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Everything went south, despite SEABIRD's best efforts, Spartan 241 is stranded

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Operation: SEABIRD


The first time 241 had met Captain Lem it hadn†t liked him. The Pole had been in command of the prowler Matta Hari /at the time. This was before 241 had been given the black amour, and Lem had been given the /SolidarnoÅ>Ä*. It had been in the cargo bay of the destroyer Visigoth Lem had introduced himself to the Spartan 2.1s that had survived the attack on Reach, all seven of them. He had smiled a lot and 241 tended to dislike authority figures that smiled at it. Lem didn†t look right, his hair was too short for his face and he was too scrawny for such a tall man.

The second time it†d been barely cognizant that it was Lem. The op that the /Matta Hari /was being transported for had gone south, way south. 241 floated barely conscience in the vacuum, with out an EV tether; it†s thruster pack completely dead. The damaged, but still functional hull of the /Matta Hari /was tantalizingly just out of reach. Further out were the carcasses of the /Visigoth /and the unnamed Covenant cruiser they had been sent to capture.

241 watched as the oxygen meter in its suit slowly ticked further into the red. It was starting to have trouble breathing; blood was pooling on its faceplate. Its onboard health monitor informed him that it had major lacerations to liver and spleen, and a cranial fracture. In the back of its mind compartments were starting to blur together and Sean was starting to panic. It buried the feelings and calmed its breathing. Twisting around he spotted 159†s limp form about twenty meters away. It clicked his COM on and off. There was no answer on the COM and there was no signal from the other Spartan†s health monitor. 241 had no idea whether 159 was in the same situation as itself or unconscious or already fallen victim to the hard vacuum outside.

At first it didn†t even feel the arms wrapping around his waist, when it did he finally recognize the outside movement it began to weakly thrash against them.

‽Calm down Spartan!” a voice hissed through it†s suit†s COM system. The arms belonged some one in a battered FREYA EV suit. 241couldn†t see clearly through his bloodied faceplate and started to panic again. The figure holding the Spartan steady gave a quick jerk on the EV tether connecting it to the /Matta Hari /and slowly reeled them in.

‽Your hypoxic, stay calm”

This didn†t help, 241†s already cracked compartments flooded with panic and he pushed the FREYA suit away sending itself tumbling in the opposite direction. His COM hissed with static as person in the FREYA reeled out the EV tether again with short rocket burst, just enough to give it momentum caught 241 by the ankle.

The EV tether began reeling in again, the FREYA suit with it†s hydraulically enhanced grip held 241 tight.

241 continued to struggle, before he, exhausted, started to drift off.

It awoke to the hiss of an airlock opening; some one slapped it across the face. Pain jolted through his head.

‽Pull yourself together soldier!”

Its helmet was off; the walls inside his mind fought to rebuild themselves . Sean felt blood running down his chin.

A slap stung his cheek again, his head throbbed, he was awake, but still wallowing in his own lack of self-identity.

‽I†m fine sir,” he said instinctively.

‽Your damn well not fine, Spartan”

Sean thought about that for a few seconds, and eventually agreed with it, he was far from fine. The walls shattered, Sean felt all him/it selves flooding out. Sean started to cry.

Whoever it was that had saved him apparently had not expect the massive Spartan to sag at the knees and start crying. After a few rudimentary pats on the back Sean felt a mouth press against his cheek and kiss him.

‽CzyniÄ nie martwiÄ dziecko”

The person supporting him slapped him again.

Sean staggered, and realized that the person holding him up was still wearing the FREYA suit. He was too tall, too scrawny and didn†t have enough hair.

‽Captain Lem, sir, I†m fine” Sean started collecting all the pieces of his identity, to put back together at a later date.

He staggered backwards again, and Lem lowered him gently to the ground. ‽Nothing some biofoam won†t cure” He flashed Lem a wry smile.

Lem had a few days worth of patchy stubble on his face and dark rings under his eyes. Sean doubted he looked much better with his bloody head and flattened nose. He spat blood out onto the deck.

Lem seemed to be contemplating his answer ‽ Your remarkably glib about this Spartan” he finally said tossing 241 a can of biofoam. ‽ Considering you were bawling on my shoulder a minute ago”

Sean smiled at him again, and inserted the nozzle into his suit; then into the wound on his skull. The pain stared to ebb away, but he couldn†t think anymore clearly. He still wanted to cry. Felix- 159 was gone. That left only six of them alive, well there could be less by now considering what happened to him and Felix.

‽Your not a very good Spartan are you?” Lem†s voice startled Sean. The Captain was struggling to remove his suit, huge pieces of armor crashed down as he haphazardly stripped it off until he was only left in the cotton under suit. He sat down next to Sean on the floor and picked some gauze out of the medkit he had taken the biofoam from. He began to dab at the remaining wounds on Sean†s face.

‽No, I†m not, but you†ve read my service record I assume.” Sean replied matter-of-factly.

Lem made a non-committal noise and picked up another piece of gauze from the medkit. ‽I†m sorry I cant have a proper med team here for you, but we†re kind of cut off from the rest of the ship” a smile quirked at the edge of his mouth. ‽ They†ll rescue us soon I†m sure”

Sean didn†t say anything. His head still throbbed. He felt confused, no privacy to put himself back together, no Felix, no Daniel, just Lem and his infuriating smile.

Sean wanted to stop him smiling, more than anything; suddenly he leaned forward and kissed Lem on the mouth. His lips were chapped and his stubble scratched at Sean†s face. Sean didn†t even need a whole hand to count the number of erections he†s ever had, but this had seemed like the most efficient way to stop Lem from smiling.

Lem made a strangled noise of surprise and jerked backwards but Sean held on tight.

When Sean broke the kiss for air Lem wasn†t smiling anymore, but he didn†t look angry or disgusted, as Sean had hoped, instead he looked mostly confused and dazed. He touched his mouth

‽Must be the cranial fracture,” he said.
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