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Neji's been away on a mission for a few months and when he gets back he faces that fact that Kiba has apparently learned a little more about his past than he's really comfortable with.

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Warnings: Umm...nothing out of the ordinary. I assume everyone reading this gets that it's yaoi and rated for mature content.

Disclaimer: Not mine, Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. I play for my own entertainment.

A/N: Written for my claim over at LJ's 30_sex_scenes comm. Theme 30: Cross-dressing.


The night was hotter than hell, unusually warm for Konoha even at the height of summer. The air hung motionless, heavy and stagnant and despite the dark clouds that hovered on the horizon no cooling rain had yet fallen. Sweaty and miserable, Inuzuka Kiba had just finished kicking off the top sheet when he heard a key in the lock. The sound was barely audible; the slide of metal against metal not much more than a soft 'shick' but that faint sound improved the night immediately. Grinning to himself he stretched, reaching his arms and legs out to the edges of the bed and arching his back, shaking the sleep from his limbs. He always knew the moment Neji got home, the combination of scent and sense reassuring him that the person coming through the door at three in the morning was friend and not foe.

Akamaru had lifted his head at the sound of the door opening and he now rose from his usual spot next to Kiba's side of the bed, popping joints betraying his age. He stretched as well, mouth opened in a huge yawn, before padding out of the bedroom to greet the newcomer. A soft woof of welcome filtered back to Kiba along with an equally quiet murmur of greeting.

Settling deeper into his pillow Kiba tracked his lovers progress through the apartment; the slight thud of sandals coming off at the front door, the faint creak of the weapons chest opening, the papery rustle of scrolls on the table. Neji's footsteps sounded even against the tile, and he seemed calm, composed despite the early hour; the sun wouldn't be cresting the trees for a few hours yet at least. At the sound of running water Kiba relaxed, the ritualistic post-mission tea telling him all he needed to know about the success of Neji's mission.

He'd fallen back into a light sleep when he felt a warm, damp mouth at the back of his neck. The sensation raised the hair on his arms and tightened his stomach, his breath catching in his throat. Neji's scent surrounded him, musky and wild despite his fastidiousness, a caged beastie with dust on his skin and his cousins' herbal tisanes on his breath. He inhaled deeply, pulling the scent into his lungs before turning his head just enough for his neck to be properly exposed. Damn he'd missed the man.

Neji pressed another kiss just under Kiba's ear, breath stirring the overly long hair that hung shaggily around his face.


"Mmm...morning. You're back early."

Neji hummed an agreement, more interested in kissing the strong line of Kiba's jaw than giving him a play by play of the mission. Kiba couldn't really complain, Neji's fingers were slowly stroking his back, tracing up the canyon of his spine to cup the nape of his neck. Those strong, talented fingers felt wonderfully cool against his overheated skin.

"No troubles then?"

He felt Neji shake his head. That delightfully insistent mouth was working it way towards Kiba's shoulder and he shuddered slightly when Neji nipped at the small cluster of freckles that dotted the area. If the state of his dick was anything to go by, it had obviously been a prudent choice to masturbate in the shower earlier.

"'d it go pretending to be Hinata's...ahh dammit!"

Twisting, Kiba glared at the Hyuuga hovering over him. Those pale eyes looked back at him guilelessly despite the fact that Neji was stroking the reddened bit of flesh, his thumb rubbing lightly to soothe the sting. Kiba got the picture, time to change the subject.

"So I heard something interesting while you were gone."

Kiba couldn't believe he'd almost forgotten. The memory of it had had him squirming in anticipation for weeks now. The rumor was far too juicy to not be true. Especially since it appeared to be a well kept secret. Or it would have been if Kiba and Naruto hadn't started trying to one up each other's tales of debauchery one evening out at the bar and Naruto had just decided to drop an incendiary hint about Neji's own brand of degeneracy. As if Kiba could resist pounding the whole story out of him.

Neji, unsurprisingly, didn't take the bait, continuing his determined assault on Kiba's quickly failing defenses. His mouth was working back up the smooth column of Kiba's neck, tasting and sucking as his hand wandered dangerously close to the cleft of Kiba's ass. That errant hand nearly wringing a rather undignified whine threatening to escape from Kiba's throat.

Neji's slow, methodical seduction was tasking his concentration, making it difficult to order his thoughts. He could just imagine how those long fingers looked stroking him from hip to upper thigh, and back again, just barely missing the places that really, really wanted to be stroked. And the tantalizing images swirling in his mind were not helping the situation at all. The man took the concept of focus to a whole other level.

