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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve
Elise woke up with worry in her stomach; and a massive headache. Today was the day of the talent show, which her and Joel were in.
In exactly twelve hours, her Joel would both perform infront of the whole city at the City Hall.
Even though today was Saturday, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining, Elise felt like staying under her blanket and comfertor and just sleep.
But Elise knew that she was not a chicken, and she wanted to prove to Bridget that she wasn't a chicken shit, nor a gothic.
Elise threw off her comfertor and bounced off the bed; her hair flying out of it's short pony tail.
As Elise walked down the small staircase to the kitchen, she tied up her short hair in the pony tail holder.
Elise made herself some toast, then quickly doused it down her throat. When she swallowed, she felt like she had swallowed a whole bottle of pill capsules; only crispy.
After she finished her toast, she went over to the living room and sat down on the couch. She picked up the remote beside her, and flipped on the early news.
" has been reported that the mall will be closed until further notice because of the inncident." the anchorman said looking into the camera at Elise through the tv.
"Well Bridget will be pissed." Elise chuckeled to herself, then changed to the food channel.
Emeril was making a lasagna cuisine, and now doing one of his famous tampering with it by adding champagne or wine to it.

Around three, Elise was pacing the room of her room. The carpet now felt like a warm rug, and Elise's socks were so full of static electricity, that she could instantly kill Bridget on the spot.
Elise drew her fingers through her hair, then took a deep breath.
All of a sudden, the phone's ring blasted through the house.
Elise walked over to the ringing phone sitting on her bed, she picked it up and answered it.
"Hey," Joel said.
"Hey Joel, what's up?" Elise asked as she began to chew on a hangnail.
"Well I wanted to tell you that we need to be at City Hall at five, the music director wants us there an hour and thirty minutes before the show starts." Joel explained.
"Why an hour and a half before?" Elise asked.
"So we can sign in, dress rehearse, then get dressed and makeup." Joel explained.
"That's true," Elise said feeling stupid. "okay, I'll see you there at five."
"Okay, bye." Joel said, then hung up.
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