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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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"You've said there have been many different influences for this album. Can you name a few for us?" the woman asked with a smile. Gerard nodded.

"Well, obviously if I was going to say everything, we'd be here for three days, but I'd have to say our biggest influence was-"

Here's a llama, there's a llama...

"Excuse me?" the woman said with a slight frown. Gerard blinked.


"You just said you were inspired by llamas."

"...No I didn't." Gerard was confused. If anything, llamas would have been the last thing to inspire him.

"...Okay...Well, maybe I can rephrase it. What was one of the groups that helped inspire your sound for the album?" Gerard smiled. He could answer that one easily.

...and another little llama...

"You said it again."

"Said what?"

"'The Llamas.'" Gerard shook his head as if clearing it from a fog.

"No, I'm sure I said Pink Floyd. Or Queen. Something along those lines." The woman shook her head and showed Gerard her page of notes.

1. Influences?
G: Llamas.
2. Groups?
G: The Llamas.

"See? I'm not kidding. Maybe we should do this another day..."

"No, I'm fine. Really," said the singer, though he wasn't certain of his own statement. "I promise. No more llamas."

The woman was skeptical, but something suddenly occurred to her.

"What was the last song you listened to?"

Fuzzy llama, funny llama...

Gerard was speechless. He couldn't answer, knowing he would make himself look like a complete idiot - if not completely lacking in short-term memory - but he knew he had to say something.

"...The Llama Song," he said through gritted teeth.

"I think it's stuck in your head," she said with a smile. Gerard shook his head again, half-expecting the song itself to fall out of his ear and land on the floor.

"No, that doesn't happen to me." The woman shrugged.

"With all due respect," she said, standing from her place. "I think you should listen to your own album a few times." She left. Gerard was confused, but also stood and left, returning to the tour bus.

Llama, llama, DUCK!
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