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fear is of...

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pretty much a poem about fearfull things.

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Fear is of...

The night out side, it is dark, you can't always see danger and noises echo louder than normal.
The noise, loud noises, hushed noises, all so real and no explanation for there cause.
The dark water, water is dark cold or to warm, deep, mercy and you don't always know what's hiding in water where you can't even see your own feet!
The alone, is to be not cared for, helpless, vulnerable and sometimes very sad. It makes every thing seem too extreme.
The new, is like being given a second chance, you must recreate your ways and life, and hide your differences, you don't know what or how other people will act towards you and you don't know how to be around them, or what too expect.
The expected, how do you act to meet unknown expectations, will you be shamed or lifted to life, and will you be punished for mistakes. You can only hope for the best!
The need, you want it but cant have it, you crave for a feeling of importance but no one thinks you worthy, you have an urge to snatch it out from others noses, but you cant reach it, you cant tell anybody because you will blow your cover, they will put up there fences too keep you, and tell you to stop believing you deserve things you need but have too strive to reach!
Fear is of, having no hope left, and being struck or hurt.
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