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The Invitation

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Lt. Ford's relatives contact NCIS in hopes that they can find him. NCIS xover with Stargate: Atlantis.

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A couple of minutes after the rather unexpected arrival of Major Paul Davis, Director Sheppard, and Gibbs' team were sitting around a table in the Director's office.

"So, you're here about Lt. Ford?" Gibbs said, making it sound more of a statement than a question. He already figured as much; why else would an Air Force Major be at NCIS's headquarters then?

"That's correct," Major Davis confirmed. "When my superiors heard that you were investigating Lt. Ford, they felt they should send someone over to explain Ford's situation."

"What situation would that be?" Gibbs asked.

"I can't go into further detail here, all I can say is Lt. Ford's missing in action status is rather unique." Davis replied.

"Can you at least tell us where he went MIA?" Tony asked.

"That's classified," Davis replied.

"What can you tell us?" Gibbs asked in an irritated tone. Depending on the situation, Gibbs could be a patient man. But this was not one of those situations. He was getting extremely annoyed of Davis's answers, or lack thereof.

"Nothing much without having you sign a non-disclosure form, " Davis said. "My superiors considered ordering you not to investigate Ford anymore," he admitted, "but then they reminded themselves that you would probably not listen very well to that."

Tony grinned to himself at that. Davis' superiors were right; when Gibbs started a case, he liked to finish it. He absolutely hated having cases taken away from him. Of course, Gibbs would never break the rules; he'd just bend them.

"Which is why," Davis continued," I have been instructed to hand you out an invitation to Cheyenne Mountain."

"Cheyenne Mountain? Really?" McGee asked, surprised.

Davis nodded. "Yes. There's no better safe place to talk about the classified material we need to talk about than the Mountain," Davis stated. "If Director Sheppard agrees to it, you're to leave in two days by plane, which will take you to the Mountain. From there, after you sign the non-disclosure form, you'll be debriefed about the last mission Ford was on."

"How long is this going to take?" Ziva asked curiously.

"I expect you to be at the Mountain at least a few hours," Davis replied. "After that, you'll be taken to where the lieutenant was last assigned. In all, I expect it to take at least a month; two months, max."

Tony stared at Davis in surprise. "Two months?" He asked

Davis nodded again. "At least."

"Why that long?" McGee asked.

"You'll understand once you're briefed," Davis answered.

"So Director, are we clear to go?" Gibbs asked Jenny.

"Do what you need to do to complete this case," Jenny said.


"So, how long are you going to be gone?" Jeanne Benoit, Tony's girlfriend, asked. It was evening and they were both in bed; Tony had just filled her in on his unexpected travel plans.

"One month minimum, two months max," Tony answered. "Hopefully less."

"Hopefully," Jeanne agreed. "Well," she said, positioning herself so she was on top of Tony, "we'd best make the most of it while we can." Tony grinned as she leaned down to kiss him.


The day before they were scheduled to leave, the team spent time getting their things ready. They packed, made sure everything in their homes (or apartments) was taken care of, etc. They also did some more researching on anything else they might need about the case.

Before they knew it, the day to leave had come.

"You'll buy me souvenirs?" Abby asked McGee, Tony, and Ziva when they came to visit her before they left.

"Of course," McGee assured her.

"We'll get you lots," Tony added.

"Ohh," Abby said and then unexpectedly hugged them all. "I'm going to miss you guys so much!"

"Yeah," Tony grunted when Abby got to him (she hugged him hard).

"We are only going to be gone for at least a month," Ziva said after Abby hugged her.

"But a month is a very long time," Abby explained. "Especially when I will only have Ducky and Jimmy to talk to." Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the chief medical examiner at NCIS and Jimmy Palmer is his assistant. They work primarily in the morgue and often assist Gibbs and his team in investigations.

"You'll have other cases to work on, too," McGee said.

"Yes," Abby agreed. "But it's not the same!"

"What's not the same?" Gibbs asked, coming in the room.

"Gibbs!" Abby said as she turned around and promptly hugged him.

"Abby," Gibbs said, trying not to show that he was amused, "we're only going to be gone a month."

"That's what I said," Ziva said.

"And I replied that a month is still a long time," Abby said when she was finished hugging Gibbs.

"It's time," Gibbs said to Tony, Ziva, and McGee. They said their last round of good-byes to Abby and left the NCIS building.


The flight to Cheyenne Mountain was uneventful. While Gibbs and Ziva spent the majority of the time reading files on the case, Tony spent the majority of the time playing games on his laptop. McGee spent the trip playing his Wraith Wars game. When they were about half way there, Gibbs suggested that they try to get some sleep, which they tried to do.

When they did finally arrive at Cheyenne Mountain, they had to go through a series of checkpoints inside the mountain. Once done with that, they were escorted to a conference room. Their escort told them that the general would be in with them in a minute and then left them. The team sat around the rectangle table in the room; Gibbs and Ziva sat on the right side of the table while McGee and Tony sat on the opposite side.

"So," Tony said, dragging out the word to fill in the silence. "Nice room."

"Oh, yes," McGee agreed looking around the room, taking in the gray walls, the blast door that was down, and the American flag in a corner. "Very military."

Just then, the door opened and three men (one of them being Major Davis) walked into the room. The first man to walk in the room was military (an Air Force Major General, to be exact), Major Davis was the second, and the third man, wearing a suit and glasses, was obviously a civilian. Gibbs automatically stood up and the rest of the team followed, albeit more slowly.

"Sorry I'm late," the major general said sitting down at the head chair. Major Davis and the civilian sat at the chairs (that the team had left open) on either side of the general, with Major Davis sitting next to Gibbs, and the civilian sitting next to McGee. "I had another matter to look into."

"That's all right," Gibbs told him.

"Before we begin," the general said, "let's sign the non-disclosure form. Major," the general nodded at Major Davis, who nodded back.

"Right," Davis said. He handed the four NCIS agents (well, technically three NCIS agents and one Mossad officer) a folder. Tony opened his and saw the non-disclosure form inside. "If you would, please sign those." Tony skimmed the form and then did as asked. He looked up and saw the rest of the team doing the same.

"Let's start with the introductions first," the general began once all of the folders containing the non-disclosure forms were handed back to Major Davis, "I'm Major General Hank Landry, and I believe you already have met Major Davis," General Landry said, motioning his hand towards Major Davis who nodded. Again, General Landry motioned his hand, but this time toward Mr. Woolsey. "This is Mr. Richard Woolsey, a representative from the IOA."

"The IOA?" McGee asked.

"It's-" The general and Woolsey started at the same time. Woolsey stopped and looked at the general who motioned him to go ahead.

"The IOA stands for the International Oversight Advisory," Woolsey said.

"What do you oversee?" Ziva asked curiously.

"We oversee the Stargate Program," Woolsey answered. "The Stargate," he continued, "is an alien device that creates wormholes to send people to other worlds."

At that explanation, Tony and Ziva stared at him, wide eyed, while McGee's mouth came open. Gibbs just simply raised an eyebrow at the general.

So, how was that? I knew that I wanted the team to be at the SGC for the debriefing, and the above was the only way I could think of how to get them there.
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