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Lost in the Imperium

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What would happen if, during an Instant Transmission blunder, Goku and Vegeta got stuck in the WarHammer 40000 universe?

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Vegeta smirked. He saw Kakkarot's next move; with his fingers to his forehead, Goku was preparing his Instant Transmission technique. He lowered the angle of aim on the Final Flash he was charging up. Kakkarot would never suspect an indirect attack; he was too stupid to understand the finer arts of warfare. With a shout Vegeta released the energy, another smirk crossing his face as he saw Kakkarot's eyes widen when he realized he was not the target.


Goku jumped back from Vegeta's last attack, going into the stance for the famous Kamehameha wave. However, before he could begin the attack's chant, he saw Vegeta preparing a Final Flash. Goku smiled as he shifted his stance to that for Instant Transmission, preparing to launch a sneak assault on his opponent.

With his fingers to his forehead, he began to concentrate on his destination. Goku mentally traveled through the backdoors of the multiverse, locking on to Vegeta's energy signature and preparing to reappear behind him.

Goku's eyes widened. Vegeta launched his Final Flash attack, but the Saiyan Prince was not aiming for him; he was aiming for the ground right below his feet! As the attack hit, the earth below him exploded, and Goku was hurled from his feet. Slamming forward into Vegeta, Goku lost control of the energy he had built up in preparation for Instant Transmission. The energy went wild, hurling both Goku and Vegeta into a dimensional rift.


Lights flashed, the two Saiyans twirled around in space; there was no up or down, no left or right, just a mad path through the multiverse. When Goku had finally regained enough control to stop their mad flight, him and Vegeta reappeared in what looked like a wide, grassy plain.

"Kakkarot," Vegeta ground out, "What have you done?"

"But Vegeta, I didn't do anything. You were the one who made me lose my concentration. I'm innocent!"

"Baka! Don't try and blame me for your idiocy. Now take us back already! I'm hungry."

Goku once again put two fingers up to his forehead, closing his eyes in concentration. "Vegeta," Goku stuttered, rubbing the back of his head in a classic Son gesture, "I can't find any familiar energy signals. I think we're stuck here."

A vein was slowly pulsing on Vegeta's forehead. Goku stepped back, waving his hands in a gesture of peace. Before Vegeta could express his displeasure with Kakkarot, however, a large explosion was heard. Reacting to a possible threat, both Saiyans quickly looked around their surroundings, noticing a shadow appear over the horizon. The approaching darkness quickly came into focus, however, revealing rows upon rows of uniform army-men, with tanks and artillery following behind them. Vegeta looked behind him, wanting to see what this army was marching towards, to see the ground ripple with energy before demonic beings warped into existence.

Vegeta and Goku looked at each other once again. "Kakkarot," Vegeta yelled, "Why do you always get us into these situations?"

"Hehe, sorry Vegeta," Goku said, giving a Son grin.
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