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music is life

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You know the old saying "When life gives you lemons make lemonade"/. Well that doesnt exactly work in our case. Our saying would be more like "When life gives you lemons make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it."/

My four best-friends and I where from the wealthiest part of town, we went to the best schools and we got the best grades. I guess you could say life gave us smarts, but the secret passion we all shared was music. But our parents being doctors and lawyers and big shots didnt approve of us wasting our talents as they said on something so useless. So we ran away all five of us, Marybeth being the oldest planned it all, Ray, Blaine, Jesse and I followed her. We caught a plane to L.A and started putting on small shows. We played bars, parties anything to get our name out there. Then after 6 years of hard work we got the attention of a major record label. We recorded our first CD Broken Hearts That Bleed and it was a hit. From there we toured Europe, Canada and the states, but what we really wanted was to get on warped tour and it didnt help much that or rival band Fall Out Boy consisting of our worst enemy Amys boyfriend Pete and his friends got in. So I guess our saying is "When life gives you smarts become a rock star."

~Three Days Before Warped Tour Begins~

Elizabeths P.O.V


"Jesse shut up and dont call me that!"

"Well wake up sleepy head Marybeth had important news!"

"Nothing can make me get out of bed."

"Would watching Amy pout get you out of bed?" asked Marybeth entering my room in the apartment we all shared.

"Im listening." I said getting out of my bed just dressed in boxers and a tank top I didnt care that Jesse was here, hes more of a girl then I am.

"Well whats the news?"

"Oh can I tell her?" Ray screamed coming in the room and scaring me half to death.

"Tell me what?"

"I think Blaine should tell her."

"Good idea Ill go get her" Ray ran out and seconds later pulled and extremely grumpy/tired looking Blaine into my room.

"I think we should all tell her" Blaine said and then yawned.

"Tell me what!!"

"Pack your bags hunny," Jesse said, "We are going on warped tour!"

"OMG youre kidding!"

"I Kid you not"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! When do we leave?"

"Today," Marybeth stated "at 3 oclock"

"But its noon already!" Blaine said suddenly awake.

"Well then you better get packed."

We both ran and started packing. 2 hours later everyone had everything ready and we were loading it onto our bus.

"I cant believe we got on Warped!" Ray said happily skipping around

"Well weve got an hour to burn so lets go.......wait a minute, how will I see Amy pout by getting on warped?" I asked

My four friends smirked; I dont like it when they smirk that means they are all in cahoots with something.

"Well you know Amys boyfriend?"Jesse said

"Oh the stuck up one whats his name" I said sarcastically

"Pete......Pete Wentz of Fall out Boy. And you know my old friend dirty?"

"How could I forget?"

"Well he's friends with Pete and they got on warped as well and Amy thinks that we arent on warped so when we show up and kick fall out Boys asses with a better show she will cry her fake eyelashes off"

"Oh good plan Jess, one question."

He smiled "Yes my plan is so totally awesome whats your question?"

"First of all dont say totally awesome you sound like prep and why the hell wasnt I told sooner!?"

They all glared at me.


"Get on the bus" They all pushed me on.

Oh yeah weve always wanted to go on warped but no with our rivals this sucks. Well my rivals not theirs Amy and I.......well lets just say we go way back. When we were younger we were best friends. We did everything we could possibly do together dance, singing, acting beauty pageants you name it. We were very competitive though we always wanted to see who was the better actor, who got higher dance or singing scores, and most of all who got the most boys. In 10th grade I dated this totally awesome guy. He was sensitive had his own band wrote music and sang. He was exactly the kind of person I wanted to be and I loved him. But Amy still thinking she had to best the best at everything stole him from me how she did it I dont even know. But shockingly they are still dating I hate Amy, I love hate her boyfriend and I hate his band.
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