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May 17th, 2007 x 2

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Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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Ugh. Am I invisible, or something?
I was standing in the hall, leaning against my locker, and a whole group of people just walked into me, like I wasn't there.

Then I went to Socials and sat down. I had been talking to Tara less than ten minutes before, let me make that clear. So the teacher explains that we are playing improvisation after lunch and writes down the teams on the white board. Tara was on team 1, and I was on team 3. Then Tara raises her hand;
"Alexandria isn't here today, can I go on her team instead?"
The entire class burst out laughing, but I was so offended I almost left. I seriously had my books packed up. My best friend forgot I was there. In a period of ten minutes.

I got over it after Breanna pointed out that it's /Tara/, after all, and Tara does things like that.

But STILL. Am I THAT invisible?

I almost passed out in Science. I was writing an exam, and I was thinking, "Fuck, this is the easiest test I've ever written..."
Then I got to question 17. That was the hardest question I have ever had to answer. I got really dizzy, I was trying to stop myself from having a panic attack. 'Cause that would be really embarrasing, right in the middle of class. Anyway, I got all faint and then Breanna shook my shoulder, "Are you alright?"

I just handed in the test with the last question blank.

Sigh. Once I had a panic attack in English, but that classroom is so loud that only Krista noticed.

So I had an awful day, there's more that I don't feel like getting into.
But then, a very nice thing happened :]
Hot Emo Boy Josh walked past me in the hallway, and his shoulder almost brushed mine @_@ That is the closest we've ever been...even closer than the time I went and saw him in the Christmas play, I was in the second row, and he went to talk to the person DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. -hyperventilates-

I'm not normally so fangirl-ish about guys...except FOB guys xD But Hot Emo Boy Josh is an exception.

Then Tara and I were waiting at the bus stop for my ride and her bus. We talked a little, and then when my ride was there and I turned to leave, she hugged me and said, "Cheer up, Lex. You should be happy now, okay? You got two inches away from Hot Emo Boy Josh."
And THAT seriously made my day. Even more than almost actually touching Hot Emo Boy Josh. It's nice to know people care, y'know?

Then when I got home, I was reading an email from Patrick (Not our Patrick, my Patrick) and his name was fresh in my mind. My brother was yelling at me about something and I screamed back, "PATRICK! SHUT UP!"
And my brother was like, "o_O Who the hell is Patrick? I'm Mackenzie, remember?" xDDD

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