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After taking a conversation with Yuki and Kyo too far, Ayame isn't feeling well, and it's up to Hatori to make it better.

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Ayame lay stretched out on Shigure's couch, holding an ice pack to his face. Seems he'd taken a conversation with Yuki and Kyo a bit too far. After he'd returned to human form, he got dressed again and applied the ice. It was probably a little too late to stop his eye from bruising, but as Ayame had begun to feel feverish as well, the ice would likely help keep his fever from rising too high before he had the chance to see Hatori.


Dozing, Ayame didn't hear it the first time. He did, however, feel himself being gently shaken.

"Ayame, wake up!"

"Tori-san?" Ayame sat up and started to yawn, but it ended in a painful cough. He winced and whimpered slightly.

"Let me take a look at that, Ayame." Hatori examined Ayame's blackening eye. "Did Yuki do that?" The doctor shook his head. He'd have to have a word with the young man. Of all people, Hatori knew how annoying Ayame could be, but not even Ayame deserved such a violent rebuke.

Ayame sighed. "Kyonkichi got a few good punches in as well." He rubbed his jaw, which was also bruising slightly. "I suppose I asked for it, Tori-san...sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me..."

Hatori took Ayame's temperature. He frowned at the reading. "You have a fever. What were you thinking coming over here like that?"

"I just wanted to spend time with my brother, Tori-san...and what better time than when I knew Gure-san was gone for the evening...though I suppose things might have gone better if Tohru-kun was around, but she'd already gone to work by the time I made my entrance! I wish I could say I was making progress since the last time, but Yuki is still the same..."

"I've told you many times to give Yuki some space, Ayame. He just needs more you did before you realized how you were treating him before. In that regard, you and Yuki are much the same."

Ayame closed his eyes. Hatori was right, of course. Hatori was the one who had always thought of others before thinking of himself. Ayame would do well to learn by his example.

"Ayame, are you all right?" Hatori said, concerned.

Ayame opened his eyes again and managed a slight smile. "I'm tired, and everything hurts, and I suppose I should apologize to my brother...but other than that, I am perfectly well!"

"No you're not. You've caught that virus that's been going around. You'll probably be sick for a week. And fighting with Yuki and Kyo hasn't helped matters, has it?"

Ayame shook his head weakly. He really did feel terrible.

Hatori smiled sympathetically. "It's going to be all right, Ayame. Right now, I want you to lie back down and get some rest. I have a few things I need to do here before we leave. I'll be done as quickly as I can, and then I'll take you home." Hatori got a pillow and a light blanket out of the linen closet and helped Ayame settle back on the couch.

"Thank you, Tori-san..." Ayame whispered as he drifted off.

Hatori watched his friend sleep for a few minutes before he stood up and purposefully went to find Yuki.

Ayame would certainly make progress the next time.
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