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Sam Moreno, a chicago detective, struggling to solve a case ... will she end up becoming the next victim?

Category: Horror - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Horror - Published: 2007-05-16 - Updated: 2007-05-17 - 191 words


A modern convenience, that's all it was to him. She had no importance whatsoever to his plans, she was only the decoy. Sitting in the dark, she let out a breath; there had to be some way out of this... there just had to be. Musing over the thought that maybe there would be a quick end to this, her eyes darted around the confinement; she hoped that it would all be over soon. Quietly, She walked over to the door and tried to listen... for anything, any signs that he was gone. Her heartbeat was loud, almost deafening her from any other sounds; faintly, so faintly she heard footsteps. He was coming... Scrambling to find a hiding spot, she could hear him getting closer and as he came to the door she heard him stop. Softly, he knocked on the frame. He was mumbling something she didn't understand; but she didn't care. Hiding beneath a table, she lifted a blanket over her head. 'Please don't find me' she silently prayed... to whom she was unsure. Suddenly, there was the sound of a door being kicked in. Everything went black.

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