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Prologue One

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Have you ever wondered what happened in your room when your toys were left alone? More importantly, are they plotting your demise? Intresting to think of, as well as a bit distrubing.

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Chapter One
January 13, 1934

St. Peter's Asylum was a place where the mentally insane were given refuge from the cruel outside world. As one of the most prominent hospitals that specialized in psychology and served as a sort of graduate school for upcoming psychologists, the hospital had a high success rate of rehabilitating the insane.

That was until they received a ten-year-old girl by the name of Stephanie Tate. The ten year old girl was the only blemish on their records, her insanity, if it could simply be called insanity, was an extreme case. A case that had no answers and no apparent reason for the insanity.

Stephanie had been a happy well-balanced child from all indications of her home life. Her mother and father were busy socialites, and had made it through the Great Depression fairly easily. They always made time in their busy schedule for their daughter. She had the best education that could be given to a child her age, the best music lessons, and beautiful dresses made especially for her. She could be seen as spoilt, but was actually a very polite child.

Her uncle was a famous photographer, who was not married and had no children of his own. He favored Stephanie over his other nieces and nephews, and spoilt her with gifts from the various countries that he had visited.
On a trip to France he had purchased the most beautiful doll for his little Stephanie. The doll wore a fine silk dress, the petticoats were white, and the dress a sky blue with a violet apron perfectly centered over her chest and lap. Her golden hair was smooth as silk and was a deep golden color, tied back from her face with two violet bows, and her shoes were black and white button up boots. Her face had a sad expression, her eyes looking as if tears really could fall from them at any moments and her pink mouth set in a very slight and elegant frown.

He had decided to have her named Annabelle, after his favorite story, and had the name engraved carefully on the neck of the doll. He called her the perfect doll for the perfect child.

Stephanie had been excited at the first sight of the doll and since that day she had never been seen without it. But the face was no longer a sad frown, but more of a smirk.
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