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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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"By order of his Majesty the king, you are under arrest-"

The pale-haired man rolled his eyes at the shouted words of the British captain. He had heard this more than once.

"Do you surrender?" the British man asked him from a distance. He smirked before giving his answer. They had made their first mistake.


Cannons went off like a wave of thunder in an ocean storm, blowing several holes in the other ship. The pale-haired man noticed that a fire had caught in the very center of the ship, and he smiled sadistically. That had been a nice touch; he would have to remember to congratulate Frank later.

Two other British ships appeared and surrounded them, but the pirate captain was not deterred. He shouted the orders of attack again, and his crew began to flood the deck, firing pistol shots in all directions. He caught sight of several explosions on the other three ships, and nearly laughed as one began to take on water, much to the chagrin of its captain and crew. Their multicolored British flag sank into the sea, and most of the crew bobbed to the surface, flailing wildly and grabbing onto pieces of their wreckage. The other two ships took the time to try and rescue them.

That was their second mistake.

He took advantage of this down time to reorganize his crew. They lowered several of the smaller boats to the water. Frank and about five others remained on the ship, while the rest took to the ocean.

They snuck aboard both ships amidst all the confusion, and began taking out as many Englishmen as possible, injured or otherwise. Blood coated the deck like a fresh layer of lacquer. The captain didn't need to remind them that he wanted no hostages. They had already learned that lesson, and were all too happy to oblige.

They took what valuables there were and sunk the ships into the ocean before returning to their own. There were several cheers of success, and soon after the rum flowed like water. As the ship set sail once again, this time heading far to the south, the captain felt a stab of guilt. Not for the lives or things they had taken nor for the money they had undoubtedly cost the British government. He held no remorse for them; they only deserved his hatred.

'In a short while, my brother will be on one of these ships,' he thought to himself, hazel eyes locked on the horizon. 'And it is then that things will become complicated.'
The captain sighed as Frank drained yet another glass of alcohol. Sometimes he wondered what things would be like if he wasn't there to intervene.

"Frank, I think you've had about five too many," he said cautiously, shooting a warning glance at the bartender, who gave a single nod in agreement. Frank nearly slammed the glass back on the counter.

"No...I'm fine," he slurred, standing from his chair and stumbling to the other side of the room to meet with a few other crew members. The captain returned his attention to the two other pirates sitting across from him, patiently waiting for their game to continue. The bets were placed and the numbers called, and after a few rolled dice, the captain happily collected his winnings. He hated being reduced to a common gambler, but until they could return to their usual way of life, this would have to suffice.

He looked up again as an unfamiliar person entered the bar. She had short, black hair that flared out slightly around her chin, setting off her pale skin and striking eyes. She glared at him coldly before approaching the bartender.

"How is she?" the woman asked quietly, unable to keep a note of worry out of her tone. The captain couldn't help but listen to her words.

"Asleep right now, but she can walk again," the bartender responded. The woman let out a deep sigh of relief. "Told ya she's a fighter."

"Actually, I believe I'm the one who told you that, but I see your point," she said with a light laugh.

The captain collected another five thousand gold pieces from the two pirates. One of them stood angrily and left, and the other quickly followed. He merely smirked and began counting the money.

The creaking sound of wood sliding against wood broke his concentration, but he did not look away. He realized there was now someone different sitting across from him. The sound of coins clinking together caused him to glance up. He eyed the gold coins adorning the table with an almost ravenous look. Gold was one of few things he knew he could place his trust in. It retained its worth well, unlike most people.

"I should warn you now," he said lazily, "I'm not going to let you win."

"Who said anything about letting me win?" the woman asked sharply. She sounded like she had just been insulted. His eyes narrowed. Now that she was speaking to him, her voice seemed familiar. He couldn't quite place it.

Each took a turn at rolling the ivory, black-spotted dice. Neither broke eye contact even as the money changed hands. The captain became the first to look away, however. He averted his gaze to the uncoordinated man stumbling towards him.

"I warned you," he said with a sigh, catching Frank before he fell and injured himself again. He managed to steady himself and sat in a chair next to the captain, hoping his mind would stop reeling soon.

"I came to tell y-" He stopped halfway through his sentence upon catching sight of the woman. She eyed him cautiously, like a cat waiting for its prey. She did not speak.

"Tell me what?" the captain asked, snapping him back to reality. Frank stared into the distance for a few seconds before standing.

"I don't remember," he mumbled before stumbling away, holding a hand to his forehead while the other arm flailed wildly in an attempt to gain balance. The captain sighed again as he heard a crash, signaling that Frank had finally succumbed to the effects of the alcohol.

"Not much I can do about it, I'm afraid," he explained to the woman.

"Nothing much can be done about any drunk pirate. Especially Frank."

He inhaled sharply. Now he recognized her voice.

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