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Sisters Parted

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This is about two sisters parted by tradgedy than united by war. The title is a working title, I may not keep it.

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The barbarians attacked without warning, it was the annual Spirit Festal, when all the clans got together to celebrate unity. It was supposed to be a time for peace and togetherness. The barbarians turned it into a bloodbath. Sweeping down on the unsuspecting people like locusts they killed without discrimination, sparing no one.
A young girl watched the carnage in horror.
"Run Rina," the mother whispered at her seven-year-old daughter, "quickly take Bela, and run." The young girl knelt beside her mother, who was holding the head of their slain father in her lap. "No mama," Rina said, "I don't want to leave you," the woman held out a blood stained hand to her daughter.
"You must go," she said, "before they see you." Her mother's eyes swing over to the approaching barbarians, she stood, grasping her husband's sword. "Go!" She hissed over her shoulder, than ran towards the barbarians. Rina grasped her younger sister's hand, running through the melee, toward the safety of the forest, suddenly she caught her ankle, falling hard. She cried out at the pain, "you have to go on without me Bela," she said, "I will find you I promise."
Bela nodded than ran, disappearing into the forest.
Rina sat on the ground, with fear blossoming in her heart, she could hear the barbarians getting closer, and knew it was a matter of time before she discovered. She prayed that her sister survived, a shadow fell over her and she cried out in fear as a man loomed over her.
"Do not be afraid little one," he said gently picking her up, "I do not make war on women and children like some." He carried her to his horse, mounting behind her. Rina tried to turn in the saddle and look back at the forest where she knew her sister was, but the horse moved to fast. Soon everything was left behind. Rina was taken to a ship where a beautiful red-haired woman awaited the man. "I found her lying on the ground during the raid." The man said in explanation, "she needs a home and we need a daughter." The red-haired woman knelt before Rina, "my name is Breina," she said gently grasping Rina's shoulders, "I will be your mother if you want and Malick will be your father." Rina just hugged the woman, tears running down her dirty face.
That night as Rina fell asleep, the ship sailed away, leaving Rina's homeland and her sister behind.

Bela ran into the forest as quickly as she could, she ran until she couldn't run anymore, than collapsed on the ground. She looked around and realized with a frisson of fear that she was alone, she had never been alone in her entire five years. Whimpering in fear, she curled up in a ball, finally falling asleep.
She didn't hear the sound of footsteps, or feel the strong arms that picked her up. When she awoke, she was in a large bed, she sat up looking around in fright. "Don't be afraid," a large woman said as she arose from the chair she was sitting in, "I am Alana, queen of the Amazons. You are safe here."
After Bela was fed, she slowly drifted back to sleep, the one thought in her head was of Rina and wether she was still alive.
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