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Missing scenes from "Out of Gas". Simon & Kaylee centric but the whole crew play in my story.

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After Mal made his announcement, stating clearly that he was the only one staying behind with /Serenity/, Simon glanced over at Kaylee. She had attempted to argue with Mal, to no avail. She looked so sad, and he knew she not only blamed herself for their predicament but also for Zoë's condition, even though no one blamed her. He had observed Wash, taking a moment before Mal gave his final orders to hug the mechanic and whisper reassurances in her ear.

Once they were dismissed, the doctor leaned over to River and said, "Please go back to your room. I'll be there soon. You should grab a few things that you wish to take with you. I have something I really need to do before we leave." His eyes darted away briefly to watch Kaylee leave to go pack a few of her things.

"Don't be a dolt," River sighed, a welcomed smirk on her lips. She could have said many things but teasing her brother about his conflicted feelings always amused her and tickled her fancy.

"Don't worry about me, /mei mei/," Simon answered and ran down the hall towards Kaylee's bunk. He caught sight of her just as she was opening her door and called out to her, quickly closing the distance between them. "Kaylee! Kaylee, wait a minute!"

The mechanic looked back at Simon and managed to offer him a smile, but it could not hide the sorrow and remorse in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Simon."

"Sorry? For what? You didn't do anything wrong."

"For Serenity's hiccup. For hurting Zoë. For ruining your..."

Simon placed a finger across her lips to silence her unnecessary apology. "Don't say it."

"But...but," she stammered, her lips quivering beneath his finger, "you didn't getta try none of your birthday cake."

"It looked delicious, and you sure surprised me. You know that as soon as all nine of us reconvene, I'm going to insist that you bake me another birthday cake."

"I will," she promised before turning gloomy again. "Is she gonna be..." She swallowed hard and looked into Simon's eyes. She couldn't ask the question, but she needed an answer.

"Zoë is stabilized. I believe she will make a full recovery, and I suspect that as soon as she awakens and learns of the Captain's harebrained plan, she'll order us all to return and knock some sense into him. If that is even possible." His spirits fell when Kaylee diverted her eyes and turned away from him.

"Just take care o' her an' yourself. An' River an' Wash. The black can be very unforgivin'."

Simon reached out instinctively and tugged her arm gently, turning her back to face him. "I will. You do the same. You need to be there for Inara and Book, and someone needs to keep Jayne under control."

Kaylee looked into his gaze. If only for that moment, the sincerity in his voice made her forget all of her guilt for the ship's malfunction and Zoë's injury. She took a step closer, closing the gap between them. "Since your birthday cake got toasted, you still deserve a gift."

"No, I don't," Simon tried to interrupt as he sucked in his breath. His heart started to pound in his chest, and he suddenly started to feel warm. Very warm.

"Yes, you do," she persisted. "But, I don't have nothin' else." Leaning in, she kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, "Happy Birthday, Simon." Unable to stop herself, since she had him this close and virtually rendered immobile, she softly brushed her moist lips across his before she pulled her arm from his lax grasp and descended the steps to her bunk. Amidst all the turmoil she felt inside, she found a calming peace. If she never saw the doctor again, at least she was able to kiss him and feel him against her body.

Simon stood in the hall for what seemed like hours, dazed by her kiss. He dragged his finger across his freshly kissed lips. Her kiss had charged him, and he desperately wanted to follow her; however, he knew that what he desired was unattainable. At least right now.

He turned hesitantly away from the empty hole Kaylee disappeared into seconds ago. He had to grab some medical supplies, pack a few of his personal effects, see to River, and move Zoë. He knew one thing. If and when he ever saw Kaylee again, he would be sure to let his heart lead him.
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