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Gross sandwich!...or is it?

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Don't ask why I wrote this chapter. I started off with the intention of Bob talking to Joyce, but I make this stuff up as I go along and I went off track...way off track, this is why I shouldn't ha...

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My throat was dry and my tongue felt too big for my mouth. Joyce smiled warmly at me, she looked amazing, she was wearing a long black dress with a red sash, he hair hanging loosely over her shoulders.
"Joyce...I was wondering if you...if you wanted to erm...go for...a coffee sometime?" I said nervously. Joyce laughed at me, her laugh wasn't nasty though.
"Oh bob, thats so sweet of you but...I'm already seeing Frank." My heart felt as if it had been broken. I stared at her. She gave me a sad smile back.
"I'm sorry" She shrugged.
"But...but...Frank?...why?" I asked, hadn't Ray said she liked me? Joyce shrugged.
"He's just so cute!" She smiled. Before walking away.
"NOOOO!" I yelled, some one grabbed my shoulder from behind.
"BOB! BOB! BOB! BOB!" It was Frank. I yelled and tried to kick and hit him crying out as he shook me. Although I was hitting him and his head was now on the floor he continued to yell my name.
"BOB BOB BOB BOB!" His head was yelling.
"WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?" I screamed, he laughed at me.
"You can't hurt me Bob" His head rose up and attached itself to his shoulders. "No one can" He smiled at me, long white fangs glistening, he grabbed my shoulder and began to shake me.
"BOB! BOB! WHAT THE HELL MAN? WAKE UP YOU DUMB ASS!" What was he on about, suddenly something smacked me in the cheek, I gasped and everything went black...

I opened my eyes, Frank was about an inch away from me, I yelled out, my arms and legs flailing, causing me to get tangled in the bed covers and eventually fall on the floor.
I shot up, Frank was looking at me, one of his eyebrows raised, a mug of coffee in hand.
"Err...are you ok?" He asked. I suddenly understood that I had been dreaming.
"I'm fine" I mumbled as I got off the floor and put the covers back on the bed.
"What the hell were you dreaming about? You were yelling 'Nooo' And I had to come and wake you up, then you started hitting me and shouting 'Why won't you die?' then you started screaming about a vampire and in the end I had to slap you round the face."
So thats what had hit my cheek, Franks hand.
"I...just had a nightmare thats all" I replied, I didn't want to tell him what I had really been dreaming.
"Fair enough...." Frank looked at me as if I was a mental person.
"Hey...aren't you ill?" I asked. Frank grinned.
"Well, I'm better now, isn't that cool!? My immune system has decided to work for once!" He took a sip of coffee.
"Is everyone else up?" I asked. Frank nodded.
"Yeah, Mikey was the last one up, I think you woke him actually. Talking about coffee. So he was telling us about it when you started yelling no...want some coffee?" Frank shoved his cup in my face, causing me to go momentarily cross eyed as I looked at it.
" thanks" I said. Frank shrugged and drank some more.
"What ever man." He turned and walked off. I straightened up my bed and got changed. Then I walked off to see what was happening.
"This war is crazy I wont let you down. Oh no no...Noooo, I won't let them take you, wont let them take you, hell no no, nooo woh. Wont let them take you, wont let them take you..." Mikey was singing along to his ipod...he must be listening to 'Say anything - alive with the glory of love'. We all like that song, and Mikey isn't too bad at singing, so none of us bothered to point out that he was singing, because he probably wasn't aware of it. He was also playing on his Nintendo DS.
Frank was drinking his coffee and watching the TV. Gerard was listening to his ipod and sketching. Ray was in the kitchen, making some strange monstrosity that I think was meant to be a sandwich...
"Ray, what the hell is that?" I asked. Ray smiled at me.
"Its a chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, ham, smokey bacon walkers crisps and mustard sandwich." He replied. I wrinkled up my nose.
"Gross...who's commiting suicide then?" I asked. Ray looked confused.
"Suicide?" He repeated.
"Yeah, if you eat that then you'll probably die. I just want to know who's killing them self so I can say goodbye" Ray punched my arm.
"This sandwich is one of - no! THE greatest sandwich in this entire world! You should be bowing down and kissing my feet for inventing it!" He said.
"Wow, talk about modest! And stupid." I replied, he glared at me, grabbed the...thing...and took a bite.
"Mmmmm, heaven in the form of food!" He said with his mouth full.
"Thats food?" I asked, he ignored me and walked over to the sofa and sat next to Gerard, who looked at the thing on the plate, he didn't even bother asking what it was before returning to his drawing.
"Ray, what in gods name are you eating?" Asked Mikey.
"Chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, ham, smokey bacon walkers crisps and mustard sandwich" He said. Everyone looked at him.
"What?" Mikey replied.
"I can difine that thing in one word! - Eugh" Said Frank.
"And I thought I was wierd." Mumbled Gerard, more to himself than to Ray. Ray looked hurt.
"Its actually really nice, you should try it before you judge it! Come on, have a bite!" He said. Frank shot to the other end of the room.
"I'm not even going to touch that thing!" He cried.
"Well, I'll let Frank off since he's vegetarian...but the rest of you have to try it!" Said Ray.
"I'm not eating that!" Cried Mikey.
"Go on Mikey I dare you!" Said Gerard. Mikey looked shocked at Gerard.
"NO WAY!" He cried.
"I bet you £10 that Mikey won't take a bite" I said to Gerard.
"DEAL!" Cried Gerard shaking my hand.
"What! That isn't fair!" Said Mikey.
"Who cares, its a bet now, and un - less you want me to ram your head through a mincer to make a burger to force feed to Frank, you better take a bite out of that sandwich!" Gerard replied, Mikey and Frank both looked sick.
"Mikey if you don't eat some of that thing then I will rip your eye balls out your head!" Said Frank.
"Aaaaw, don't let them force you to do what you don't want to" I said. Mikey looked at me, then Gerard, then at the sandwich, then back at me.
"Well..." Mikey picked up the sandwich. "Don't we usually say we never judge people un - less we've actually talked to them and know them?, you never judge a book by its cover...well, maybe we should have the same attitude towards sanwiches." Gerard nodded his head.
"Thats right bro, now take a bite!" He said.
"Yeah go on Mikey!" Ray encouraged him. Mikey was slightly pale, but slowly he raised the sandwich to his mouth and slowly...very slowly, he took a bite.
We all stared at him as he screwed up his eyes and began to chew. Ray was grinning, Frank had gone green and Gerard was looking very curious. Mikey swallowed and opened his eyes.
"Well?" Asked Ray.
"It was...strange...I've never tasted anything like it." Said Mikey.
"Was it nice?" Asked Gerard. Slowly Mikey nodded.
"Yeah...I guess it was..." He said. Ray gave a triumphant cry.
"What did I tell you!" He laughed.
"Yeah yeah yeah, and by the way Bob, I won the bet, pay up" Gee ordered. Scowling I took £10 out of my pocket and gave it to Gerard.
"Pleasure doing business with you!" He laughed. Suddenly the bus stopped.
"YOU GOT 20 MINUTES TILL WE SET OFF AGAIN!" Called the driver. Another truck stop, just for fuel and for us to use the loos and go in the road side shop.
Frank and Gerard were straight out the door, eager for more ciggarettes. Mikey followed, probably to ring Alicia and to buy some chewing gum. I decided I would use this oportunity to go speak to Joyce.
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