"No ideas?" It was torture, trying to gather his composure.

Kiba was practically panting and he could feel the sweat beading at the base of his spine. Not all of it could be attributed to the unrelenting heat. Two months apart and he was acting like a teenager all over again. It was gratifying to see that Neji was acting as hormonally driven as he was. Except, of course, the fact that Neji was predictably controlled whereas Kiba was about ready to shove Neji over and fuck him.

"Come on, not even uhnn...fuck...."

The last bit came out as a moan, Neji finally dipping his hand between Kiba's parted thighs to teasingly caress the underside of his balls and rub the sensitive bit of flesh below them. Kiba's legs actually quivered. Dammit, he had to get it out before he completely lost it.

"What's that now?" Arrogant bastard.

"Nnn...well, it"

Kiba was pretty sure that he was actually gasping now and while he was all for being under Neji's eminently captivating control, there were times when it was necessary to wrench that control away from him. Not that it made pushing that playful hand away any easier. Neji was giving him something of a half smile by the time Kiba had him pressed back against the mattress.

Neji was bare chested, having obviously shed his robes on the way to the bedroom and his skin shown dully in the moonlight. Kiba drank in the sight of him, from the dark hair slipping from its bindings down to the pale, muscular torso and lower to the faint track of hair that disappeared into regulation black pants. Eyes taking their fill Kiba had to admit that it was entirely possible that what Naruto had told him had actually happened. A few years ago Neji had still been fairly young looking, before his body had thickened slightly, shifting from the slender, smooth lines of a boy to the heavier lines of a man. At that age he had probably looked the most feminine of all of them.

It took all of two seconds for Kiba to decide that the smart-ass smile definitely had to go and he leaned down further to capture Neji's lips with his own. Neji's hands were shackled by his and Kiba took his time, giving Neji back as good as he had got. He was fully engrossed in making Neji's breath hitch when the other man finally spoke. It was satisfyingly breathless and it took a second for the question to register.

"What sort of nonsense does Naruto have you believing now?"

That quip earned Neji a rather erotic set of teeth marks on his shoulder. Neji groaned, arching into Kiba, pressing his rather obvious erection into Kiba's own. Kiba couldn't help grinning.

"Kinky bastard."

In less time than it took to breathe Kiba found himself staring once more up at the ceiling and a rather devious looking Hyuuga. Neji caged him in, settling over him and lining up their erections. The rough fabric of Neji's pants against his overly sensitive flesh had Kiba hissing through his teeth. All the masturbating in the world couldn't match this.

"Mmm, if you keep doing that I'm gonna get distracted and forget."

Neji rubbed against him again, careful to keep the pressure light. One hand tiptoed up Kiba's rib cage to brush across a peaked nipple, fingers giving it a quick tweak before the hand resumed its journey upwards. Turning Kiba's face towards him, Neji kissed him, still teasing. When Kiba was squirming beneath him, pulling his feet up, fingers scrabbling to gain a hold, Neji stopped. Kiba groaned in frustration. Predictable but no less irritating for all that. He should have been used to it by now.

"You will not, I'm sure you've been waiting for days to tell me."

Damned Hyuuga knew him too well. Pushing up onto his elbows Kiba nipped at Neji's chin. Neji tilted his head up and to the side, giving Kiba access to his neck and offering a silent invitation to continue. Like Kiba had said before, kinky bastard.

"What will you give me if I tell you?"

Neji rolled his eyes at that. And then shut them tightly when Kiba bit the thick band of muscle that ran along the top of his shoulder. A faint shudder ran through him and his body trembled against Kiba's. Despite that, his voice was steady.

"You're the one that wants me to know. I'd rather be otherwise occupied."

Kiba couldn't disagree with that. Mouth still worrying Neji's skin, Kiba sat up fully, so that the Hyuuga was cradled in his lap, knees on either side of his hips. Reaching down he undid Neji's pants, fingers skilled at a task they had done countless times before. Neji sighed when Kiba wrapped his hand around the Hyuuga's erection, giving it a few quick strokes before pressing it against his own.

The feel of hot, smooth flesh against his had Kiba tipping his head back, canines worrying his bottom lip, one of many bad habits he'd yet to break. Neji tipped his own head forward, leaning until he was resting his forehead against Kiba's shoulder, his heavy breathes ruffling the light smattering of brown curls that highlighted Kiba's chest. Neji's hair was sliding between them, creating it's own set of sensations that added to the overwhelming sensory mix already in motion.

