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I had a cat who came like the moon

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about my cat who died.

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I had a cat who came like the moon
pulling the tide to bring something new
she was a sprite the smallest fairy of all
who danced with the rain and sang to the dew
she would come to me each morning
her sweetness I new
asking for petting and some food perhaps too
she would lie down beside me and let out a mew
to let me know my cuts would heal some day too
she had lost her a sister a brother that's two
she got a new sister, pixie oldest by a few
who would hate her for having to eat her good food
they soon got along though they fought a bit true
one morning I found three fat rats all chewed
making a trail to a tree old but new
there I should find her cradled by air asleep like a
baby paws under head
she would wait for me by the pond
if it was light after i'd feed the horses that night
we both would race down there though sometimes we ran
in hope of adventure some water and some land
she always seemed dainty smallish and frail
skimming up to me just to be near
leaving no paw prints she flies through the air
she actually seemed to emerge out of mist
a saint or an angel I never could miss
she was of medicine healing the sick
helping me stand even if Id tripped
she had black stripes though spots on her too
she was a silver with a cream belly patch
and whiskers too
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