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Stranded deep in Covenant territory with minimal firepower and no slipspace drive, Captain Lem and the remains of the Spartan 2.1 project are in a world of trouble. fanfic100 challenge, *slight sla...

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O.N.I Records: Classified ULTRAVIOLET

2.9.2517 14:55

111 Tauri Star System, Planet Archer, outside the city of Kosztowny

Present: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jacob Keys, Dr. Catherine Hasley, Spartan Recruit Peter 121

Lieutenant Keys watched the doctor snuggle deeper into her parka. It was freezing, wind whipped snowflakes around them. God forsaken cold, flat planet, no wonder most of the colonists were Polish. He pulled his own parka closer around his shoulders

Archer was on the edge of UNSC space, a quiet, inconspicuous mining colony populated mostly by hard working men and women, all in the middle of one of the biggest hot beds of rebel activity in UNSC space.

This was where the next Spartan recruit was to be found. ‽ Peter 121” the doctor muttered. ‽Godforsaken hole”

They stood outside a small squat school building, on the other side of the street from its fenced in playground. Classes were just letting out; children were rushing around the playground, meeting parents and family members in the yard. They hall had pale faces, long dark hair, wore thick parkas and work boots. Keys spotted the boy he suspected was Peter quickly enough as he exited the building. He wore a thinner jacket than the other kids; his black hair was cropped against his skull in the style of marine recruits, and had the extra head of height that Keys was starting to associate with Spartan recruits.

He looked angry and kicked the dilapidated remains of a snowman in the playground over as he passed it. He hefted his school notebook†s strap over his shoulder as snarled something in Polish at a clutch of older boys that approached him.

The clutch of boys gathered around him for a second, other children apparently sensing the sudden tension in the playground began to move out of the way before the fight broke out. The movement was so abrupt it was almost impossible to spot; Peter suddenly snarled something in Polish at the lead boy and dropped his school notebook on the ground. A second later he had taken the lead boy down and was cracking his head against the snow covered pavement.

‽Damn” said Keys

The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes as the teachers emerged from the building; they pried Peter away from the other boy and led him roughly into the building his arms pinned behind his back. There was blood on the pavement, the other boy wasn†t moving. Then the ambulance arrived.

The doctor made a clucking noise under breath. ‽ I was afraid of that,” she said, mostly to her self. ‽The psych eval said he had a low tolerance for stress” she paused taking a breath. ‽Come on Lieutenant, nothing more to see here”
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