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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5. The end. The song Bob sings is 'I Am Cow' by, yes you guessed it, the Arrogant Worms! They had to make an appearance. It is customary.

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Gerard sluggishly opened his eyes, feeling like he had a hangover. He lifted a hand to his forehead and brushed some hair out of his face. He heard soft music emanating from the iPod speaker system next to him, where his MP3 player was happily playing the song 'Angel'. He smiled. That had to be Mikey's doing; his little brother knew how easily that song could put him to sleep.

His thoughts flashed back to earlier that night, and a wave of nausea washed over him. How could he have let that happen to himself? He let a stupid song drive him out of his mind. Gerard sighed. 'I should be better than that.'

His thoughts were interrupted by some extremely off-key singing, courtesy of their drummer.

"I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo!"

'I am going to kill him,' Gerard thought to himself as he reluctantly paused the slow song and pocketed the iPod. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, yawning before standing and walking out to the front of the bus.

"Hey, you're alive," said Mikey with a smile. "Feeling any better?" Gerard shook his head.

"I feel like I drank two bottles of vodka."

"I really hope you didn't," said Frank, face becoming pale. The singer shook his head, wincing at the pain it caused him.

"I didn' least, I don't think so..."

"Is the song out of your head yet?" Bob asked tentatively. Gerard glowered at him.

"Maybe if I hadn't listened to it in the first place, we wouldn't have had this problem," he said darkly.

"How was I supposed to know it would get stuck in your head? That never happens to you, no matter how many random songs I force you to listen to!" Bob said indignantly.

"Yeah, well, looks I can't say that anymore," Gerard muttered, fighting off the headache. It wasn't working.

"Look, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, they're not going to air that portion of the awards thing on TV," said the drummer, holding up his hands defensively. Gerard was relieved.

"It's okay, Bob. I guess it wasn't really your fault," he said with a sigh, practically kicking Frank off the couch so he could lie down. He felt better almost instantly, and would have fallen asleep all over again had Frank not thrown several frozen Skittles at him. He merely picked the candies up and threw them back, hearing them ricochet off the walls.

"Besides, I can always return the favor," he added, sliding his iPod out of his pocket and picking a song on it. Bob automatically took it and connected his earphones, then pressed play. The color drained from his face as he heard the song begin.

"No! Not that! Anything but that!" he yelled, retreating to the back of the bus. The other band members looked to Gerard for an explanation. The singer merely shrugged from his place on the couch.

"I don't know, I thought he might like Avril Lavigne..."

Bob couldn't forget the lyrics to 'Girlfriend' for the next three weeks.
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