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So Your A Rockstar... That Don't Impress Me Much

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(rated R just incase) Best friends, enimies, new jobs, heartache and romace. What more could you want?

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The three children ran across the street laughing all the way into the boys back garden.7 years old and life had never been sweeter. Ryan, Alice and Spencer had been friends for a year ever since Alice had come over to live in America from England.
Ryan and Spencer live next to each other with Alice across the street and the only world they knew was in Spencer's tree house and Ryan's paddling pool.

Ryan climbed up the tree outside Spencer's bedroom window and climbed through. They were planning another sneak out to go camping with Alice and Spencer's girlfriend Hailey and tonight they were going to drive up through the desert to there favourite spot. They were now 16 and Alice had been the first to get a drivers permit so they were meeting her over at her house.
At 1am they had set up and were in there tents. Ryan lay quietly next to Alice as she slept, he propped himself up on his left arm and looked down at her. Ryan lay his cold hand against her cheek and jumped slightly as she nuzzled his hand and rolled over so her head lay against his chest. Ryan attempted to lay her back on her side of the tent so there would be no awkwardness in the morning but she kept rolling back. Eventually Ryan gave up and kissed her cheek gently as it lolled into the crook of his neck.
"Ryan" she mumbled. Ryan startled started to ramble
"I'm so sorry I'll just go and sleep in the car or something I didn't mean"
"Ryan , why did you kiss me?"
"Because I think you're beautiful"
Alice paused leaning to be at the same height as Ryan
"Ok" she leaned in kissing him softly on the lips, he pulled her down gently to lie on top of him running his fingers through her dark brown hair she sighed and moved her lips across his face and licked at the skin below his ear.
"Lets stay here forever" she whispered
"Forever and ever"

The next morning they head back to the house and go to Ryan's house, dropping Hailey back home on the way, his dad was at work so there no chance of anything happening.
Alice and Ryan hadn't mentioned anything about the night before but Spencer was pretty perceptive, especially as Alice sat on Ryan's knee at the computer table.
"We did it!" Ryan shouted, punching the air. "Call Brent and Brendon tell them to get over here right now, we have to practice and get ready there's so much to do!" Ryan pushed Alice of his knee and ran down to the basement.
Alice turned to the screen.
"Hi Ryan, I heard your demo it was awesome! I'm flying out in two days and I want to take the whole band out for dinner and hear you perform properly. See you in two days. Pete"
Alice walked down the stairs to the basement. Spencer and Ryan were getting Ryan's guitar into one of his many cases.
"I'm going now ok," She shouted into the cold room. "See you later." Ryan only grunted and waved his hand slightly, not evening turning around.
Tears spilled over Alice's eyes and ran down her pale cheeks. She stormed up the stairs and out of the front door into the icy Vegas night, slamming the door behind her and running back to her house.
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