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her hair smells like grapefruit

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Chapter 10

Allison lay on the couch, staring at the tour bus' ceiling. Daniel decided to sleep on the floor, said he was too pissed. He had just thrown his thin body into the floor, no blanket or pillow whatsoever. She had been watching him, his longish black hair covering parts of his handsome face...She had been crying silently all night too, she just couldn't help it. She really did care for him but didn't know just how much she could take of all of this drama. Her fingers trembled as she shook some of her hair out of her face.
Put it together, Allison.
You can't leave him.
He needs you.
She nodded to herself and rolled to the floor with him. His electric blue eyes darted open instantly; she knew he hadn't been sleeping at all.
"What's wrong?" He asked immediately, turning around to face her. She shook her head no and he rested his head on the floor once more.
God, his head must hurt.
She heard him sigh heavily and she knew she had to wait for him to tell her what was on his mind rather than ask it. She pressed her belly to the floor and started moving her legs around, wriggling her toes to distract herself.
He stared at the interior of his eyelids, waiting for the words to come to him.
"I'm sorry..." He mumbled, his lips felt heavy for some odd reason, he had trouble moving them. She turned her head to him and scooted over, resting her forehead on his arm, she loved the place between his arm and armpit, almost by his neck.
"It's okay" She slurred back, closing her eyes and giving in to his wonderful smell. She felt his chest rising and falling a few times, his heartbeat accelerated.
"It's not okay. All I've been doing lately is apologize...I'm just doing everything wrong...I..You should just-"
Allison's head perked up, her hand landed a bit roughly on his chest, her eyes widened, "Don't you dare say I should go" she hissed, leaning forward menacingly.
"I'm not leaving you alone. Get that?" She said, looking into his eyes.
He sighed, and then cracked a smile.
She leaned forward a bit more and pressed her lips against his passionately. There had been a number of times in which Daniel and she had been close to actually doing it, but something always happened. This time four guys, one of them his father, was what stopped them from carrying on. Daniel smiled as he cradled Allison on his arms, inhaling her scent. She smelled like grapefruit. She used this shampoo that made her smell like that.
It was funny.
It was the same shampoo he used now, but his hair didn't smell like that. None did the hair of the other thousands of people she had lend it to on different occasions. Only hers.
She was special, he had always known that.

Author's Note
I'm thinking I'm making a lot of people pissed right now.
But I promise, next chapter'll explain some of the things related to the baby and how that had to do with Alice's suicide.
Just keep reading and reviewing.
Love you all.
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