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Journal excerpts, followed by some fluff.

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An excerpt from the scientific records of Dr. Finklestein:

It would seem that there has been a significant development regarding my creation Sally.
It has been quite some time since there was anything of note to report about her (other than of
course my continued disapoinment in her behavior and the vast improvements evident in my
most recent creation Jewel).
I observed Sally in the town square several days ago. It was at that time that I detected
distinct swelling in the region of her abdomen. She appeared to be trying to hide said swelling
by wearing a high-waisted loose dress. This naturally hid nothing from me. I created her using
my own hands and advanced scientific intellect. I know Sally better than she could know
herself. My initial instinct was that she was neglecting her physical appearance. Jack is clearly
spoiling her, that has been obvious for quite some time. He is letting her lose her perfect figure
which I worked very hard to construct. That was my assumption until last night when the
witches paid me a visit.

"Masteeer, the supplies!", Igor slurred. He placed a large package on the lab table.
Doctor Finklestein nodded and tossed a biscuit at his assistant. The elderly man looked back to
his notebook. He lifted the pen to continue recording details of Sally's apparent condition, but
then set it back on the tabletop. He slammed the notebook shut. It just didn't make any sense.
How could Sally be pregnant? He hadn't given her that ability. Could Jack have altered to her
fit his need for royal offspring? It was possible, but highly unlikely. Did that Christmas doctor
tamper with her construction? No, he couldn't have. No one could have accomplished such a
thing. Sally had been difficult to create. Doctor Finklestein found it hard to believe that anyone
could have matched, let alone exceeded his abilities.
Doctor Finklestein watched Sally in town periodically. If anyone would have questioned
him as to why he did this, his answer would have been that it was for strictly scientific purposes.
The truth was a shade more nebulous. It irritated him to see Jack pawing at Sally the way he did.
She wasn't created for his hormonal diversion. She was an intricate, delicate, composition made
for cooking, cleaning, ...and occasional visual enjoyment. The doctor had given her a body
which to him constitiuted feminine perfection. He had given it to her, as he had given her life.
He felt he had every reason to expect eternal gratitude from her. Sally, he thought, was never
able to adequately grasp that concept.

An excerpt from the journal of Sally Skellington:

Hello Journal,

I am so tired today. I worked awhile drawing patterns for new town hall banners, but I
won't begin cutting them out and sewing until tomorrow. It does seem that I run out of energy
more quickly these past few months, sometimes I even need a nap to get through the day. Dr.
Frost told us that I must remember to eat more than usual, because the baby needs to eat too.
Sometimes I feel ready for anything that could possibly happen, sometimes it's all too
overwhelming. I've looked at the pictures in Jack's medical book. I hope my stitches can keep
up with what's coming. I suppose I could always expand myself with extra fabric if I need to.
Jack has been wonderful. Before we go to sleep he always massages
me. We talk about how terrifying our baby will be. It will grow up learning from the king of
Halloween afterall.
The townsfolk stare and whisper whenever I am in the square. Jack says that they are
amazed because having a baby is so rare for creatures like us. No one is surprised that Jack
has the ability, but none of them would have ever expected such a thing from me. I must admit
that it makes me proud, even if the attention is a little frightening at times. The doctor stares
more than anyone I think. He has been telling everyone who will listen that he didn't give me
the necessary parts to become pregnant. I don't quite know how it happened myself, but here
I am. Sometimes I wish I could talk to him, but I don't know how he would react. I had a bad
dream the other night about it. I dreamt that he wanted to cut me open and study me. Jack
woke me because I was crying out in my sleep. I don't want to think about that anymore right
I could never say such things outloud, but I know that when the women in town stare, they are
thinking less about why and how, than about WHAT Jack did to me to cause my present
condition. They can say whatever they want about me not being scary or not being fit for Jack.
I'm the one carrying his baby. Our baby.

Jack tip-toed into the bedroom. He grinned at his wife.
"You're awake! I didn't want to wake you if you were napping."
Sally laid her journal aside.
"I wanted to write down some thoughts before I fell asleep. I won't nap too long."
Jack sat down on the edge of the bed.
"You should rest as much as you need to Sally." He pulled the quilts up around her and
helped arrange pillows to cradle his burgeoning queen. Sally reached out to him, pulling the
pumpkin king down against her. Jack laughed.
"I thought you were tired.", he whispered playfully. Sally gave a small shrug and
giggled. Jack laughed. He threw off his tie and jacket.
"You know, I really don't have to be back to work immediately. It would probably be
wise if we checked you stitches again just be safe don't you think?"
"Oh, I do agree. You will be thorough, won't you Jack?"
Jack emitted a sinister laugh.
"I always am."
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