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Secret Garden inspired.

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Giardino: The Poem
Petals of magic fall against the glass
Of the round pond.
The wind blows gently and against
The walls of stones.
A cry of sorrow is heard as I sit here
And think of the past.
I wish to know why I feel drawn to
This overgrown place.
There is nothing special of the flowers that
Surround me so completely.
I sit, my eyes closed, my head tilted back
Hoping to catch a whisper.
The past is strong in this place, a ghostly
Face appears.
Hope is lost for the ladies and lords
Who are around .
Can I help? I wonder aloud as
A cry echoes.
Fear grips my heart as I stand and
There is nothing but me and myself, and
My two companions.
Help, is all I wish to do, but how?
Il giardino di magia si fa avanti con una risposta.
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