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On the Brink of a New Year

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*2nd Place in Ouran_Contest* Kasanoda crashes a Host Club party in order to ring in the New Year as he truly wants.

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A/Ns: Written for the livejournal community ouran_contest.



He hadn't meant to come here, amidst the squealing girls at the Host Club New Year's Eve Bash. It was terribly loud, and yet Tamaki's voice sounded above it all. He tuned the somewhat grating noises out, focusing on what he came here for.


He sought her out specifically. She was the only reason he found himself back at school over a holiday. The only reason he would ever even think of coming to a Host Club event.


She was next to an outside window. It looked out onto one of the gardens. The moon was overhead, outside of the vision of the people inside but its light still shone down, seemingly freezing the world with its soft, white radiance.


He was disappointed. She had dressed in boys clothing again; was forced to more than likely. Her suit was inexpensive and a bit bland; nothing out of the ordinary, but it looked beautiful on her. She looked beautiful.


Making his way through the crowd, he circled through the intricacies of the dancing girls and their lavish dresses. He slipped on a few, earning him scowls. He didn't notice. Like a predator, he had honed on his prey and was concentrating on his stealthy approach.


A few people noticed him as he walked through. Besides the members of the Host Club, he was the only male in the crowd. A few of the girls even had the courage enough to approach him for a dance. He shook his head no to each request, his eyes never leaving the girl at the window.


The count down neared its end. The music still played, people still danced. The crowd grew more excited with each number pass. An energy of anticipation built in the room. He quickened his pace.


Tamaki had left the group of girls that had huddled around him and walked to the main entrance of the ballroom. He stood tall and looked over the crowd. He began to speak but paused when he saw the flash of red making its way quickly towards the side of the room. "Haruhi," the blond leader called out.


She looked up surprised but was distracted too by the movement at her left. She turned, blinking a few times in confusion. "Kasanoda-kun? Why are you he-"


The redhead swallowed her words as slightly chapped lips worked against hers, taking her first kiss with a member of the opposite sex. She was shocked, but didn't pull away.

The crowd around them was squealing at the scene. Tamaki and the twins were angrily making their ways towards the two.

Kasanoda pulled back and look down at Haruhi. He kept her pinned to his body with a strong grip. She stared up at him with large brown eyes; her body shaking visibly. His gruff voice echoed in her ears, "Happy New Years."

"Happy New Years," she mumbled back.

He gave a crooked smile and bent back down. A yelp of horror echoed the room as lips met again, this time with a bit more enthusiasm. More squeals drowned out the protests of the three outspoken Host Club members.

The two at the center ignored it all, perfectly content with it just being them.


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