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I write home

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basically - Gerard writes to tell his mum whats happened.

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Gerard was the first to get off the boat once they got back to England. He walked sadly over to a car waiting to take them to a Hotel, of course they didn't live in England, but they had gone there to do their training for the war. They had to stay there for a week before being aloud to go back to America. Gerard neither knew, nor cared, why.

Gerard sat down on the sofa in the room he was sharing with Frank, Ray and Bob. He hadn't said a word since his outburst on the boat. He had cried a lot though. They all had. All thoughts of Mikey ran through their heads, Mikey's body was going to be taken straight to America for burial in a week.
"I...should write to my mother..." Said Gerard quietly. No one said anything. It was going to be hard for Gerard to put that in a letter. He got up and walked over to the table.
No one bothered him as he wrote.
After about an hour and a half he got up and walked over to them. "Will you please check this...tell me if its ok" He said sadly as he handed Ray the letter. Frank and Bob read it over Rays shoulders.

Dear mother.
I hope you got our the last letter. I'm not sure how to put this so I'll just put it - Mikeys been killed.
He was shot in the chest by a German, I tried to get to him but I was held back, the paramedics did all they could but there was no way of saving him.
I hate having to tell you this in a letter because there is now way of explaining how terrible I feel, I wish he was back and I miss him so much.
I know Alicia is staying with you, I understand that you will both be equally upset. Mikey's body is being taken back to America, it might already be there, in which case you will already know he is dead. But if you don't then now you know, I must be sounding so in - sensitive but its taking all my effort to write this with out breaking down which I've been doing all day.
Frank, Bob and I will all be back in a week (April 16th) for the funeral, I want to be home right now but we have to stay in England for a week before being aloud home, I don't know why, but it doesnt matter, all that matters is I will be home soon, if not already, and I will be able to hug you and grieve with you. I feel so alone without Mikey. I blame myself for his death, I know I shouldn't but I'm his older brother, I should have done something - anything.
I love you mum and I can't wait to be home.
Gerard xxx

Ray finished reading the letter.
"Its fine Gee." He said. Gerard nodded, Frank and Bob finished reading it.
"Yeah, its prefect." Said Bob, Frank nodded in agreement.
"Thanks" He mumbled as he took it back and put it in an envelope, he sealed it and wrote the adress on the front.
"I'll go post it." He said, grabbing a jacket.
"Do you want one of us to go with you?" Asked Ray. Gerard shook his head.
"No. I'll be fine on my own" He replied before leaving the room.

He walked down the silent streets. It was starting to get dark and everyone were in their houses. Black cloth, or tape covered house windows in case of bomb attacks. Gerard sighed, everything was a reminder of the war, wich in turn reminded him of Mikey, and though he didn't want to forget, he just didn't want to think about it.
He found a post box at the end of a street not far from the hotel. It was bright red with a yellow crown painted on the front. 'Royal mail' was painted in yellow letters under the crown. The English even made a big deal out of post boxes! Gerard put the letter inside and then leaned against it for a while. Looked around him, thinking about Mikey.
He hoped his letter was ok. He hated having to write something like that but he didn't really have a choice...he began to wonder wether Mikey could see him now, was there something after death?
"This is so depressing!" Gerard mumbled, not wanting to think about it anymore. He sighed deeply before making his way back to the hotel.
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