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Something's Not Right

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Johnny is back from his 'vacation' and the first person he has to see is Squee; "Squee, how come you never told me you had a sister?" "Because you never asked."

Category: Jhonen Vasquez - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Humor, Romance - Characters: Johnny C., Nailbunny, Squee - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2007-05-16 - Updated: 2007-05-17 - 854 words

"Winn-D? Shmee says Johnny won't come back."

"Todd, don't listen to the bear. The creepy neighbor dude'll come back some time. And besides, I thought you didn't like the neighbor?"

"Well, he was the only one nice to me. Besides you, but you don't count because you're my sister."

"Todd, he'll come back. Don't worry." I patted Todd's head and smiled at him.

Todd, my little brother, it was sad that his only friends where ones that either lived with him or broke into his house for disinfectant.

Our parents hated him, they liked me, but hated him.

I don't see why, because Todd is the cutest little thing imaginable.

I sat on the corner of his bed in his room and watched him climb in and get ready to sleep. I stood up and tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "G'night, Todd, g'night, Shmee." I smiled, walking toward the door.

"Wait, Winn-D?" Todd spoke up.

"Yeah?" I turned and grinned at him.

"Shmee wants a kiss, too." Todd said, looking at me with those eyes of his.

That bear was starting to scare me.

"Sure." I walked back over to Todd's bed and kissed Shmee on the head too. "Better?" I smiled.

Todd nodded his head. "Night, night, Winn-D."

"G'night, guys." I half-smiled and walked out of the room.

I walked down the hall and to my room. I squeezed the doorknob and opened the almost-broken door leading into my horrible room.

My room looked worse than Todd's because I always spent my time working on his room instead of mine.

I sat down on my bed and looked around. I glanced at the window, the lock was secure, I glanced at the closet, the door was closed and a chair was placed in front of it, I reached my hand down the knocked on the wood supporting my bed.

Hey, a nineteen year-old can't be scared of things too?

I leant back on my bed and slightly closed my eyes. I inhaled deeply and smiled to myself.

The day was done; I had taken care of Todd when Mom and Dad wouldn't, I had played with Todd, made him breakfast, lunch and dinner, and tucked him into bed.

Now, I was on my bed, about to fall asleep.

But I didn't get to, because Todd was screaming.

I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall, stopping at Todd's door and busting it open. The sight I saw amazed me.

Todd was hugging some guy that just came through his window.

"Todd! What are you doing?" I yelled, running over to Todd and snatching him out of the crazy guy's arms.

"Winn-D, put me down! This is Johnny!" Todd squealed. "This is Nny! Nny's back!"

I gasped and put down the kicking Todd.

"Nny! Shmee said you weren't gonna come back!" Todd said, jumping back up into the stranger's arms.

"Squee, I was only gone for three months! Or... Maybe a year, I wasn't paying attention." Nny looked at me.

Todd followed his gaze and smiled. "Oh! Nny, this is Winn-D. You can call her Win, for short, if you want. She's my sister. She takes care of me when Mommy and Daddy are too busy." Todd smiled, getting down and pulling Johnny over to me. "Winn-D, this is Johnny. Call him Nny for short. He's the crazy neighbor guy I was talking about."

"Oh..." Was all I could manage out of my mouth I was so shocked.

"Nny, why didn't you use the underground tunnel thing that you told me about?" Todd asked.

"Because you were the first thing on my mind when I came back. I haven't even been in my house yet. I thought I'd go through the window for old-time sake." Johnny said, not taking his eyes off me for a second. "Squee, how come you never told me about Winn-D?"

"Well, you never asked if I had any brothers or sisters." Todd said.

Why did Johnny keep calling Todd 'Squee'?

"Oh. Well, I just thought I'd drop by and tell you I'm back. I best be getting home now." Johnny said, smiling at Todd.

"Awe, okay." Todd pouted. "Come back tomorrow?"

"Todd, tomorrow's a skool day." I corrected.

"Awe, Winn-D! I hate skool!" Todd whined.

"You still call him Todd?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, because he is my brother and I have every right to call him by his real name." I said, pulling Todd closer to me.

"Oh, well, I'll just be going then, out the window... Bye!" Johnny said, jumping back out the window.

I set Todd down and walked over to the window, shutting it and locking it.

"But Nny said not to lock it!" Todd squealed.

"Well, don't listen to that creep. I want you safe." I turned around. "Now get in bed. I'll tuck you in again." I shooed Todd over to his bed and tucked him in again. I kissed him and Shmee, and walked out of his room and back down to mine.

I lent back down on my bed and pulled the covers over me and fell asleep.
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