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Act 1, Scene 2

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Helena is really one of the people on the list. I am not even kidding. Look it up.

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"Iero is under the same penalty as me," said Davey to his friend, Tré. "I'm actually kind of surprised. We shouldn't fight as much as we do."

"You're not bad people," said Tré with a shrug. "It's really too bad you've hated each other for so long. Don't get off topic, though. What do you think of my offer?"

"I already told you to wait," Davey said with a glare. "I may not be related to Alicia, but she's like a little sister to all of us. And I don't want her dating. Not until she's sixteen at the very least. That's two years in case you forgot how to add, Tré."

"I've dated girls younger than her," said Tré, but quickly amended his statement upon receiving a disgusted look from Davey. "I mean, I went on my first date when I was thirteen. She's fourteen."

"So you can add after all," Davey said with a look of false surprise. "I've also seen more broken-hearted girls her age than there should be. If you can get her to like you, then you can go out with her. As long as she agrees to it. Oh, I almost forgot," he said suddenly, smacking his forehead with one hand. "Halloween party at my house tonight. You should come. There will be other girls there, since you're obviously looking," he said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Tré smiled. Davey pulled out his phone and sent a text to someone.

"What was that for?" asked Tré when Davey finished.

"Just asking someone to do some people-hunting for me. I don't have everyone's phone number."

"Find these people, he tells me," said Smith, reading the message as he walked down the street. "Like I have nothing better to do... Oh. Wait. I guess I don't." He saw Gerard and Mikey walking towards him, absorbed in conversation. He smiled to himself. He knew he wasn't supposed to be friends with them - or even speak to them - but he couldn't help himself. They didn't even know him as of yet.

"You're crazy, Mikey," said Gerard, shaking his head.

"No more crazy than someone thrown into an insane asylum," Mikey responded. Smith approached them.

"Hey, can you read something for me?" he asked the younger Way brother. Mikey nodded.

"If I know the letters and the language," he said nonchalantly.

"Well, I'm not so great at reading text messages, so I was wondering if you'd help me," said Smith, handing Mikey his phone. Gerard eyed him suspiciously, but said nothing as his brother read the list. He glanced over Mikey's shoulder at some of the names.

"Hey, I know some of these people. Brian...Rosaline...Jade...Helena," he muttered, handing the phone back to Smith after reading the rest of the names. "What's this for?"

"My friend's holding a Halloween party," he replied simply.


"...His house."

"I mean, who is it?" asked Mikey.

"Davey Havok. Hey, if you're not one of Iero's people, why don't you come? There'll be food...that's all I really care about." Smith smirked and walked down the street, hoping his little plan would work.

"I don't believe it," Mikey said incredulously. Gerard frowned slightly.

"Believe what?"

"Rosaline," he responded breathlessly. "She's going to be there..."

"And so will other girls, like Lucia and Helena," said Gerard. Mikey sighed.

"Fine, I'll go. But I won't like it."
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