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Chapter Seven

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No. Just no.

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"What in the world are you doing?" Pete asked as Patrick raced around the kitchen, washcloth in hand, wiping down every object in reach.

"Cleaning," He replied.

"No I know that, I mean why?"

"I'm trying to take my mind off things."

"Well why don't you just get a hobby? I mean, you know how many video games ya could be playing? At the very least shoot yourself," Pete joked.

"Well, if it helps Patrick, the bathroom's a mess," Naiya told him, shifting her son on her lap and flipping through a magazine.

Patrick sat down in at the table, rubbing his temples.

"Patrick! We have solved your problems!" Joe burst through the kitchen door, Kendall on his back and Andy following close behind.

Patrick's ears perked up,"What?"

"We," Joe stated dramatically,"Are going to get you a new girlfriend!"

"Joe I need time," Joe's grin fell.

"Well how much time do you need?" Andy asked.

"Until he's done with the bathroom!" Naiya declared.

"So you're going to sit here all day cleaning while Leah is throwing herself all over that guy?" Kendall arched an eyebrow.

Patrick threw his hands in the air,"I don't know!" he admitted.

Kendall walked over to her father, putting an arm around his shoulder,"It's no big deal," she assured him,"Just let it go. Move on."

He nodded helplessly,"Alright, fine. So what are you guys gonna do?" he asked, almost afraid of what they'd say.

"We are gonna get you a new girlfriend!" Joe stated once again.

"What comes after that?" Patrick asked, becoming annoyed.

"Well usually when two people really love each other-"

"Joe, he means how do we get him a new girlfriend," Naiya explained, cradling Petey in her arms.

"Oh," Joe grinned,"Well..." his voice trailed off in thought,"...It's Chicago! There's gotta be a speed dating joint around here."

Patrick groaned,"You can't be serious."

"Joe, Plan B?" Kendall asked.

"I don't know, I kinda like Plan A," Pete said sarcastically.

"I don't think that's a good way to meet some one," Kendall said.

"Yeah, but it's an entertaining way," Andy said.

"Guys, no. Just no," Patrick said bitterly.

"Alright, fine. But you owe me big time for this," Joe said.

"For what?"

"I haven't decided yet," And with that Joe dashed off back up the stairs.
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