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When Hope is Gone

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Two strangers appear on the island,with a dangerous secret,Nathan is missing, Jackson is dying, Daley is heartbroken, Melissa is having a breakdown, Lex is going insane, Taylor is depressed,& Eric ...

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Day 30: One month after the crash

Nathan McHugh took a deep breath, appreciating the humid, salty air, and closed his eyes, captivating the moment. A slight breeze wafted from somewhere along the east coast of the island, and tiny drops of water splashed his bare feet as the tide slowly came in, the surf playfully pricking his dark skin. Nathan sighed. He loved the outdoors, the ocean...just being out in nature, but it had been a long time since he had been able to enjoy it like this. Since he and ten others had crashed on this deserted island on their way to Palau for an eco-camping trip, the natural world seemed to have been working against them. At times, like when he had been trapped under their plane, unable to move as the tide came in, he had felt almost betrayed by the sea.

But now...

Nathan opened his eyes and took in the spectacular sight of a golden-orange sun slowly sinking behind a green and blue foaming ocean. As he watched, a dolphin jumped up and flipped right in front of the yellow orb of sunlight that was slowly fading out of existence for the night. The waves glistened and foamed, crawling steadily onto the beach, and, in the distance, a large bird dove straight into the calm waters, only to surface seconds later with a large fish clasped tightly in its beak. Now, this serene sight was a glorious welcome. This was the first time since he had been stuck here that he had actually taken time to appreciate the wonders of the ocean. Now, the sea wasn't his enemy.

Without a second thought, Nathan pulled off his shirt and raced into the shallow waters, wincing slightly as the ice-cold water struck his bare flesh. His blue jean shorts felt heavy, but his heart was light...he was free...he wasn't stranded in the middle of the ocean, no, not now. Now, he was simply at a beach, soaking in the diminishing rays of the evening sun and splashing in the waves.

The surf, the ocean, the beauty, it was calling to him. Nathan!

He could almost hear its sweet, angelic voice as it beckoned him. Nathan!

He felt a passion he couldn't explain. Why hadn't he done this before? Nathan! Nathan!

"Nathan!" Nathan spun around. His feet had sunk deep into the mushy sand at the bottom of the surf, and he lost his balance, falling onto his rear in a most comical manner.

He heard a giggle, and smiled eagerly when he saw from whom it came-Daley Marin, the girl he adored.

He got up and slowly made his way back to dry ground, where Daley was standing, wearing a pair of green shorts and a blue top, her thick, strawberry-blonde hair waving slightly in the breeze. Nathan blushed and shoved his black, curly mop of sopping hair out of his eyes.

"What were you doing?" Daley asked, grinning.

"I don't know," Nathan muttered, suddenly embarrassed. "Just goofing around, I guess."

"No, not really. We all want to enjoy ourselves sometimes."

Nathan shrugged. "It's hard, though, isn't it? I don't really know what was up with me, I just...I felt peaceful for the first time in a while."

"Well, that's good. But we've got a bigger problem," Daley said.

"What's that?" Nathan queried, alarmed.

"The search parties. Nathan, we've been missing for a month now. They've probably given up hope. I don't know what we're going to do."

But Nathan wasn't listening. His eyes were locked on the ocean directly behind Daley. A look of surprise lingered on his face for a moment, his dark eyes wide and entranced. In an instant, he shot off down the beach, toward the surf once more, shouting wildly at the top of his lungs.

Daley stood perfectly still, worrying. She had known that this revelation would upset him-it would upset anyone who heard it-but she had not expected to act in this way, almost maniacally. However, as she turned to follow him, her eyes also got big as she saw what Nathan had laid eyes on only moments before. A small motorboat was charging full-speed through the open waters-and headed straight for the island!
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