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For Meg/lazulisong. Tomoyo traumatizes Kurogane.

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by Mina Lightstar

It has never happened before, and Kurogane is at a loss. Souma offers consolation, though Kurogane isn't foolish; he can see her amusement behind her comforting words. Kurogane has done something he should not have done under any circumstances: He has disarmed himself.

Well, not entirely. Kurogane prides himself on being the strongest in Japan, and so he is never truly unarmed.

But he has lost his sword, his precious Ginryuu: His most trusted ally on his quest to become the best of the best. It is driving him mad, because he set it down during polishing only for a moment, to lift something for the Princess Tomoyo. He has never let it stray so far from him before, and when he finds it, he never will again.

"Damn it!" he snarls, slamming a fist against the trunk of a tree. "Where is it?" He has just finished searching the gardens. He has searched almost all of Shirasaki Castle, as a matter of fact.

He knows this is a joke, of course, and he knows Tomoyo is behind it. Who else would have the courage? Who else would dare? He isn't sure what he has done to incur her "wrath," and yet at the same time, he isn't sure he would have to do anything to incur it.

"To-mo-yo!" he growls, and storms back to the throne room.

"Oh, still looking?" the Princess muses, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand -- to hide a smile, no doubt.

"Where is it?!" he demands. "I know you hid it!"

"Oh, don't be silly," Tomoyo waves his concerns away. "Why," she continues devilishly, "it's probably safe and sound."

"It isn't safe and sound until it's at my waist," Kurogane grumbles.

"You worry too much!" Tomoyo chides him. "I'm sure it sleeps somewhere here, watching over its charge."

At her words, Kurogane pauses, recognizing the clue. "Princess," he grates out, "you... you... ARGH."

Kurogane's speed is most impressive, and he uses it to quickly flee from the throne room, followed by the Princess' musical laughter. He flits to Princess Tomoyo's chambers, and finds Ginryuu hidden under some of her cushions.

"Never again," he promises, once it's again at its proper place. "I'll never give you up around Tomoyo again."

Tomoyo laughs about the incident for days.

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