Arms wrapped tightly around Kiba, Neji was squirming against him, thrusting into his hand, a low moan slipping out between clenched teeth. Obviously close falling off the edge. Kiba was right there with him; the slip and slide of skin, the virile body pressed against his own, add that to the noises that Neji made for him alone and he was a goner. Tumbling headfirst into the white static of orgasm.

The world slowly shifted back into focus. Opening his eyes the first thing Kiba noticed was the almost imperceptible lightening of the sky. They had toppled back onto the bed and Neji lay half sprawled on top of him, pants down around his hips, chest to chest. Kiba was pretty sure that they were actually stuck together, what with the sweat and the saliva and the cum. He was surprised that Neji wasn't already up and showering yet.

"Come on lazy bones, I got a mission at 10 and I'm sure you'll have to report, so if you want something more than a glorified hand job we gotta get rollin'."

Neji snorted at that but shoved himself off of Kiba nonetheless, still graceful despite the hour and the bone melting intensity of the last half hour or so. As he ran his fingers through his hopelessly tangled hair, futilely trying to tame it, Kiba remembered his original question. Apparently Neji did as well, asking Kiba about it before he could get it out.

"What was it you wanted to know?"

Kiba tried to contain the grin that threatened to take over his face. Obviously sex had a positive effect on Neji's willingness to appease his curiosity.

Pushing himself off the bed he went to Neji, wrapping his arms around him and hugging him from behind. Burrowing his nose in that dark hair, Kiba took a moment to savor the scent of his lover post sex. Nothing fueled masturbatory fantasies like a bit of scent memory. When he could feel Neji getting restless he dropped the question.

"So did you really have to dress like a woman on that cluster fuck of a mission to Tea Country a few years ago."

Neji looked back at Kiba, speechless for what was probably only the second time in his life.

"Naruto mentioned something about you and TenTen in ceremonial kimono...."

Kiba couldn't help the ear to ear grin that broke free at the image that flashed through his mind. It had kept him good company the past few weeks. Neji, in a silk kimono, hair arranged and face painted, looking far more delicate than any ninja had the right to look, it had left him hard as a rock. So had the thought of unwrapping Neji from said kimono, piece by piece until he reached that firm, pale, and most importantly aroused body at the center. From that point any number of fantasies had danced temptingly through his mind. Silk ties and domination had featured prominently.

When Kiba managed to pull himself from the temporary foray into fantasy, Neji was shaking his head, not so much angry as he was resigned. He headed towards the bathroom without a word and Kiba followed closely behind. It wasn't until they were actually standing in the small cramped shower, cool water pouring down over them, that Neji actually spoke.

"I suppose this information has been occupying that dirty mind of yours for far too long now to dissuade you."

Kiba almost laughed, Neji was definitely resigned to his fate. Ah well, it was Kiba's turn to pick the kink anyway.

"Mmm...nope, not happenin'."

Kiba pressed Neji back against the tiles, determinedly waking his body back up from its post-coital slumber. The arousal that had been so recently appeased came roaring back to life.

"I assume you'll give me time to prepare properly."

Kiba still had yet to figure out how the man could sound so composed when he was moments away from getting fucked. Fitting Neji's legs around his hips, Kiba rubbed against him, resuming the teasing game from earlier.

"I'm off to Suna for ten days, that enough time?" Two could play at being composed. Or try to, Kiba was already breathing heavier than normal.

Neji nodded his assent, taking the initiative and occupying Kiba's mouth with his own. All Kiba could think, through the rapidly descending haze of lust and desire, was that the next ten days were going to be hell. But the prospect of what awaited him at the other end was so dazzlingly erotic he would just have to cope. And masturbate a lot. And maybe have a good fight with Kankuruo for old times sake; violence often did wonders for his frustrated libido.

Who was he kidding, it was going to be a long ten days.


A/N 2: So, uh, yeah, apparently Kiba wanted to top this time. First for him in my fics so I guess that's a good thing.... Many apologies to those who went "eww" with the mention of chest hair. Sometimes, a girl just needs a little (little being the operative word) "manliness" in her bishies. And also, apologies for the turn towards cracky fluff at the end. I just can't seem to help myself (poor Neji!) As always, comments and crit are loved and wrapped up in pretty paper and stored in Kat's 'Become a Better Writer' box. (next to the pron and all the stories of authors I love). Thanks muchly for reading!
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