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Long Distance Kisses

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When your wife is in Los Angeles and your husband is in Tokyo, sometimes it's hard to keep it together.

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Los Angeles, USA. 10:00 a.m.

During a break in filming, Judy leaves a message for her husband. She doesn't expect him to pick up, so she isn't surprised when he doesn't. Afterwards, she puts her phone on vibrate and muses...

Before Ryuichi Sakuma...before Shuichi Shindo and Bad Luck...

There was Judy. Just Judy, and no one else. Sometimes I wish it was like that again...when I feel alone. No. Alone isn't the right word. If ever I need attention, someone is always there to accomodate me -- whether you're there or not!

Still...sometimes all I want is you, darling. Even in a crowd of my adoring fans, I can sometimes get very lonely. Ark just doesn't cut it...he does make a good household gorilla, though, and Michael seems to like him...more or less. Not that things don't get...explosive when we finally get together. They do -- usually in a good way! After all, most of the time, we agree with each other, right Claude? When we don't...well, it's probably a good thing that we both live in places where an earthquake can take the blame. Of course, it's a little harder to find the right fault in New York, but if anyone can, it's us, sweetie.


Tokyo, Japan. 3:15 a.m.

Coming home late after the show, K finds a message on his answering machine. "Hello Claude, darling, it's me! Just called to say I love you...Michael loves you too...smooch! I know it's late over there, so you don't have to call me back right now...Talk to you soon -- bye-bye!"

K smiles at the sound of his wife's voice, and as he takes off his tie, lets his hair down and puts his guns away for the night, he can't help thinking about that kiss...

A kiss to sustain us...till we meet again...a kiss is just a kiss...until you consider everything that goes with it. Life, love, home, can we truly have that when I'm here and you're there? Even so, I would never force you to give up your career for me -- believe me, I know how rare it is for both partners to have professions that properly utilize their talents and abilities, and that they both love with a passion that rivals their passion for each other. I could never force you to give that up for me, and I know you feel the same way.

Still, there's that matter of distance. There's about 5470 miles between Tokyo and Los Angeles...even more when you're in New York. That's a hell of a long way off, no matter how you look at it! An entire ocean and more between us, yet when we finally kiss again, it's like the distance was never there, and we are one. Somehow you know exactly what it takes, and so the distance truly doesn't matter -- not where our love is concerned. Even when you make me chase you silly pussycat...I wouldn't have it any other way, Judy baby.
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