and Franklyn Jr. will be in serious danger." Gerard warned, looking at Frank struggle for air.

Gerard waved his hand again and Frank fell to the floor gasping. He looked up at Gerard, clutching his throat and wheezing. "Asshole." Frank chocked.

Gerard's face turned furious, and his eyes widened.

Frank realized just how bad he fucked up.

"Frank... You've forced me to do something I really don't want to do." Gerard said, lifting his hand again.

Frank just watched, and so did Travis, who was standing next to Gerard's chair incase he was needed.

Gerard's hand rose, and moved swiftly to his left, causing Frank to levitate off the ground and fly into the wall.

Gerard hopped off his chair and fast-walked over to the Frank that was aching in pain and coughing up blood. "I have the power, Frank. Obey me!" Gerard hissed in Frankie's ear, before walking briskly over to the exit door and leaving. Travis quickly in tow.

"Gerard, where are you going?" Travis asked, trying to catch up.

"Out." Gerard replied, walking faster.

"We have blood here, if that's what you're after." Travis noted.

Gerard spun around and smiled that creepy grin at Travis. "I want it fresh. I want to see the look at that puny human's face when he sees my fangs..." Gerard chuckled and turned back around again and walking the rest of the way back down the hall.

Travis watched with a confused look on his face, while Gerard burst through the back doors and into the night.
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