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chapter 2

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Sam Moreno, a chicago detective, struggling to solve a case ... will she end up becoming the next victim?

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Chapter 2.

Sam couldn't believe the words that she had heard, 'you're next' ... the mantra of it kept playing in her mind as she sat there with the phone still in her hands. She had been that way for the last half hour after the line had gone dead. When she had attempted to star 69 the number, it came up as a private call. Of course. She knew she had to make the Chief aware of the calls... she just didn't know how to go about it. After the Melrose murder trials, she felt as though she would be safe again. Having that bastard excuse for a copy killer attack her like he had, caused her to shiver... the memory still very much haunting.


She squirmed up against the wall, and scrunched up her nose as the man came to her face. His breath was rancid like old milk, and he smelled like mold... He grabbed her suddenly and threw her on to the floor. /What is he going to do to me? /A sharp pain in her forehead that made Sam cry out in pain interrupted her thoughts.

"What are you doing" Sam screamed at him. "Aren't you going to kill me first?"

"No no no, see Sam, it is much more fun THIS way." He laughed hysterically at his own words. He was so strong that Sam couldn't escape his powerful grip on her.

"How do you know my name?" Sam inquired.

"Let's just say, that you executed the wrong brother, and what a shame that turned out to be." He put his hand around her throat to make her pass out again and she found herself wheezing for air once more. Just as she was about to give up and black out, the basement door slammed open. It was her partner, Paul Jeffries.

"STOP!" He yelled out to the attacker.

"/Paul/!" Sam managed to whimper. The attacker then put his hand over her mouth in an attempt to shut her up. Sam bit down on the fleshy portion of his hand and he cried out in pain, loosening his grip on her. This distracted him from Jeffries coming up behind him, and gave Sam a chance to run towards the stairs.

"You'll pay for that one Sam, you'll pay big time." He lunged towards Sam and caught her hair in his grasp, she yelped out in pain as he pulled at the hair he held in his hand making her fall to the ground. He dragged her back in a swift movement that rammed her into the wall.

"Sam it's the killer...the Melrose killer!" Jeffries cried to her. Unable to move she watched helplessly as the killer dived at Paul. They began to wrestle and Paul seemed to be losing. The next thing that happened was mind-boggling to Sam. The Melrose killer had Paul by the throat and held him up in the air with one hand, and then he threw him hard against the wall beside Sam.

"Don't you move my pets, I will be back momentarily." He said as he walked up the stairs, never once looking back at them. "Don't worry, you won't be able to escape, the door will not budge even if you try." Sam looked over at Paul lying beside her.

"Paul?" She whispered. "Are you ok? Please say something!" Finally able to move, Sam inched closer to Paul. He grabbed his head and wrinkled his forehead moaning in pain.

"Sam? Are /you /okay?"

"Yeah... I ... I'm fine. Why did you come back here Paul? You couldn't have possible known that something was wrong...could you?"

"Sam it was the ring you found at the crime scene the other day. The lab called and said that it was a crest ring. You know what that means?"

"No, not exactly."

"Remember the guy that we had executed for the murders originally? Well, he had a family crest ring. The only other person who has a ring like that is James Cline."

"Wait, Cline... isn't that Marcus's /brother/? Her eyes widened as she realized where she had seen the ring before.

"You got it, but don't worry, Lavaroe is on his way with back up. I talked to him before I got into the house."

"How did you know that he was here?"

"You are the one who got his brother killed. Revenge, Sam. It's all about revenge. Not to mention you didn't answer your phone, and you ALWAYS answer." The basement door opened again and James came back down the stairs.

"I know you're Marcus's brother, James."

"Good job Sam. You really are a great Detective... or should I be optimistic and say were a great detective?"

"So why did you let your brother go down for what /you /did? Why are you punishing me for it?"

"Because I am the Melrose Murderer, and well, you are the pesky Detective getting in my way... you gave him all the attention and limelight so, I punished him by letting him go down for it." Sam threw herself into Paul's arms as James began to walk towards them, knife in hand. Then suddenly, Sam felt a splatter of something wet on her face and arms and James fell to his knees. Sam and Paul both looked up to see Lavaroe standing in the doorway with his gun in front of him. S.W.A.T. team members ran down the stairs to check that James was dead.

End Flashback

Paul, she sighed, they had dated after that... even planned on marrying; Last year though, a drive by shooter took him down. They had been walking down the street together, one of those little strip malls... when a car pulled up and someone opened gunfire. He had been in a coma ever since. She looked at her engagement ring and held back unshed tears, for Paul, for their shattered future, and for her current developing situation. Why was someone taunting her now of all times? It made no sense whatsoever... how could it be possible that someone was after her again? She hadn't even dealt with any cases or killers in the last two or so years. After the whole Melrose Murder case, she had been assigned to desk and case work for her own safety. To think, only hours before that call, she had been content with things, smiling... relaxing on the patio of her apartment. Things were definitely not going as planned... she promised herself she wouldn't cry... she couldn't; she lifted the phone and dialed Lavaroe's number.
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