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Strange title seeing as pickled spoons don't actually make much of this chapter - but I'm hyper and when I'm hyper I'm more wierd than usual.

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After the show and of course my usual shower, I walked into the tour bus to be greeted by loud cheers and a few sentences like -
I stared at them all sitting there, grinning at me. God! Who would of thought four guys...well actually Franks so short we can count him as a half so - three and a half guys could make so much noise!?
"Err....what?" I asked, un - sure of what was going on.
"The manager saw Joyce run up and kiss you before the show, like seconds before Ray came to get you! Hahahahahahaha! I can't believe your actually going out with her!" Gerard cracked up laughing. Oh great, now they all know that Joyce kissed me.
"Well...why did you think I went on a date with her today?" I asked, slightly annoyed.
"Yeah but come on Bob - your not exactly the most drop - dead gorgous man on the planet!" Said Mikey. HA! CHEEK! Just because I'm not a dwarf cough Frank cough, or look all sweet and innocent cough Mikey cough, or be all mysterious and 'knowing' BIG cough Gerard cough doesn't mean I'm ugly.
"Thats not fair! I'm actually good looking!" I retorted.
"Oh, and modest too!" Said Frank.
"SHUT IT PIP SQUEAK!" I said angrily. Gerard, Mikey and Ray burst out laughing, Frank looked offended.
"Thats was so funny!" Cried Gerard as he laughed. Frank glared at him.
"No it wasnt!" He said.
"Look, its none of your guys business if I want to go out with Joyce or not, and its not your business on what we get up to" As soon as I said it I knew it was a mistake, there was a moments silence as they all stared at me, allowing my words to sink in, before falling about laughing.
"WHAT YOU GET UP TO!! THATS CLASSIC!" Cried Frank as he laughed hysterically in Gerards shoulder.
"OH MY GOD! YOU SO PUT YOUR FOOT IN IT THEN BOB!" Cried Ray as he shook with laughter, Mikey was pretty much rolling around on the floor.
" guys are acting really strange..." I said, hoping they would shut up. God! They laughed at the slightest thing.
"Ok whatever Bob, we'll keep our noses out of your business as long as you promise you wont start having sex in your bunk when we're around!" Laughed Mikey.
Is he asking for me to break his nose?
They all started laughing all over again at what Mikey had said.
"CLASSIC!" Cried Frank. They were laughing so hysterically it was annoying. I decided I didn't want to hear so I walked off to get a drink.
I was drinking some orange juice when Gerard aproached me, his eyes were watering from laughing so much.
"Awww, we're only messing Bob!" He said smacking my shoulder lightly, there was a hint of laughter in his voice.
"Yeah well its annoying, I don't make fun of you guys." I said moodily.
"We wouldn't care if you did." Said Gerard. Well, lets see about that.
"Oh really." I said. Gerard nodded, I finished my juice and then walked into the living area. Mikey and Frank were still laughing.
"Oh you may laugh Mikey, but just don't forget that your the guy who stalks off every hour to go have phone sex with darling Alicia" I said, Mikey instantly stopped laughing and stared at me in shock, Ray and Frank fell about laughing and Gerard bit his lip but still couldn't hide most of his laughter.
"Sure Mikey, what ever you say!" I replied. Mikey glared at me.
"Thats not fair! I was only joking with you!" He moaned.
"And I'm only joking." I replied. Mikey looked like he wanted to reply but he didn't say anything. Gerard took a deep shuddering breath, trying hard not to laugh.
"Ok...I think we should all just calm down and change the subject" He said. Frank tried to straighten his face and to stop laughing but if theres any one who never stops laughing then its Frank.
Ray took a deep breath and stopped laughing. Mikey had already stopped, but Frank continued to giggle like a little girl.
"Come on pip squeak - calm down!" Said Gerard. Ha! That shut him up! He instantly looked offended and stopped laughing.
"Aww, I was joking Frank, I knew it would shut you up." Said Gerard. Frank pouted but he soon smiled again.
"Phone sex ha! I bet that is what you do Mikey!" He said. Mikey scowled.
"I DO NOT!" He retorted.
"CHANGING THE SUBJECT TOO...ERR...." Gerard stopped.
"PICKLED SPOONS!" Cried Frank.
"What?" Asked Gerard.
"The subject - we can change the subject to pickled spoons." Frank said, as if everyone has conversations about pickled spoons.
"Maybe we should go to bed before Frank goes completely bonkers" Said Gerard eyeing Frank suspicously.
I agreed and went to bed straight away. Pickled spoons? Theres one I've never heard before.

A/N: Thankyou to everyone who reviews this story, I didn't know wether people would like it when I started it. I would just like to say that the pickled spoon thing is because me and my friends have a random word/s of the day, and then our favourite is the random word of the week. And this weeks was 'pickled spoon' thought up on Tuesday by Amy. I recomend having random words of the day - they make it funny. Then we tend to shout out the word all day! (Aren't we strange?) Another favourite is Llama...not that you guys wanted to know all this! Just thought I'de share it with you. ^^
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