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Jann Lee is caught up in a coop with a catburgler, and is manuplated into beliving into thinking Leifang's a theif.

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A DOA fanfic

This is an unofficial fanfic and is not endorsed or supported by Tecmo or Team ninja (Dead or Alive).

And in terms of series, it after DOA3, to start fresh.

Madrien Club, China

Jann lee watched over the door leading into the club. He wore his standard bouncer suit on (white shirt, grey waistcoat, black trousers and black boots). He looked like he was dressed for a meeting of something, but that didn't mind him, he was just doing his job. He ponders over the thoughts about his rival Leifang, but always dismiss it as nonsense suggesting he always win.

He suddenly heard glass being smashed at the top of the club. He looked around trying to find someone to take his place. He found one of the guards hovering.

Jann Lee: You there, take my place

Guard: Wh... What?

Jann Lee: Just take it!

Within a second Jann Lee runs into the club and to the elevator, he wonders where the break in may be so he enters the elevator and chooses floor 80. Thinking to himself...

Jann Lee: Money does not mean anything to me... just the thought of battle.

The elevator opens on floor 80, inside he see someone emptying the safe, Jann lee knew that beside the money, there was a figurine the club was so keen on keeping for special events, the golden lotus, it was handmade by a friend of the club and so it was vital for Jann Lee to make sure it doesn't leave the club.

Jann Lee: You...Stop!

The thief turned and faced him; it was a female catburgler, European to be exact. She has medium brown hair and deep brown eyes; she had red lips and a small spot on the bottom right by her lips. She wore a leopard skin top concealed by her black jacket and trousers. She wore a beautiful necklace with rows of diamonds, lots of beautiful rings and red nails. She wore black shoes and looked very sexy. The catburgler was known as Romera. She was holding the figurine as Jann Lee approached.

Jann Lee: Put that back!

Romera: Why? Afraid I might drop it?

Romera then drops the figurine. Jann Lee gasped as he grabbed it, stumbling on the floor. As he turned around he saw Romera approaching him with a hydrospray. Jann Lee tries to kick it away but she grabs his knee and injects a viral from her hydrospray. Jann Lee suddenly could not move as his body flopped like a fish. Romera grabbed the figurine.

Jann Lee: Argh... I can't move. What did you do!

Romera: A Small paralysing fluid... you will be able to move within 1 hour, giving me time to escape, with this.

Showing him the figurine

Jann Lee: You won't get away with it... the police will be looking for it once I report it.

Romera thought for a second and then she approaches Jann Lee

Romera: You know... your right; I could get caught with it, but not if I mask the thief.

Romera looks at Jann Lee and shows two fingers over his eyes. She moves them slowly

Romera: You are getting sleepy ...sleepy...sleepy...sleepy.

Jann Lee starts to get sleepy, unable to move due to the viral.

Romera: Relax... relax...relax

Jann Lee is hypnotized

Romera: Now tell me Jann Lee, who are you afraid of, other than me.

Jann Lee monotone: I have a rival who I fear may beat me when I fight her.

Romera: Who is she?

Jann Lee monotone: Leifang

Romera: Listen to my voice, Leifang stole the golden lotus because you are stronger than her, she wants you to prove it and should you succeed, she will return the figurine to you.

Jann Lee monotone: Leifang... the rival...challenges me.

Romera: Yes, she challenges you to a duel with and should you succeed she will tell you where she has hidden the Golden Lotus. She stole it by using her charms on the guards; you were the only guard she did not see.

Jann Lee monotone: Yes... she must be defeated and I will punish the guards.

Romera: Good, now when I count to 3 you will fall asleep for 30 minutes and wake up remembering nothing...nothing except what I said. One...two...three.

Jann Lee falls asleep and Romera leaves him. She pulls out a rappel line and rappels down the club's wall.
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