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Rolling down a hill

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Title explains it

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I was sitting at a table outside a coffee shop near to the venue. I wondered if Joyce was able to find it ok when I saw her across the street. She glanced left, then right, before crossing the road. I got up so she would be able to spot me.
When she did she grinned and ran over.
"Hi Bob!" She cried happily. Yay! She's happy to see me.
"Hi Joyce, are you ok?" I asked. She grinned.
"I am now I'm with you!" She giggled, my stomach did a somersault.
"Like wise" I replied. I took her hand. "We'll go some where else, since you don't like coffee." I said.
"How about we go for a walk, I've been to England a lot before so I know a really nice park." Joyce didn't wait for me to answer before she began walking quickly through the crowds in the street.
"Its not far from here." She promised. She was holding my hand tightly, like a mother would to her child when she didn't want them to get lost. I would normally pull my hand away if it was someone else, but this was Joyce, and Joyce was a different matter all together.
The walk was about 10 minutes, the whole way she talked about nothing important. Just random conversations, I didn't say much, I liked listening to her - especially when she went on a rant about Presidant Bush!
"I mean, why won't he pull the troops out of Iraq? I mean I don't know much about this war, I don't know much about anything to do with government, but I saw on the news this interview with him and he said 'I know I've made a mistake with this war, but I shall continue to keep the troops in Iraq for another five years' I mean the dumbass has realised that he made a mistake sending them there but he wont pull them out! I mean - that kind of shit really pisses me off! Do you know what I mean?" She glanced at me.
"Yeah I do. I hate him aswell. We need a new presidant!" I said quickly, just wanting to agree because I love everything she thinks. She smiled.
"Yeah. But I'm probably completely wrong and Bush is in the right but like I said - I don't know much about government or anything so I'm just going on the tiny bit of information I know." I nodded my head. I don't know a lot either so I'm not going to disagree.
Soon we reached the park, it was a big area of land with flower beds, trees and grass. Joyce let go of my hand and ran across the grass until she reached a small hill, she turned back.
"COME ON BOB!" She called, I laughed and ran over, but as I got near her she ran up the hill. I followed her, getting steadily out of breath - I'm so un - fit, I can't remember the last time I ran any where. At the top Joyce grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug.
"Thankyou for coming here with me, I came here with my grandma four days before she died, so it means a lot." She said. I didn;t know what to say.
"Erm...your long ago did your nan err...pass away?" I asked. Joyce laughed at my nervous face.
"About 3 years ago....hey! Do you want to roll down the hill?" She was grinning at me again, god I love her smile.
"Roll down the hill?" I repeated. Joyce nodded.
"Yeah, look watch me." She lay down on the edge of the slope and gave me a quick smile before she used her hand to push herself into a 'log roll' down the hill, she was yelling happily as she turned over again and again and again - going quite face, she was just a blur of black and blonde and pink. I laughed at the sight. She rolled along the flat ground for a few metres until she came to a stop. She lay on her back laughing and out of breathe.
After a while she got up staggering from dizziness.
"COME ON BOB, YOUR TURN!" She called. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like because I've never rolled down a hill before but heck - I suppose I could give it a try.
I lay down on my side on the edge, I looked down, Joyce was waiting for me at the bottom. Here goes nothing, I pushed myself onto the other side causing me to roll down the hill getting faster and faster. I was going really fast all I could see was green, blue, green, blue, green, blue of the grass and sky, I closed my eyes and yelled as I got dizzier and dizzier, I felt like I was going faster than light and my arms were being bruised but I didn't care - it was fun!
I felt myself slowing and I opened my eyes, I was about four metres away from the hill, and on my back. I burst out laughing, that had been great! The sky above me was swirling around, I knew that was only my eyesight tricking me because I was dizzy.
Joyce sat down next to me, she too was laughing.
"Did you like it?" She asked, I sat up, my head was spinning.
"Yeah" I replied. Joyce pulled me to my feet, I felt drunk.
"Lets do it together!" She cried, then she began pulling me back up the hill. I staggered and fell a couple of times but I just laughed it off and then carried on going. Back at the top Joyce lay down and told me to lye beside her and hold her hands. I did as I was told, then next thing I know, we were rolling down the hill, I held tightly to her hands as we both yelled out as we rolled faster and faster.
We reached the bottom and slowed down until we stopped completely.
"Wow!" Laughed Joyce. I laughed along with her. That had been fun!
We carried on rolling down the hill for a while then we played hide and seek in the trees, Joyce was like child at heart. Then we raced each other across the park, we also found a tyre swing in the trees, I had a go then I was just pushing Joyce higher and higher when my phone rang. I took it out my pocket. It was Gerard. I stood aside so Joyce wouldnt swing into me and answered it.
"Hi Bob. Where are you?"
"I'm out with Joyce, I did tell you guys before I left"
"No, you told us you were going for a coffee and wouldn't be out much longer than an hour. You've been gone 2 and a half now."
"Oh...well, I guess I lost track of time"
"Yeah, but come on, how long does it take to have a coffee and a conversation?"
"Well...we went for a walk"
"A walk? Where?"
"To a park, we just...had fun thats all"
"Oh I can imagine."
"I didn't say anything!"
"I know what you were implying!"
"I wasn't implying anything - you must have a guilty concsence!"
"I do not! We just rolled down a hill and stuff"
"You...rolled down a hill?"
"Shut up! Did you want anything?"
"Yeah - we've got a show tonight remember - you are in a rather good rock band!"
"I do know"
"Good! Now get your goofy butt down here!"
"For the show you idiot! We need to be ready in an hour and your off gallobanting with Joyce - you take ages to get ready and your not even started yet!"
"Ok ok I get it! I'll come now!"
"Yeah you better - start running ok?"
"Yeah bye!"
"Bye." I hung up. Joyce smiled at me, she was still on the swing.
"Who was that?" She asked.
"Gerard, I've got to go get ready for the show." I replied, Joyce went pale.
"Oh my god I forgot about the show! Quick stop the swing, I still need to get your uniform out the bus!" I grabbed the rope of the swing and stopped it. Joyce jumped off and grabbed my hand.
"We'll have to run back!" She said, I didn't like the sound of that, but soon I was running full speed, Joyce holding my hand and pretty much dragging me along.
She must be a marathon runner in secret!
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