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The Rogue Demon Hunter

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Sam and Dean meet a pompous British man portraying himself as a rogue demon hunter. SPN xover w/ Angel.

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The Rogue Demon Hunter

Dean couldn't believe their luck. He and Sam had been fighting a rather nasty vampire when this guy appeared out of nowhere and staked it. Really, who did this guy think he was? Sure, the vamp had a couple of minions who were quickly tiring them, but Dean was confident that he and Sam could have handled it themselves. He knew that he should be grateful (or at least thankful) that this man saved their asses, and, in a way, he was (not that he'd ever admit it out loud). He just hated the man's attitude.

"Well, that was smashing," their 'rescuer' said, smiling slightly as he brushed his hands off. Dean was slightly surprised to find that this guy was British. He briefly wondered what a Brit was doing in Wyoming. "We should do it again sometime."

Dean stared at the man. He wondered how it was that this man knew of what really lurked out there, and also where he picked up that outfit he was wearing. Really, wearing leather on a hunt? Who did this guy think he was? Dean wondered to himself again.

"Uh..." Sam began. Dean could tell he was also surprised by the turn of events.

"Who are you?" Dean abruptly asked the man. He inwardly winced at how harsh and forceful his words had sounded. But really he did want to know who this guy was.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the guy apologized. "I got caught up in all the excitement and forgot my manners. Excitement? Dean silently snorted to himself. This guy had to be an amateur.

"My name is Wesley Wyndham-Price, rogue demon hunter."

Rogue demon hunter? Dean glanced at Sam who gave him a look, which he interpreted as, is this guy for real? He shrugged at Sam.

"Rogue demon hunter?" Sam asked the guy-Wesley-out loud.

Wesley nodded. "That's right. Who are you?" he asked them.

"Oh," Sam said. He'd forgotten that he and Dean hadn't introduced themselves yet. "I'm Sam, and this is my brother, Dean."

"We're Hunters," Dean added.

"Really?" Wesley asked as though he had not just seen them fighting vampires. "How long have you been hunting the supernatural?"

"All our lives," Dean informed him.

"Really?" Wesley said again. Dean wondered if he would stop saying that word. It was beginning to irritate him. "You must have fascinating stories. Do tell."

Dean groaned to himself. He heard Sam sigh to himself. Was this guy ever going to give up?
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