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Tape Eight

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Gerard stared into Rory's eyes as she stared into his. "Well, what happened to Mr. Shy?" Rory asked.

Gerard smiled and kissed her again, this time more passionate and slightly rougher. He pulled away and rested his forehead on hers. "I don't know, but I'm glad he left." He smiled. "He was getting my nerves."

Rory laughed, and wrapped her hands around Gerard's neck. "Well, only nineteen to twenty-two more washes and I can say bye to this seaweed on top of my head."

Gerard kissed her neck gently, "I think you should leave it. I like the color green." He whispered.

"You don't have a hair fetish and you're going to smell my hair now are you?" Rory asked.

"Maybe." Gerard dove his nose into Rory's green hair, smelling around as a joke. Rory started to giggle.

"Gerard, stop!" She ran out of the room, Gerard chasing right behind her. She ran out into the living room, falling on her back on the couch. Gerard fell on top of her, laughing.

"Hi." Gerard grinned.

"Hey." Rory breathed.

Gerard leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on Rory's lips, sending shivers down her spine. "We should go to the beach." Gerard said, before kissing Rory again.

"What a girly thing to suggest." Rory laughed. "It's midnight... So I think you'd prefer 'Ever been laid outside in the sand with the birds staring at you?'"

"Don't be a smart-ass." Gerard scoffed. "There's never a wrong time for the beach."

"True." Rory smiled. "Let's go."

Gerard hopped up and pulled Rory over to the coat rack. He plucked off his new leather jacket, Rory's coat, and both of their scarves, popping open the door and rushing out. He fished through Rory's coat pockets before finding the keys to her car. He opened her door and let her in before he rushed over to his side and got in himself. He started the car, grinning the whole time. "Here we go!" He pulled the car out of the driveway.

After another five minutes, Gerard parked the car on the side of the road and locked up. Gerard grabbed Rory's hand as they walked down the street toward the beach. Their arms swung softly in unison.

Rory took off her shoes and followed Gerard into the sand.

The sand was cold considering it was midnight. "Ooh, cold, cold, cold!" Rory whined as she stepped into the cold sand, jumping her way to Gerard. He leaned forward on cue, and Rory jumped onto his back. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and her legs around his waist. He moved his arms behind his back and held her under her butt as he ran down to the water. Rory screamed and buried her head in Gerard's back.

Rory screamed again when Gerard got to the water, turned around, and leaned backwards shaking wildly, trying to get Rory to fall off into the salty clear ocean. His tactic didn't work, and Rory practically choked Gerard until he grabbed her ass, causing Rory to fall backwards into the cold water.

"Gerard you asshole!" Rory yelled in between getting dunked by the tide. By the time Rory got to her feet, she saw Gerard only soaked from the knee down, standing on the sand. Rory trudged out of the water, grunting, and grabbed Gerard by the shoulders. But, being the weakling she was, he had already gathered her in his arms and carried her to the ocean again.

But this time Rory was ready, and when he tried to drop her, she pulled him down with her.

Gerard's head popped out of the water as he struggled to the surface. "Gah! You little---" Gerard sputtered. He turned around to run back to the beach and Rory chased him. He stopped to look for Rory, in the front shallow end of the water that only barely went up to her ankles.

Rory smiled innocently, pressing her tongue against her teeth before tackling him full frontal, forcing him back into the surf. Rory fell along with him, and landed on top as a tired wave rushed its cool rapids over their bodies before pulling back into the ocean.

"That's a interesting position." Gerard commented with a smirk. Rory sat on her knees and straddled him, as he remained laying in half sand half ocean, now putting his hands behind his head.

Rory turned her head, coughing up the salty water, running her hands over her face and shaking her head around to get the ocean water out of her hair. Very unattractive in her opinion, but Gerard looked at her like a hungry vampire. He smirked up at her and grinned.

"What?" Rory asked.

"You're gorgeous when you're covered in salty ocean water."

"You're gorgeous all the time." Rory replied, scrunching her nose and giggling like a kid. He smirked again. Rory leaned down to kiss him when her body shook and her head snapped back up.

"What is it?" Gerard asked with a sudden confused expression.

Rory's jaw dropped. "There's something on me..." Rory whispered as she turned slowly and saw something on her foot. She screamed and jumped up shaking her foot all around. "Gerard help there's something on me!" Rory demanded.

Gerard rolled his eyes and stood up, grabbing Rory's shoulders to stop her from flipping out. He lent down and pulled a long piece of green seaweed off Rory's foot and held it up so she could see it.

"Don't laugh." Rory glared. Gerard bit his lip and shrugged.

Rory pouted. "I'm sorry." Gerard said, tossing the seaweed back into the ocean, almost snorting, trying not to laugh. Rory hit his arm.

"No you're not." Rory snapped.

"I know." He laughed.
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