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Everyone Lies

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Yes...yes, they do. House's POV

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Everyone lies.

That was his motto. Every single person in the world lies about one thing or another. Cuddy lied about the depression she felt after not being able to get pregnant. Chase lied about the fact he was a kiss-ass and a suckup. Foreman lied about why he had resigned. Cameron lied about the feelings she still had for everyone's favorite Vicodin-addicted doctor. And Wilson lied about being unhappy in general.

Everyone lies. It was the way of the world. It kept things in balance. If there was too much truth told in the world, people got really hurt. If there were too many lies in the world, people got really hurt. But if there was an equal balance, people survived. It wasn't easy and it wasn't always fun. But they survived it. And sometimes, they did alright for themselves.

"Things are going to be okay, Mrs. Leigh," he told the dying woman. "You're going to be fine."

She smiled slowly, knowing he was lying.

But then...everyone lies.
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