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who licked who's ass?

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dont worry, there isn't actually an ass licking in this chapter!

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Me and Joyce were walking through a wood we had come across when she took my hand and squeezed it. "Bob...are we like...together now?" She asked, I didn't know what to say, I wanted us to be together but I wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. Oh why did she have to ask me that, we've been having such a great time, can't we just leave it like that?..but then again, I would like to know if we're together or not.
"Well...I...erm...I guess so...if you want us to be..." I mumbled, no! That had come out all wrong, that made it sound like I didn't really want to, please say she didn't hear me.
She did hear me.
"Well, to be honest...I really really like you Bob, more than I've ever liked any man before in my life. Your special to me and I love spending time with you...I do want us to be together, but if you don't want us to be then just say so..." She said quietly. I stared at her in dis - belief.
"Joyce I feel the exact same way - I would love for us to be together! I really would!" I said earnestly. I took her other hand and stared in her eyes, she smiled at me.
"Really?" She asked.
"Really." I replied and then I leaned forward and kissed her, it was amazing, it was slow and romantic yet passionate, no tongue though. Not that it really mattered.
The rest of the date was wonderful and we had loads of fun doing stupid things like running through a small brooke and trying to catch a dragon fly, I got stung by a bee and it hurt like hell but Joyce found some wierd leaves and she put them on the sting and it stopped it hurting. Like putting a doc leaf on nettle stings.

When I got back to the tour bus I felt great.
I walked inside, I had been gone for about four hours. Mikey and Ray were playing chess. Gerard was sketching and Frank was fast asleep on the end of the sofa, curled up like a cat.
"HEY BOB!" Cried Mikey.
"SSSSHHHHHHH!" Whispered Ray urgently, pointing at Frank.
"Oh yeah...sorry" Whispered Mikey.
"Hey people, how are we all?" I asked, going to get a drink, I gulped down some juice while they all replied in the posotive.
"How was your date?" Asked Mikey, I walked over and sat down next to Mikey, examining the chess board, figuring out who was winning.
"It was fine thanks...really great...we...we've agreed that we're like...together." I said, I just had to tell someone, Gee, Ray and Mikey stared at me.
" boyfriend and girlfriend?" Asked Ray, I nodded my head.
" the way Ray's winning." I said, Ray grinned, Gerard mumbled a 'congratualtions' before continuing to sketch. Mikey looked down at the chess board.
"I'm not very good at this game." He said sadly, Ray leaned back happily, I peered at the board for a moment.
"Come on Mikey its your turn." Said Ray, Mikey stared at his peices and then at Rays.
"Erm..." He mumbled, I sighed, there was one obvious move he could do.
"Thats it - I'm pairing with Mikey" I said, shifting closer to him and going to move his knight.
"Hey! You can't do that, if he gets a partner then I do! - Gee, get your butt over here." Said Ray, Gerard didn't even bother glancing in our direction, he merely continued to sketch as he replied -
"You can bugger off." I laughed and Ray frowned.
"If I don't get a partner, then neither does Mikey." He said.
"Why? Scared he's gonna win?" I challeneged, Ray went red.
"What!? No way! I could beat both of you losers with my eyes shut!" He boasted.
"Then whats the problem?" Asked Mikey. Ray scowled.
"Fine, I'll just win anyway" Said Ray. I chuckled and moved Mikeys knight, taking one of Rays castles.
"Thats not fair!" Cried Ray. I raised an eyebrow.
"Why? Did I cheat?" I asked. Ray looked un - comfortable.
"No...its just..." He mumbled.
"He's being a sore loser." Said Mikey, Ray glared at him.
"I'm still winning, its my turn" Ray looked closely at the board.
"So, you and Joyce are an item then? I think you make a cute couple." Said Mikey. I grinned at him.
"Thanks Mikey, how are you and Alicia?" I asked. "By the way, I'm sorry about saying you have phone sex" I added. Mikey laughed.
"Don't worry about it! And we're fine, she's going to be at one of our shows in Paris. So we'll see eachother then" He replied.
"Aaaawww, Paris - the city of lovers no?" I said in a bad french accent. Mikey chuckled.
"Yeah, just dont you forget that Joyce is there aswell!" He said, I nodded.
"Thats a good thing in my opinion" I said, Mikey laughed.
"Your turn" Said Ray finally making a move. Mikey looked at the board, he suddenly frowned and leaned close to my ear. I knew he wanted to ask me something about the game so I leaned closer to him.
" I right in thinking I can put Ray in check mate?" He asked. I looked back at the board, after a while I suddenly realised Mikey was right and I nodded my head. Mikey grinned, Ray was looking confused. Wow, I wouldn't have noticed that, Mikeys not too bad at the game after all.
Mikey took the move, he leaned back, folded his arms and gave an evil grin. "Check . Mate." He said happily, Rays jaw dropped and he stared at the board, there was no way out of it.
"I win." Said Mikey, I gave a small cough. "Oh, sorry, I meant, we win." Mikey corrected himself. Ray shook his head.
"No way." He mumbled.
"Yes way." Said Mikey.
"Gerard Way!" Gerard quicly added. I grinned, Gerard was still sketching, he always added in little parts of a conversation for no good reason. Mikey turned to Ray.
"I KICKED YOUR ASS!" He cried happily, Frank gave a small yawn and opened his eyes, he looked around at us, looking slightly confused.
"What?" I asked him.
"Who licked who's ass?" He asked, we looked at eachother before bursting out laughing.
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